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My Kenyan Primal Journey

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  • My Kenyan Primal Journey

    Here i am, i was supposed to start journaling yesterday but never got around to it. Most people in Kenya are probably unaware of PB lifestyle and this includes my entire family and friends whom i hope to introduce PB. I am embarking on a 90 days primal challenge to introduce me to primal life and have credible leverage to convey the benefits of such a lifestyle to them. I have read every research i can about PB and i am already a true believer. Even more importantly, i want to change my life, be a healthy, happy, lean, and fit. I am certain that after these 90 days, there will be no going back.

    I hope to lose at least 24 pounds by January 8th 2013. I started primal eating last week on Friday and have been strict ever since. However, my official day 1 was yesterday. It has been eye opening and a very welcome change. I am feeling quite satisfied after every meal and not overly hungry all the time. I had some bad headaches the first 3 days, i guess its the so called 'carb flu'. It wasn't there today, so i hope the headaches are gone, they can be quite uncomfortable. So far, i love primal eating and its going great.

    I love exercise and i was worried that my workout may not fit in with PB life. Contrary to this, i did a HIIT jump rope workout for 30 minutes yesterday and it felt really good. Before PB i was feeling drained and exhausted after a workout and this even discouraged me from working out. Today, i did a Dumbbell strength training workout and i felt strong and energetic doing it. I want to exercise consistently for these ninety days, doing HIIT jump rope workouts 3 days/week, strength training 2 days/week, and occasional walks. Maybe soon when i can, i will incorporate some play into my life.

    SW 4th Oct 2012: 163 Pounds
    TW By 8th Jan 2013: 139 pounds
    Overall TW: 130 pounds

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    Day 4
    Yesterday was my rest day, no workout, got to sleep in but my body was aching all over. Guess it was the soreness from my previous day's workout. Today i did the HIIT jump rope workout, it felt really good, challenging though. I have been reading up on HIIT and it seems that most studies posit that it is a great way of burning fat. I will see how it works out for me in the next 12 weeks.

    Well, PB eating is coming along great although i spent awhile wondering whether i need to be counting calories, still not sure i need to. I am also having to explain my new way of eating, which is quite hard considering that i am new to this and will have to wait to see if it works for me. Regardless, i know that i am doing this for myself and PB is bound to improve my life in many ways.


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      You loading up on nyama choma and avoiding the ugali?
      Where, precisely, in Kenya are you? I lived in Nairobi 3 years.
      Good luck on your journey.


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        Hey waterjen,
        Thanks. Actually i did some nyamachoma last weekend, only this time i didn't feel any guilt devouring it down. I live in Kahawa, Thika road. Glad to hear from you.


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          PS: I gave up ugali two years ago, it always left me with a stomach ache.


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            Day 9

            Been primal for a week now, feeling great. I actually avoided eating a slice of birthday cake last weekend and didn't find it so hard. My workouts are good too, am being consistent and giving it my all. This week is turning out okay.


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              Originally posted by Lebafit View Post
              PS: I gave up ugali two years ago, it always left me with a stomach ache.
              Even though I grew up on southern-style grits here in the US, I never understood ugali. I tried it a few times, but was never a fan. Congrats on kicking it, and glad you're feeling better! And glad you're not feeling guilt.


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                Welcome to the primal lifestyle, and may you find it as rewarding and satisfying as I do!
                My Primal Journal:

                "Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold


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                  Thanks for the welcome, i appreciate your experience and hope to do as well as you are doing.


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                    Day 25

                    So far i love being primal. I am having killer cramps this month, which i had hoped would change when i became primal. Been reading through the forum though on some useful remedies and will give them a try to see how it works.