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new journal, hopefully of progress

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    So do I. Take care.
    Annie Ups the Ante


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      Thanks Ayla and Annie

      B: large black coffee, boiled egg plus protein drink (hangover)
      L: small can salmon, half avocado on raw stir fry mix (brocolli stem, carrot and beetroot)
      D: bolognaise - my version with lots of veg and chilli and eggplant. Got home at 1030, so lucky I have frozen stuff


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        Hi, hope you are doing OK


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          Thanks Ayla, back on track. Please let my life be drama free for a while!

          B: cheese omelette, large black coffee
          L: fish with roast veg
          black tea
          D: steak with onion, mushroom, bacon and cream sauce, with splash of wocestershire sauce..and asparags cooked in ghee


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            I do hope your life is drama free for a while


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              Thanks Ayla

              B: 2 boiled eggs, large black coffee
              L: GYG burrito bowl sans rice and beans ie. the beef, the salsa and guacamole
              D: chicken with avocado sauce, green veg

              There is a chemist brand diet ad that annoys me. The presenter says the objective is a "VLC" diet to induce ketosis to lose weight. She then says VLC = very low calorie. huh?


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                B: cheese omelette with large black coffee
                L: chicken tomatoey stew thing
                D: lamb steaks with eggplant and sweet potato


                B: boiled egg and large black coffee
                L: chicken with skin and roast veg
                D: aaargh, drinks at work led to champagne and salt and vinegar chips, to going out and choosing pizza, to easter buns and more alcohol sat night and other non primal crap. I can't believe we are well into third month of theyear and I am still struggling to get back into primal. I suck!


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                  B: large black coffee, cheesy omelette
                  L: small tin of safcol salmon
                  D: steak and steamed brocolli and cauliflower and snow peas, covered in bacon mushroom onion cream sauce


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                    B: large black coffee and cheesy omelette with v little tomato and bacon
                    L: late - small tin pink salmon
                    D: client dinner - at Italian, shared pork belly, chicken schnitzel, meatballs, bread :-( glass of red wine, white coffee...onto
                    chai tea

                    victory though - was tempted to finish of night with more wine when moved on after dinner, but went to coffee place instead of bar. tick. then normally when I drink I can't stick to one, and was fighting impulse t get a bottle of red on way home, but didn't. tick. so that's positive!


                    • Well done on overcoming the wine impulses. I do believe that eating good primal food early in the day (like your cheesy omelette), helps one gain the strength required for making the more difficult positive choices later on. Good to see you keeping on keeping on.
                      Annie Ups the Ante


                      • B: cheesy omelette with v little tomato and bacon, large black coffee
                        L: tin salmon
                        D: lamb cutlets, sweet potato and grilled eggplant

                        now off to see what everyone has been up to for the last two months!


                        • 7th

                          B: cheesy omelette with tiny bits bacon and tomato, black coffee
                          L: steak and tomato and brocolli, black coffee
                          D: my tuna bolognaise with peas

                          2 squares of chocolate

                          PS - started again at 200 lb. sigh


                          B: onion and bacon omelette, black coffee
                          L: chicken and half roast veg, half steamed greens
                          D: steak and asparagus and brocollini with onion and mushroom cream sauce (dash worcestershire sauce)

                          handful berries with coconut and cream


                          • geez. I suck at this. I have been on and off, and reading the blog, but the forum has been too weird these days to follow. Its a shame, having a connection with the forum seems to help me stick with it.
                            Fascinated with all the antisugar media at the moment. and the Catalyst programs - wow.

                            Anyway, really battling to keep my alcohol intake in check, it completely ruins everything. It is the literal switch between attemptine to have good lifestyle or not.

                            So Monday no alcohol. A lamb burger with cauliflower and sweet potato mash and brocolli. Lamb cutlets and eggplant and potato with sour cream for dinner.

                            Today, black coffee with coconut cream and cinnamon for breakfast. Chicken korma (whatever that is, just had the saucy chicken) and greens for lunch. To avoid bottleshops got a cab straight home - strange meal of left over eggplant, left over cold beef so ennded up having with chutney and cheese on vita wheats. then because I 'broke primal' I decided to fk it up completely and found a magnum icecream. BUT 2 days no alcohol. Its a start. again.


                            • Tuesday
                              Omelette with mushroom, few black coffees with splash milk,
                              lamb patties on sweet potato/cauli mash and beetroot and herbed yoghurt
                              meant to have decent dinner but got home late and friend came over, so ended up having muesli bar (Carmens, so at least proper nuts and seeds)

                              omelette with tomato and cheese, large black coffee with splash milk
                              grilled salmon and salad for lunch. few sneak mini chocs in afternoon after frenzied afternoon
                              steak and steamed potato smothered in sour cream. mango.

                              day 3 no alcohol


                              • wow 5 years at failing this...sigh

                                103kg! outrageous at my height. 4 years ago I was so happy to go from 90 to 75, but desperate to lose the last 25kg, now I have stacked that 25 kg on. depressing.


                                b: black coffee
                                l: salad with spinach, roast pumpkin eggplant capsicum zucchini asparagus cucumber beetroot and beef
                                d: barbeque chicken and roast pumpkin, beans, beetroot, eggplant
                                blackberries, shaved coconut and cream
                                Day 1 no alcohol

                                b: black coffee
                                l: salad with spinach, avocado, roast pumpkin eggplant capsicum zucchini cucumber beetroot and beef
                                d: barbeque chicken and roast pumpkin, beans, beetroot, eggplant
                                blackberries, shaved coconut and cream
                                Day 2 no alcohol

                                b: black coffee
                                l: roast chicken and roast veg pumpkin egplant zucchini
                                d:3 egg omelette with ham and cheese
                                half small banana, 1 fig and dozen blueberries with shaved coconut and cream
                                day 3 no alcohol

                                exercise is a no go for now. having an allergic reaction to something and have hot angry rashes all over my body. very hot anyway and cant get even slightly hot or it sets the rashes off. maybe my body is trying to foil my plans to start exercising! maybe my body is simply screaming 'give me back my bread, sugar, chocolate, pizza, burgers and other random take away!'.
                                anyway up to my eyeballs in antihistamines and now, steroids.