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  • new journal, hopefully of progress

    Going back to basics. whole food, no processed food, no grains or sugar.

    All the talk of the optimal macronutrient ratios for weightloss is confusing me. Less forum reading and more picking up the book.

    200 lb, 150 cm

    B: large black coffee
    L: grilled salmon and steamed broccolli
    D: grilled eggplant with beef bolognaise sauce, cup of raspberries.
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    B: large black coffee. 2 poached eggs with baby spinach
    L: grilled salmon and steamed broc and cauli
    D: lamb cutlets, asparagus and 1/2 avocado. tablespoon of double cream, shredded coconut and blueberries
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      This is my sort of food. Don't forget to drink water, I know that is my downfall. You will get plenty of support here anyway.

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        thanks socoolnanny, good reminder.

        B: large long black coffee, poached eggs on a piece of ham and side of wilted spinach
        another large black coffee
        L: rotis chicken breast and some roast veg, some steamed greens
        earl grey tea
        D: steak with mushroom, bacon, garlic and cream sauce. cauli broccolli and peas.


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          B: large black coffee, 2 poached eggs and spinach leaves
          L: moroccan chicken tenderloins, carrot, cauli, hope no sugar in the spices
          D: steak and broc cauli and peas with garlic butter plus left over grilled eggplant and zucchini

          and... tablespoon of doublecream and blueberries and shredded coconut
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            B: large black coffee, scrambled eggs and bacon, mango
            L: cafe - chicken caesar salad. mainly picked at the protein, hate to think what was in the mayo

            glass champagne at work. pretended to sip for hour and half, so did pretty good I think (esp not to decide to have pizza and wine for dinner)

            D: lamb cutlets, sweet potato chips, grilled zucchini and eggplant


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              Sat: coffee with a dash of mil
              brunch: (out) steak sandwich and chips and coke zero. oops. ate only one of the bits of bread
              dinner: chicken tenderloins with mango and avocado and crunchy raw veg, with a greek yoghurt and avocado dressing

              tea with splash of milk. 2 poached eggs on shaved ham.
              coffee with splash milk.
              rolled loin of lamb, fried eggplant, zucchini and sweet potato with tzatiki (used up rest of yoghurt with garlic, EVO, cucumber and mint)

              My oven died tonight. Not good.


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                B: large black coffee, 2 poached eggs and shaved ham (ham is much better than spinach with eggs)
                L: grilled fish and steamed brocolli. Damn, at the shop they insisted it was 'plain', since when does dusting in flour = plain? geez
                D: left over chicken tenderloins and lamb with eggplant and zucchini and tzatiiki...left overs left me feeling bleh, so having blueberries banana coconut and cream for dessert to get rid of the taste.


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                  last night's leftovers were a bad call - diarrhoea for hours.

                  B: large black coffee, scrambled eggs and bacon (didnt eat it all, shops give big serve, trying to be careful about that)
                  L: steak, beetroot jam (prob some sugar), raddicio and bacon salad
                  black coffee
                  D: my tomatoey tuna dish with peas. blueberries, banana, coconut and cream

                  walked home 80 mins
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                    B: large black coffee, scrambled eggs and bacon - ate slowly and ditched half
                    L: roast chicken breast and steamed random veg
                    D: tuna dish (garlic, onion, canned tomato, tuna, peas). banana blueberry coconut cream.

                    I need to stop this dessert habit.


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                      ok, so thank a work function that ended up being very boozy, massive hangover next day made it hard to stick to primal, then decided to have the weekend off...3 weeks later, sigh.

                      B: large black coffee, poached eggs and ham
                      L: grilled salmon and steamed broc and cauliflower
                      D: veal with mush, bacon and onion cream sauce (bit of wostershire) mashed pumpkin


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                        B: large black coffee, cheese omelette
                        L: salad greens with minute steak, roasted capsicum and onion jam
                        D: same as last night, plus brocollini

                        A new place near work called Vitality opened, it serves high protein, low carb, no sugar meals. My lunch was great and they said the onion jam was made from agave or something not sugar. The steak was cooked when ordered so the juices all over the greens was yummy. I am looking forward to trying their breakfast options tomorrow. The great surprise was that they sell PB and Ferriss' book! Yay, a food outlet based on Primal.


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                          B: large black coffee, bacon eggs and spinach
                          L: grilled teriyaki salmon, greens and roasted peppers
                          D: chicken with creamy avocado sauce, broc, beans and peas (normally comes with potato and carrot, they must know I am being good when I order chicken rather than pizza, bless them)


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                            B: large black coffee, strawberries blackberries and greek yoghurt
                            L: lamb curry, tiny bit of rice, salad and roast sweet potato. no idea what was in the curry but fresh made
                            D: tried to make my tuna and sweet potato cakes. Used parsley and coriander I am growing, red onion, s potato, tuna and egg. The cakes fell apart so fried the mess, dumped into bowl and added avocado, lemon and a cup of peas.

                            strawberry, blueberries, coconut and cream, mainly to get rid of tuna taste, blech.


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                              Friday started good with a cheesy omelette, but went for lunch with my team and we stayed and drank til midnight, with associated bad foods. Hangover Sat was met with whatever I wanted, gateway to another big night, repeat. My patterns are pretty clear - I can't have one drink = many = at least a few days off track.

                              Monday I did ok despite hangover. Salmon and steamed broc and cauliflower for lunch and veal parmegiani with green veg for dinner..

                              B: large black coffee with coconut milk, boiled egg.
                              L: canned salmon, salad and small roasted sweet potato
                              D: lamb cutlets, grilled zucchini and eggplant and 1/4 avocado