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    Originally posted by Ayla2010 View Post
    What is NLP? Is there a book? Or a website?
    NLP is neuro-linguistic programming. Maybe google that? It is way of being conscious of your terms of reference (and that of others) and changing the way you think and communicate. The person who explained it well and piqued my interest (20 yrs ago) was Tony Robbins. I go through phases.

    Hey, how tall are you? Our current points and goals are similar, assuming you are average height (I am not...)


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      Brunch: tea with splash milk. off-bone ham and avocado and 3 poached eggs (mostly ate the yolks and left the whites)

      Apricot, coffee with splash milk

      Dinner: nuked some off the bolognaise/minestrone I made a week or so ago, with plenty of cheese.

      I am eating too much cheese. I bought a pack of tasty shredded for some specific purpose. I am not buying anymore for a while when I run out.

      Exercise: overpass x 2 (160 steps up and also down)

      I am reading Mark Lauren's You are your own gym book again. I ordered the paperback on Amazon because I am finding the kindle version hard to read. I have the app. I need to just start and not get too fixated on form, I am not going to learn til I start. Amazon won't let me buy the DVD - must be a regional thing.

      I also ordered 5-HTP for insomnia/anxiety. Couldn't order it from Amazon, must be banned for some reason. I found an Auzzie supplement company that sells it, but only one. Wonder what that is about. Internet search found few aussie sites complaining you can't get it here, also a few "clubbing/rave" forums discussing how its great as a party drug if you can get it..Hmmm, cant wait to try it!


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        Will google
        I am short (158 cm).
        Is that workout stuff all body weight stuff?
        At the moment I am doing dips off the coffee table, and pushups on an incline against the kitchen bench. 20 sets of each at a time as I think of it during the day. Will go back to the gym soon for deadlifts, squats, bench press and over head press. No need for many other movements really, but will work my way up to going to a different CrossFit place sometime in the near future.
        Your food for today sounds yummy


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          Yes, bodyweight exercises. I feel too short and fat to belong in a gym It's a start.

          B: large black coffee, greek yoghurt and blueberries
          L: grilled salmon and lemon. Didn't bother with vegies.
          D: 6 lamb cutlets* in moroccan spice mix and a salad (lettuce, tomato, red onion, cucumber) with fetta and avocado and balsamic

          * I wonder how many cutlets I should be eating. 1 cutlet is 2 mouthfuls, so a few doesn't seem right, however the fact they come in a tray of 6 leads me to suspect it is 6 for at least 2 people. My Woolies doesn't do single serve meat trays. Hmmmm

          In a bad/down mood. Can't figure why. Don't want to exercise, nothing is on TV, can't concentrate to read. Grrrr.
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            I shouldn't have complained of being bored. my last two hours...

            I went to my bedroom which has a balcony off it, and I had insect screens installed so it is good to keep actual sliding door half open for fresh air. For some reason, a bird or possum or something made a strange noise that made me look out and I saw a massive shadow slide across the top of balcony ledge. I turned on the light and it was a massive huntsman spider. massive! size of my hand and a really massive fat body.

            I am very very phobic (why I add insect screens installed before I would move in). It went out of view so I quickly grabbed outdoor spider spray and sprayed all around my insect screen door. Sat waited (having a bit of a panic about it coming in other windows/doors, despite screens. Ran and closed window of next room. Then it appeared again, so at least I knew where it was to quickly open screen door so I could close the actual door.

            Then it ran towards the glass (being a balcony, that bedroom wall is glass) and tried to run up the glass towards me! I don't know where it went, I had a massive panic that I might get between door/screen so I emptied most of the can along that. Now I am freaked out. It is hot and sticky but I can't open the sliding door to let air in, plus the fumes of most-of-a-can of outdoor surface spider spray is in my room. Absent seeing a corpse, I am not opening that door.

            I don't think I can sleep in my room.

            I might be able to sleep in the loungeroom but that has a double sliding balcony door, wide open with insect screens, but I am scared they can still get in and am too scared to open the screen doors to close the sliding doors. Plus I need the air.

            How am I going to sleep? I am sitting on bed, external balcony light on (hoping to see where it went) and venetian blinds half up so I can see out still, so neighbours can see in form units nearby (wonder if they saw my spider dance...). I keep expecting it to suddenly run along a wall inside...

