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    B: large black coffee and omelette with almost non existant cheese bacon and tomato
    large black coffee with coconut milk
    L: chicken breast and skin (rotisserie) small bit of salad small bits of roast veg
    D: chicken avocado with random greens and veg from local Italian.

    Need to stop dropping buy Italian on way home. It seems to be just meat and veg but I don't know what oils they use and even thought they bulk up the veg for me and don't put in too much potato, I don't know how they cook them and snow peas carrots and beans are not ideal. also wonder what is in their sauces, for example parmegiani sauce the other night - what if it is based on store tomato sauce and full of sugar and nasty oils. Still, better than pizza but I should make more of an effort. It was 9 pm tonight thought, I can't bear the thought of cooking at that time


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      B: large black coffee, 2 boiled eggs
      another large black coffee
      L: chicken with tomato and cheese sauce and salad
      D: breadless steak sandwich - steak, caramelised onion, fried tomato, beetroot and cheese wrapped in lettuce
      blueberries coconut and cream


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        At least I am consistent. Friday was mighty fine until Friday night when I had a split second decision between going home to tuna salad and a yoga DVD and going out for pizza and wine. Lots of wine.

        Saturday I slept til 4pm but had another night out and the only food was really crackers and cheese ...more wine.

        Sunday I slept even later til 5pm. Rice pudding (of all things) when I woke and then at least had veal parma and veg for dinner. Someone here said their rule is to make sure they follow a fail with a primal meal, I need to do that, I don't make the best choices when drinking or when hungover.

        So, drinking is clearly my problem. I know it sounds like an excuse but work is so stressful, sometimes after a week of being good (esp with no evidence of that) I just want to hang out with friends and not think about being the party pooper, or collapse with a stack of DVDs a pizza and wine. I know I can't progress if I keep up this pattern. It is so hard around Christmas too. Its not even so much the social pressure - I can be good at *pretending* to drink holding the same drink for hours. Sometimes I really really want to drink. Given I used to drink almost every night, I guess it is an improvement. Oh well, clean week and see how to think clearly at the end of the week.


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          B: large black coffee
          L: grilled salmon with steamed cauliflower and broccolli
          D: lamb cutlets, grilled eggpant and asparagus

          I am going to not eat breakfast for a while. Let my body snack on fat reserves a bit longer. I am rarely hungry then anyway.


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            Good food, katemary. Are you enjoying it?
            Annie Ups the Ante


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              Don't defer until the New Year. It is hard to keep away from the booze around this time, try stay clean Sunday to Friday at least.


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                Originally posted by Annieh View Post
                Good food, katemary. Are you enjoying it?
                Hi Annie. Umm, I don't often look forward to it, nor do I see it as comfort food. But I feel good after eating it. I think I need to expand my cooking skills. In the meantime, my meals are pretty basic. Thanks for stopping by.


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                  Originally posted by Danielfire View Post
                  Don't defer until the New Year. It is hard to keep away from the booze around this time, try stay clean Sunday to Friday at least.
                  That is very true! I can have immaculate eating for 5 1/2 days, badnes for 1 1/2 days, and put on 1 kg for my efforts. It is very easy to give up until New Years!

                  Hope you are enjoying that site

                  B: large black coffee. omelette cheese and tomato - half at 9 am, half at 6pm - lets see how that works out because it sat on my desk all day! (of course the day I say no more breakfast I wake up hungry)

                  L: steak with some curry rub, yoghurty dressing and roast pumpkin

                  D: barbeque chicken with laziest salad - grated lettuce beetroot carrot and zucchini, with chunks of avocado
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                    B: large black coffee, boiled egg
                    L: grilled salmon, steamed broc and cauli
                    D: left over chicken salad with bean sprouts, peas, asparagus and avocado

                    contemplating having berries and cream too...


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                      was contemplating best fri solution is to IF

                      then something bad happened at work and did IF all day

                      then...true to useless form, decided to drink to block it out

                      i am hopeless
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                        Yay, and by the next week, with xmas lunches and client functions and catchin up with friends, I just drank shitloads and ate what I wanted and decided to "wait until the new year". Awesome, I do that every year.

                        I need to remind myself that I had the same recurring resolution for 15 years to give up smoking, and finally did 3 years ago. I have only been chunky for less than ten years, so...

                        Anyway, so 150 cm and 93 kg, I am officially morbidly obese I discover as I was enticed by those fucking nasty BMI calculators. Why the fuck did I plug those numbers in? Gross.

                        OK, now or never I guess. I did so well in 2010 on PB and had motivation and rarely strayed - I think I am all or nothing and need to be strict, no grey areas, I don't do well with sliding rules. Also, from looking at my journals, alcohol is a big factor, I need to just stop. I could easily slide into deeper depression, give up completely, keep gaining weight (start wearing mu muus), and drink myself to death instead, but I will give the get back to healthy path a decent shot first. I wish it wasnt so long a journey, the end seems impossible...

                        and stress. I need to do something about all the shitheads in my life I cannot avoid. Like a hitman, get a group discount. Or at least channel that energy into punching, kicking and screaming...or at least lifting heavy shit. No more am I going to let them drive me to despair, shrouded in 2 bottles of wine and shit hangover food the next day. They will not win.

                        I cant believe two years have passed since I lost 15 kg (whilst giving up smoking), I am worse than where I started. If only I had kept it going I would be ideal weight now. Erch. I need to remind myself of that thought..and how quickly time passes.

                        I want to be at a beach resort in a bikini this time next year. (I am pretty sure I typed those same words last year...fuck it).

                        Grrr, OK hopefully here's kicking off to a better 2013.



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                          Been away, ate really fresh organic foods, lots of fish and veg, a few legumes and sneaky bits in there (resort had largely set menu) but I said no to alcohol and nibblies and didn't have crap when I got home last night** under the guise of a last hoorah before the work year starts, so that is a start.

                          ** to make up for lack of primal oomph, specifically, red meat, when I got home I had about 8 lamb cutlets. No attempt at veg or anything, just dead animal. Mmmm it filled the gap.
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                            Sat 5th

                            Slept in.

                            Fried bacon, egg and tomato with Italian herbs for brunch, white tea

                            Dinner - massive steak, peas, potato with sour cream and shallots


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                              Last day of my holiday, slept in.

                              Brunch: 2 poached eggs on shaved ham, black coffee

                              1/2 tbs coconut oil
                              Water with 2 tbs ACV

                              Dinner: steak and baked potatoes with sour cream and shallots, peas with fresh mint


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                                started taking tablets with 2 tbs ACV in water

                                B: omelette with (miniscule amounts of) cheese, bacon and tomato. large black coffee with 1 tsp coconut oil
                                L: teriyaki salmon with roasted red capsicum and largely ignoring the massive amount of lettuce it came with
                                D: veal with bacon, mushy, onion cream sauce and broccolli. splash of worcestershire sauce in the sauce.

                                few berries

                                something bad happened at work along with a fight with a guy I was kind of seeing so I spent about 3 hours seriously arguing internally about coming home and getting drunk. still fighting it a, I have left over mint slice bikkies in the fridge so evil brain is also trying to convince me I am allowed to have those as a second prize instead of getting hammered. aaarghh...