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    Well, it's been a while - but I'm back!

    A quick overview of my progress so far and how I came to be back at PB HQ...

    I was 210lbs (5'3", 42" waist) in January 2009 following a couple of years inactivity through knee injury - I dropped 10lbs just by "watching what I ate" and going back to the gym, but was stuck for about 6 months. Enter PB and I dropped to 183lbs in about 40 days, keeping my carbs in the 50-100g sweet spot, walking a bit and lifting weights.

    That's when my eye was caught with other lower carb approaches and I tried some other things. They were pretty extreme but got me to 170lbs and my strongest lifts (325lb bench press, 410lb deadlift and so on).

    Somewhere along the way, I dropped all forms of cardio - be they informal or otherwise - and just lifted weights. All my goals became strength orientated and I was successful with them.

    Thankfully, my physiotherapy studies snapped me out of it when I did a sub-maximal V02 max test and - despite looking the fittest (read leanest and buffest) I have ever looked, my score was at the bottom end of average for my age (29).

    I hate being average at anything - especially physical things.

    This test was a couple of weeks ago and since then I have managed to get my hands on a mountain bike (kindly donated by my girlfriends dad) and discovered that there is a mountainbike trail centre that some friends of mine go to every weekend - and a couple of simple trails by my house.

    As with everything, I threw myself into the mountainbiking and began researching diet for the sport and, so, for the past 10 days have been higher carb (200g) mod protein and low fat. I feel soft, bloated, ill and sluggish.

    Why do I do this to myself?

    I found something that worked (PB) - it was still working when I left (despite already having lost 16lbs, I was still losing 1.5-2.5lbs a week) - and I liked the food.

    Oh well... I'm back now, and will start a 30 day challenge again to get myself back into it. Reading my first challenge, it took about 7 days before I couldn't face eating lots of carbs anymore, I hope the same thing happens here.

    I'll post my basic training and eating template later (re-familiarising myself with the book) along with goals for this 30 day period.

    All comments, suggestions, pointing-and-laughing are welcome here!


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    I think I'm back up to speed with the eating plan, but will probably take a few days to find my feet again.


    As a starting point, I'm shooting for 50g carbs, which is higher than I ended up doing before, but with extra activity I think I'll need it. Protein is going to be 100-125g which is less than last time but without weight training I think this will do, and fat will be whatever it ends up being. Calories will be 1500-1700 on non-epic training days and 2000+ on the big days.


    No more weight training for me - I'm sticking with bodyweight work and static holds for my joints sake and also to streamline my body a bit!

    My bike riding will be based loosely on 3 rides a week - the first two will be mid week and basic play-abouts for up to an hour. My local forest has some very brief but very steep climbs, which I can then tear down as a sort of interval training. Plus I'll use this time to work on skills. This is more play than anything!

    Once a week though, it'll be a bit more serious in that I'll go to the trails centre and do a good 10-15 miles. I'm hoping for twice a week during the Easter break if money allows.

    So, a total change of course for me - no more striving for double bodyweight bench presses and 'big gunz'. I'm shooting for a lean, fit physique and equal amounts 'go' and 'show'.

    Tomorrow is day 1


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      So much leeway young fit people have ... I'm sure you'll do just fine.


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        thanks piano-doctor-lady!

        Yesterday and today have been sort of "easing in" days - got caught out due to lack of planning yesterday and ended up having dinner at my girlfriends, so was chicken curry and chips. Not ideal but think they were my only carbs yesterday.

        Today was more measured - food choices not great because I'm finishing off some of that low-fat crap I was trying out (Dairylea dunkers - tried to fool myself that the calcium makes it worth keeping in my diet but the ritz crackers ruin the party a bit).

        Fitday said
        96.5g fat
        101g carbs
        149g protein

        Happy with protein but from tomorrow will be going for nearer 50g carbs.

        Activity been restricted cos of the ridiculous weather we've been having and I managed to break my indoor bike but should be able to fix it soon.

        Plan is to go up the mountain again on Saturday, but will try and do an hour or so tomorrow.

        Will start weighing from tomorrow morning - which I find terrifying. I'm hoping I'll only be around 178lbs - it's 8lbs over my best but 5lbs less than my previous run on PB.


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          180g fat
          28g carbs
          173g protein

          Calories a bit high today but all crap out my kitchen now so will weigh in morning, set my 30 day goals and rock on.

          Will do some bodyweight work tomorrow and, if weather is ok, an hour on the bike. Feeling sick today due to a literal all-nighter on an essay I just couldn't get happy with so no exercise. Big ride scheduled for Saturday.


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            So, I'm ready to start my 30-day challenge now.

            My first 30-day challenge saw me drop 13.5lbs, going from 199.5 - 186lbs. I'm starting at a lower weight again this time, and looking for a 10lb drop. I know it gets harder to lose the lighter you get but I think I've still got a ways to go and better to aim high than low!

            If I'm honest, my motivation is more the whole "look good nekkid" thing than the health benefits at this stage, so my targets are more physical measurement orientated. So, below is a list of current measurements and my 30-day Challenge goals.

            The Goals

            Weight - 175lbs/165lbs (-10lbs)
            Waist - 34.5"/32.5" (-2")
            Lurve Handles - 35.5"/33.5" (-2")
            Arms - 16.25"/16" (-0.25")
            on a more qualitiative note, I'm looking to feel more consistent energy levels and reduced carb-cravings, which were my experiences last time.

            Since I started losing weight 18 months ago, I've found throughout that 5lbs of fat loss has consistently equated to about an inch of waist/lurve handles loss (210lbs in Jan 09 with 42" waist - 175lbs now with 34.5 waist), which is where I got my target figures from.

