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    I just wanted to introduce myself and have a spot to document. There is also a link to my blog in my profile. I'm soon to be 40 with a great husband and two teenagers. I live in WI.

    I'm no newbie to low carb. I was super successful at it for years . I have spent the last few years on and off and trying all kinds of versions and I am pretty darn fat as a result of all that on and off. So here I am back to the most basic of lower carb plans I could find.

    I really enjoyed reading the website and can't wait for my book to arrive. I promised myself I would not give this a short trial and then say it wasn't working so I will stay the course until mid July and then evaluate!

    I see occasional drinking is ok but I will stay out of the wine for at least 30 days. I'd really like to say until mid July but I'll take it in 30 day chunks.

    I started today without coffee. So far so good.

    I think I goofed a bit as I just read no processed meats. I ate 2 sausages with my veggie quiche.

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    Hello, chickprimal, and congratulations for finding your way here. I know what that's like, the long winding journey and finally saying, "Hey! This might actually be what I was looking for all along!"

    As far as the processed meats, if you're a sausage addict like me, you might want to make some compromises. I've studied a lot about nitrites, and have decided they're acceptable, as the "no nitrite" processors are typically using celery juice, which is loaded with nitrites, but the producers aren't forced by the FDA to actually list that on the packaging.

    A lot of sausage out there has sugar of some kind in it, but I take a hard look at the percentage and make a choice based on that. For example, if I read on the package that the sweetener is the 2nd ingredient after the meat, and then everything else falls into the spice category, I realize the sweetener is a very small amount. Also, if the nutritional label lists a 2 oz. serving as having 0g of carbs, then I understand that 6 oz. might have 1 or 2g of carbs (they don't have to list the grams if they're less than .5g per serving size) but in the grand scheme of things that's only a trace amount. I can live with that.

    I've begun making sausage at home as I received a sausage stuffer at xmas. I can use quality meats and choose my own recipes, so I can fully trust the end product. I refuse to give up my sausages, so I'm learning how to make them as primal as possible.

    I've also given up alcohol for my own 30-day challenge. I quit completely about 6 weeks ago and realized I didn't even miss it, so now I'm committed to the next 30 days as well.


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      Sharon thank you so much for your reply! I like sausage but could live without all of it but the venison sausage dh makes and brats. All out of venison though! Dh loves sausage and there were 6 links in the fridge left over so I ate 2. 3 links said 0 carbs.

      Thanks for explaining the way you look at the sausage. That was very helpful and you make a very good point!

      Great job on the no alcohol! I really do love wine and champagne but it seems to mess up losing weight for me and I have a lot to lose!

      Thanks again!


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        Yummy venison sausage! My brother sometimes sends us moose meat, but he wasn't lucky last year. Hope we get some this year so I can turn it into sausage.

        Yeah, the alcohol thing kind of crept up on me over the last couple of years, and I was frequently drinking 3 glasses of wine in the evenings. Not walking the dogs, not working in the yard, simply sitting and drinking wine while reading a book.

        After six weeks of abstaining, I've been able to drop one of my blood pressure meds and cut the other one in half. I had no idea the effect wine was having, but now that I know, out it goes!


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          Sharon that is amazing that that one change resulted in your meds being lowered so much!!!!! Hooray!!!! Dh and i had gotten into the habit of a glass of wine most nights and more on the weekends. I have very little tolerance for booze and feel pretty tipsy off one. I had 4 last weekend plus 1/2 a shot in 5 hours and was beyond plastered. I definately met everyone at the party and likely made an ass of myself a bit.

          I have never tried moose. Is it like venison? Are you doing the primal exercise also?

          Yesterday went well. I did the total gym for my lift heavy things. I had almond butter to use up so I came up with a protein bar concoction. I had the most horriblw headache from no coffee yesterday. UGH


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            I definately goofed a bit over Easter! One contributing factor as dumb as it was ~ is the scale. I was going up up up. Back on 100% as of yesterday. Not dying of pms which is amazing!

