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    Well it seems I have Addison's disease. Wow does this explain a lot. I was attempting a
    to stay in nutritional ketosis and started losing my hair!

    I have to quit caffeine among other things. I am going to try to make myself accountable without further killing my adrenals with stress.

    I went 1 day without coffee...and then had 3 today.. I was interviewing for jobs and to be honest was struggling to get through the day.

    So, have to kick myself in the ass and quit the bad stuff.

    I also would like to get back down to 120.

    Weight today...124.6

    Going to teach bootcamp.... I have already quit instructing bodypump so I am trying to lay off.
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    Never give up on anything you can't go a day without thinking about - Tony Horton

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    I am going to cut back to 1 cup of coffee. I would love to just quit but I did for one day and was comatose. I am quitting everything else for the autoimmune protocol.

    Breakfast....2.8 ounces beef..couple of bites of and cream

    I am suprised I don't feel bad today... I thought I would after boot camp..
    Never give up on anything you can't go a day without thinking about - Tony Horton


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      Well I spent a lot of time feeling sorry for myself and a couple of days ago I finally made up my mind to go all in on autoimmune protocol and eating optimally.

      I did cut back to 1 coffee, but I have 3 days off so I will be quitting coffee all together over the 3 days. I have been suffering from extreme fatigue, heartburn, and dizziness. I have to get serious about following the protocol.

      I have a rheumatologist appointment December 21st and I have to get my symptoms in check so I don't have to go on tons of drugs (but I am not sure I still won't have to)

      My oldest son has also lost all his hair and I am struggling bad to get him over to the autoimmune protocol. AHH

      So I am going to kick myself in the ass and hope it bleeds over to my son....if it isn't in the house he can't eat it and we pack him a lunch everyday.

      Main goals:

      3 well rounded meals (can't go low carb because of adrenals)
      No eggs, nightshades, nuts, or dairy..gluten has been gone.
      Keep track of every meal here to keep me accountable.

      Today was a good day, but I had eggs and nightshades.

      I threw the nightshades away and I am going to just eat the yolks of our free range eggs until they are gone.
      Never give up on anything you can't go a day without thinking about - Tony Horton


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        Today was my first day with zero caffeine.

        I can't believe how tired it makes me! Food was on spot...just ate too much:

        B: Bag baby carrots, guacamole (without tomatoes), pastured beef bacon

        L: 6oz steak, salad, green beans...lots of green beans...,2 cups frozen blueberries

        D: Cup of sorted fruit

        I am not a big fruit eater. I just ran out of a lot of food today.

        Took a nap for 2 hours!!

        I was suppose to do deadlifts today, but without the coffee I was dragging! I am going to get back to my workouts on a normal basis next week.
        Never give up on anything you can't go a day without thinking about - Tony Horton


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          What types of supplements are you on? I'm new to this. I don't want to suffer any weight gain side effects. Thanks!


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            Hey, I know the feeling re quitting coffee, I quit it so many times in the past, yes best to take a long weekend off work so you can go to bed whenever you feel bad, also take strong headache tablets if you have withdrawals, when time I quit it, the headaches etc were gone within 2 to 3 days, but the afternoon feeling so tiered and sleepy was so bad, but then I was doing Peat and having lots of fruit and dairy which means I needed a lot of sleep lol. This time I started vlc again (which I know you can't do) so had less sleepy feelings in the afternoon.

            Are you able to have decaf?

            What's the autoimmune protocol? Do you have links?