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    Alright so I have started my track of being primal about a month ago, with occasional cheating (rice or a cookie or a bite of something) but for the past week i've been cracking down. The only cheating I do is add teriyaki or soy sauce when i fry my chicken for salads once or twice a week which I will cut down on over time and be more strict. I don't have a scale or anything, but I never feel bloated anymore and I sleep better. I'm only 20 but my 57 year old professor who looks 35 introduced me to paleo.
    I'm a little sad because I'm a tad overweight, standing at 5 foot and weighing almost 150 pounds, I don't think I've lost any weight yet being paleo. I don't have a scale and I haven't weighed myself since september, and every scale is different so I'd rather not weigh myself at various people's apartments (I live in a dorm complex)

    The only thing i've noticed is that the cellulite on bottom has decreased by quite a bit, though it is the same size.

    I haven't been working out much except the occasional long walk, so maybe that's a contributing factor.
    I'm just a little sad, I wish I could see more physical results.

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    Hello, Juliya!

    I have to be honest: I'm replying because I was looking through some of the newer journals, trying to find someone about my age (26). At first, I was just curious as to common ages of primal individuals, but I didn't find many that were young, so I decided that maybe I should try letting the younger people know that they're not alone.

    Good luck with the weight loss. I have to hold myself back from giving advice on that because I'm usually the most knowledgeable person in the groups in which I take part, but I know that there are people here that would put me to shame.

    I would like to say that it's sometimes difficult to notice a difference. When you're losing weight at 1-2 lbs/week, you end up getting used to the new size very quickly and think of that as your "normal" weight. It's not until you look back a few months later and realize just how much larger you used to be (or when your pants start falling down) that you realize that you've lost weight.

    As for scales, I'm not a fan of the normal ones because absolute weight is not really something that deserves a lot of attention. I have a body composition scale, which measures my BFP, lean body mass, water weight, and bone mass. I think that's a pretty good way to go if you'd like to get a scale.
    See my progress at Cocoa's Corner.

    Or check out my journal thread here.

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      I still don't have a scale but today I went jogging for the first time in a long time, and surprisingly unlike my previous jogging attempts, I did not feel like I was dying the entire time. Afterwards I felt rejuvenated and my lungs did not feel like a train had run over them. Of course I walked half the time, I did not push myself to feel sick like I would before.

      People have been telling me I look thinner, and the compliment I get most often is that my skin looks great. I never had bad skin and I don't really notice it but it feels cleaner, if that makes any sense.

      I did cheat yesterday, eating a slice of pizza and a cookie, but I had not cheated since my first post!

      I've noticed that I am not hungry in the morning, and my body only asks for food late in the evening around 7pm. Since I spent a few hours walking/jogging I decided it would be good to have a meal a short while afterwards. I'm eating a delicious "breakfast" of the biggest, thickest sliced bacon you've ever seen with two eggs, raspberries and a spinach salad with avocado and no dressing (which is what my usual meals look like, replacing the bacon with various other meats)
      Actually, I'm rarely hungry. As a carb eater, I was ALWAYS thinking about food. Planning out snacks and meals, wanting food less than an hour after eating.
      For the first time in my life I am full, and I stay full.
      I feel progress!


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        7 pounds are gone! I feel so great! I had a lapse and ate carbs for about three days, and now I'm back on track and exercising. I feel like I'm losing weight faster after I had my carb binge. I've added more exercise into my schedule, from about 2-5 pm (now) I was on my feet. I did about about an hour jog, and a walk with heavy weights (groceries) to and from the grocery store. My legs look a lot different than they have before, It's not just that they're "smaller", but the shape of them is becoming different. My legs are probably the most muscular looking part of my body right now. I'm so encouraged, my quality of life has become so much better since I've cut out grains and sugar.
        One thing I've been trying to do is cut out caffeine as well. My body reacts differently to caffeine , instead of giving me energy boosts, I get really slow, tired, and cloudy. I could drink a red bull and it would put me to sleep and make me feel stupid.


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          Juliya, congrats on your awesome results!

          Out of curiosity, how do you take your caffeine? I am trying to kick a wicked Starbucks habit and am realizing it's not just the caffeine that I miss.

          Keep at it! You're doing great!
          "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."-Winston Churchill

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          "Don't Panic"


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            I get my caffeine from tea. Green teas and black teas and...that's about it. I was such a huge fan of the vanilla bean frappuccino but if I need to go there with friends, I get unsweetened hot tea. The tea they serve cold is just syrup full of sugar. But that's it. Tea.

            Good luck, I know that I miss cookies and baking every single day, some things are so hard to give up


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              So I was making myself a smoothie today after my walk/run and wanted to do some research on adding vegetables to the blend.

              The first article I come across is this :
              How Green Smoothies Can Devastate Your Health

              Leafy greens devastate your health causing kidney stones and genital pain and other ridiculous things?
              Is this accurate? What is going on?
              It actually made me angry to read that because some of the claims this person writes about are SO ridiculous.

              Whatever. I added spinach to my strawberry grapefruit smoothie. It actually tasted amazing, I'm almost buzzing after drinking it. Happy tummy
              I've noticed that I see daily results in the mirror. Maybe it's just my ego, or how everybody notices day to day changes in themselves if they're body conscious.
              I am in a long distance relationship with my partner and when he came to visit me after not seeing each other for two weeks, he said I looked like I had lost 10 pounds! He just left and it has been about a week since I last posted saying I was 146.
              I haven't stepped on a scale since then but i'm guessing I'm a 144.5 to 145 now. Who knows maybe less, but definitely not more because clean jeans I had to squeeze into last week are now clean jeans that fit easier today.


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                down to 141!!!