            I'm finding it a bit hard to get everything in. I figured my needed protein was 75 g. barely making it
            carbs no issue staying under 50.
            Fat hitting about 63-64 %. I'm thinking it should be higher?????
            Cals low yesterday but making sure I get at least 1550 today.


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              I got a tad off track last friday. Not super horrid but not 100% PB. Since then all has been well. I checked in on the scale even though I said I wouldn't. 196 with tom in full swing.


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                I need to shop! Oh yes I do! When I shopped last week I lost my list somewhere in the first few isles of the store. I am completely out of coconut oil, butter and eggs. EEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!!! I am out of all fresh veggies but a bit of broccoli slaw and some half dead celery. The worst part is the eggs!!!! This is what sucks about being 30 miles from a store.

                No leftovers from last night as it was a what can I find meal. Not the best primal meal but I guess it will pass. Shirtaki a bit of ground beef, green beans and alfredo with mushrooms all mixed together. My guys had a completely different meal as they do not eat the same way.

                Lets see the rest of yesterday:
                3 eggs and bacon cheese omlette

                almond butter/coconut/100% choc

                Todays breakfast was a what can I find again. 1/2 can coconut milk, pineapple and 1.5 scoops whey powder. I found some thai shrimp soup I had frozen or some veggie quiche for lunch~ covered! Dinner~ need to go defrost something to cook for all of us!

                Whew do I have a shopping list for Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One good thing about waiting a few days to shop is I clean out the freezer better! There are some terrific steaks in there but I prefer them grilled! I'm not waisting those awesome steaks on the stove!!!!

                I really slacked on the walking the last few days because of the rain. I need to quit being a baby. IM NOT GOING TO MELT . Nor are the dogs! I have a new dvd to try out today regardless.

                Being a former low carber I felt really weird having a pineapple smoothy. However I will keep my carbs under the 50 mark.

                Still 196.


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                  Overdid the almonds a bit yesterday. I better freeze those buggers.

                  yesterdays eat
                  pineapple coconut milk protein shake
                  chicken with mayo and broccoli slaw

                  almond and almonds and almonds like seriously I bet 5 oz

                  So far I haven't eaten yet today. I did 30 day shred as exercise.
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                    Oh yep the muscles are sure sore from shredding yesterday. I came down last night with a fever, sore throat and snot from he!!~ yuck. I have to work but very likely will not get exercise in. 1 I feel a bit yuck and 2 I have so much running tonight plus kiddos b day celebration.

                    Yesterday IF until 2:15

                    double down sandwich
                    lots of veggie quiche and snuck a sunchip

                    Todays weight 194.4

                    Just a note 4 myself. I bought the rocker shoes about 8 weeks ago 4 work etc. I noticed in the mirror there is a definate difference in the behind and cellulite.


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                      Weight still dropping 191.2 I did a no~no and indulged in to much champagne the other night. Seems to be no ill effects but I don't want to push my luck! I need to quit drinking it so often. Hubby and I got in the habit of Having a few drinks on Fri or Sat. I think I'll get the health and body I want faster if I do it once a month or less. I set myself a fairly agressive goal for July. I look in the mirror and do not see what is there. I looked at pics and I look like a block. Block be gone!

                      Goals for the coming week
                      ~ at least 3 hours of walking
                      ~ heavy work twice
                      ~ no wine on the weekend


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                        Well I fell off the primal wagon and tried a WW approach. Guess what I got. higher BG, major junk cravings and to a whopping 212 lbs. I have the exercise down pat. I'm great at that! Now to get the eating back on track! I am doing slim in 6 for my exercise currently. Not much cardio but lots of working my lazy muscles. I know this may not be 100% according to primal guidelines but I do like it!


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                          Ok better today!

                          3 eggs with dab butter

                          veggies, sprouts, chicken and pork HuHot

                          shakology make with almond milk, and almond butter

                          chicken veggies soup side of fresh unsweetened cranberries ~MMMMMM