            I am so scared...(and feeling sick from the spray, but too scared to leave my post....)


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              eeew I am sorry, I hate spiders too, I hope its gone!


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                Stupid hey? If only I didn't look I would have been blissfully unaware.

                I had about 2 hours sleep (had to sleep with lights on because I would keep thinking spiders around me), fully dressed (so those that did crawl on me wouldn't be on my skin) and in the unventilated room full of at least half a can of outdoor spider spray. I am sure I am now getting renal failure from the poisons!

                Mos of my neighbours in the block don't have insect screens. I don't know how...

                Funny thing, when I was reading Bandler/NLP over the weekend, the phobia section drew my interest!


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                  Originally posted by katemary View Post
                  Thanks sakura_girl, I have decided to confess my sins rather than going quiet for a while! It was an awesome burger and I hope the gluten free bun was a compromise. Sorry about the chill where you are. If it helps, I would swap in a heartbeat
                  Haha you know that movie with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz switch houses for a vacation? We should try that

                  Also, you might want to also sort of beware of those gluten-free products. I went to a restaurant and asked for the ingredients list in their gluten-free crepes and there was a crapton of chemicals and contaminated oils in them!
                  My chocolatey Primal journey

                  Unusual food recipes (plus chocolate) blog


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                    Originally posted by sakura_girl View Post
                    Haha you know that movie with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz switch houses for a vacation? We should try that

                    Also, you might want to also sort of beware of those gluten-free products. I went to a restaurant and asked for the ingredients list in their gluten-free crepes and there was a crapton of chemicals and contaminated oils in them!
                    "The Holiday"! What a fabulous idea! I live close to Sydney Harbour (walking distance), a couple of bus stops to the City and close to other beaches. And my place is neat (just has a huntsman lurking at the moment, but that's another story). If you can do my job too we have a deal! Where exactly are you?

                    Yeah, I am wary of any restaurant / take away food. I get grilled salmon a lot for lunch and hate to stop and think what they may whack on it instead of gently grilling it without additives. I bet if I thought too much about it the burger would have lots of crap in it too. It is hard to stay social and comply with all the primal tenets. I struggle anyway.


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                      Still in a dark mood. The lack of sleep wouldn't have helped.

                      B: large black coffee, banana coconut and greek yoghurt
                      L: rotisserie chicken breast with skin and random veg
                      D: wasnt gonna have any but just made a plate of ham (off bone) tasty cheese and cherry tomatoes, with mild english mustard to dip



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                        A certain thing at work is making me so cross, frustrated, upset at the unfairness and at the same time seriously reconsidering my career if my hard efforts/skills are not the contrary, it seems to make me a target. The need to deal with this is probably cause for my dark mood - just need to deal with this response until its done, then can at least put it aside.

                        B: large black coffee. another one two hours later with splash of milk

                        L: given dinner last night and no breaky, had baked potato with beef bolognaise and sour cream and spring onion with some nasty salsa on top that tasted more chemical than tomato.

                        D: worked late. have the shits/am very depressed. Not eating.

                        Pity my rage doesn't inspire me to work my ass off with exercise.

                        Still chucking a private tantrum is probably better than the severe depression/anxiety that leads me to usually say 'fuck it' and drown my sorrows in 2 bottles of wine.

                        I just hate my life sometimes.


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                          B: scrambled eggs and bacon, but didnt eat much
                          two large black coffees
                          L: upset about something so got all teary and tears do kill the appetite, so no lunch, 1/2 banana about 430
                          D: lamb cutlets with middle eastern spice mix, salad with fetta and avocado
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                            B: boiled egg. mango

                            two large black coffees, one with CO

                            L: burrito bowl from GYG, hold the rice. slow cooked beef, black beans, salsa and guacamole. very yum.

                            don't think I am having dinner tonight. Very crampy or yuck feeling. Glad its a long weekend.


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                              So didn't have dinner but did end up hiaving red wine, a couple of breezers and even a beer!

                              Sat really bad hangover. Banana, mango, apricot, coconut and cream

                              A cruskit with peanut butter to feed hangover. Worst part of drinking is that it is not just the nigt out, but the food to cure it the next day...

                              Lamb roast for Australia day! With potatoes, pumpkin, peas and gravy. Given all the other options, it was at least mostly whole foods.


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                                mmm lamb!