            I want my thighs to trim down a bit (currently about 25.5") but with the biking likely to add some muscle to them, I don't think it's worth judging success there on measurements - I'll just keep an eye.

            The Plan
            Eating-wise, I'll be following PB, but sticking to the lower end of the carb-curve. I tend to gravitate to sub-50g and, last time ended up going almost zero-carb without making a conscious effort - I just lost a taste for fruit and veg. I'll try to keep on top of this with a daily dose of spinach or rocket salad.

            I do think that planned "cheats" make things easier and I've always benefitted from them in the past. I'll allow myself a day a week to satisfy any burning desires for crap that I have, but my experience last time was that I lost interest in overdoing it and ended up having the odd meal off rather than day. Fingers crossed that happens again.

            Training will be bodyweight work for strength and biking (mountain and stationary) for fitness. The bodyweight stuff will be pretty structured but the biking will be based on a weekly long run with my friends and whenever I have time/inclination in the week.

            So... off we go....

            Day 1/30
            Weight - 175lbs

            Food Choices
            eggs, cheese, onion, pork belly, pork leg, dark chocolate (85%), butchers sausages, bacon.

            238g fat
            26g carbs
            191g protein


            -pleased with 175lbs as a starting point, I was concerned I'd be 180lbs or more after a fairly directionless few weeks. I'm still 7lbs over my best ever though.

            -Higher calories than I originally intended but those damn sausages are so good! Will shoot for nearer 2000-2200kcals from here on in.

            -the dark chocolate was a compromise because I'm meeting up with some mates tonight to go see Clash of the Titans 3D. We tend to do these "man-dates" so those who are single or who have girlfriends not willing to watch such cool movies can go along - plus it's nice to meet up. No way can I not eat anything in the cinema, so rather than popcorn or whatever, I'm taking 100g of 85% choc. I know it's not an ideal start, but I kept other carbs very low today to take the edge off.

            -no exercise because I had too much work to do and slept in. Probably for the best, I'm on an 11-mile mountain bike ride tomorrow afternoon!
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              Day 2
              Weight - 175.8lbs (+0.8lbs)

              Food Choices
              cheese and onion omlette, pork leg, sausage, dark choc (!), bacon


              218g fat
              26g carbs
              195g protein


              8-9 miles of pretty hectic mountain biking, with a long-drawn out climb to begin followed by great downhills and jumps with the odd brief climb thrown in. The downhills leave you as out of breath as the climbs, just without the burn! We enjoyed snow, slush and soft-mudded tracks and my friends enjoyed a spectacular crash, compliments of you-know-who. No real damage done, but my front brake was pretty useless afterwards, my legs were covered in blood and lumps, and I have the beginnings of a black eye from where I eventually hit the tree, with my own bike in hot pursuit. I'm told it was very funny.

              -the 0.8lbs wt gain isn't a problem if it isn't a trend! I know daily weigh-ins can give fluctuations but I find doing it keeps me honest. Hoping to drop to 173lbs by the end of this coming week. If I keep knocking lumps out of myself on my bike, I might manage it pretty quickly!

              -epic ride, going again Monday (if I can fix my brakes).

              -absolutely starving when I got in, so had extra sausage, hence the higher-than-I-wanted calories. Lying in bed typing this, and feeling hungry again but can't be bothered getting anything!


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                Day 3

                Weight - 173.8lbs (-1.2lbs)

                cheese and onion omlettes, sausage, bacon, bran flakes with skimmed milk,

                143g fat
                44g carbs
                127g protein

                nothing really.

                -weight going in right direction now.

                -had some cereal cos had to get rid of last bit of milk and no shops open to get salad/veg etc and felt the need to replenish some carbs. Riding again tomorrow.

                -Feeling good; buying a chin bar and press-up handles tomorrow to start a bodyweight training program I've designed.


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                  Day 4

                  Weight - 175.8lbs (+0.8lbs)

                  eggs, sausage, cheese, onion, dairlea lunchable (post exercise)

                  115g fat
                  57.4g carbs
                  115g protein

                  8-9 miles mountain biking, fairly leisurely pace, a little under 2 hours.

                  -I was a bit confused at the weight fluctuation this morning and trying to come up with theories about it - whether it was a combo of glycogen depletion and dehydration the morning after a big bike ride or whatever. After my ride today, I'm a bit more relaxed about it and so long as I see some loss in the next few days I won't worry about it.

                  -Because the UK comes to a grinding halt over Easter (meaning my butcher wasn't open today), I'm still living off sausage and egg! My plan is to introduce more beef and chicken for this week - sausage and bacon made up the vast majority of my calories over the past few days. Calories a little low today but if I keep eating more sausage then my carbs will quickly escalate so will just go to bed a little hungry and be done with it.

                  -Bike ride was harder today than the other day. Partly because it was 48hrs since the last big one and I'm still getting used to the activity, partly because there was a helluva wind to ride into for the big climb, and partly because my gears were playing up. Plus, my companions were hungover. Was still good fun and got me working for a couple of hours!

                  -Fingers crossed for some scale movement tomorrow. Although, I won't count it as step in the right direction unless it sticks til Wednesday (last 2lb dip was morning after the same ride).
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                    Not sure what happened. I wasn't hungry, I had no cravings... I just totally self-destructed and went out for some cookies and half a pizza. No idea where this came from, but I didn't enjoy the food. Really weird.

                    Nothing to do but go to bed and carry on as if nothing happened tomorrow. I won't weigh til Wednesday so I don't get all discouraged!