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From flab to fab... My primal rockstar is ready to shine!

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  • From flab to fab... My primal rockstar is ready to shine!

    So this brand spankin' new journal will be a short one. It took me almost two weeks to figure out my activation e-mail was sitting in my spam folder and that's why I couldn't post new threads. And I'm supposed to be technologically inclined... I plan it on the fact that my PC is in pieces on my office floor and I'm relying on my phone to check emails and be my main browser until I have time to rebuild my computer.

    Moving on... I'm basically making a journal for my benefit down the road. If anyone feels so inclined to read and keep up with my scrambled musings and periodic posts, welcome!

    Slight and quick introduction... I'm a 28-year-old lady from the Midwest... Been obese since, oh... 10? I remember weighing in at 200lbs when I was 12, despite being active as a kid. Moving on to high school, I hovered at 220lb all four years, lost about 30 pounds through college just to bounce back to 220 in my mid-20s. Got married in 2008 and I was right at 250. Decided to take the easy way out a few got the Lap Band surgery in 2010...lost about 40lbs to bring me to 195. Gained every ounce back and here I am today... The Lap Band surgery was a waste of time for me. Spent two years getting fills and un fills, following an insanely strict diet with no luck. I'm part of the 60% it does nothing for... Good for me.

    I'm currently on day 13 of starting my primal life and I am loving it! I thought giving up beer (which is a passion of mine) and sugar (which I was absolutely addicted to) would be tougher than it has been but I'm going strong and haven't looked back. I haven't yet worked the fitness aspect into it due to work and home life but I can't keep using that excuse forever! I work in retail so the hours are insane and unpredictable.

    Today was a mostly fasting day for me. I ate about 2 oz of crockpotted pork shoulder when I got home from work about 8:30 but I'll continue to fast until tomorrow mid-morning when I have time after I get to work and settle in. I'll be at the Cardinals playoff game tomorrow so I'll probably be munching on nuts and processed jerky most of the night so I could use the cleansing time today.

    Well this posted turned out longer than I imagined... And, I already know everything about me.

    Until next time,

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    Well yesterday went about how I had imagined. My stomach was upset most of the day so I ended up eating an apple for breakfast and an apple with almond butter late morning/early afternoon. I didn't eat anything before heading to the ball game and ended up only snacking on a few walnuts and pecans and drinking bottled water. To celebrate the Cardinals amazing win, Ben and I went to a new brewhouse that opened up ... ended up eating 7 unbreaded hot wings and drank one 24 oz delicious IPA. I knew both of those things would affect my weigh in the next morning but I was prepared to deal with it.

    Jump to today...I weighed in at 235.8 which is a net loss of 13.2 pounds in 14 days...I'm completely aware it has been water weight since my clothes arent fittng any diffefently but I'm also completely okay with that! Now that my work hours are not so awful early, I'll be hitting the gym or a trail more often.

    Today I had planned to hit a five mile trail and going to hit some softballs after but I dropped my phone in my 52oz coffee mug and it is all kinds of screwed up...sigh! That's going be a costly mistake...
    Time to go finish up some laundry and do something on this gorgeous fall day...

    Until next time,


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      After calming down from my little coffee mug incident, I made it to the gym for a bit. Walked on the treadmill for a mile warm up and ended up lifting for about an hour, capping the night off in the sauna. Woke up slightly sore which makes me believe I could have pushed harder on my lifts... Ah well.

      Today I ended up walking casually around a lake for about two miles before work. Plan on bowling tonight so that's kinda like working out, right?

      B: three eggs and six pieces of bacon
      L: a tomato, cottage cheese and blackberries, an apple with almond butter.
      D: something light... I won't get home til after 1am.

      I feel like I'm not eating enough at all throughout the day but I really don't have a driven to stuff my face like I used to. Now I couldn't care less if I don't eat because I'm never really hungry. I'm only slightly worrier because of the old saying that the longer you go without eating, the slower your metabolism, and the harder it is to lose weight.
      Well I've been eating for 28 years and never been underweight so I guess I'll find out!



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        I wouldn't too worry about your intake being too low so soon. Trust your hunger.

        If you do hit a plateau at some point, adding more protein / good fat / good carbs (immediately post workout) might be necessary to get back on track.

        Good work so far, and best of luck!
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          Welcome, Amy! I'm glad you're doing well.

          I think you'd probably get along with my mom. I've tried to get her to avoid alcohol, but she loves her beer. She has cut back on that (only a couple of the tall cans since we started, and that was the first beer she drank in quite some time). She hasn't been eating sugar (as far as I know), but... that's probably because I haven't been baking sweet treats (I was my diabetic mother's primary source of sugar for quite some time).
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            Sorry about your phone
            ...The grass is always greener where you water it...

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              @kmc thanks for the input. I've been doing just that... And surprisingly I haven't been hungry most of the day... Any day!
              @cocoa your mom sounds great. beer has always been something I enjoy drinking and socializing with. I love the hoppiest of IPAs and seasonal pumpkin ales. Yum! I've had two beers in three weeks... And a couple of shots last night.
              @miss thanks! Lol. It seemed to have dried out for the most part... Thank goodness. I really didn't have an extra $200 laying around to fix it. Lucky me!

              Thanks guys for all the I put and comments.


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                I'll make this short and sweet. Spent about six hours deep cleaning my house... The work wasn't necessarily a work out but I did break a sweat lifting couches and beds to vacuum under them. I plan to resume lifting at the gym tomorrow night after work. Food for today was typical...

                B: three eggs and six pieces of bacon. And when I say six.. I mean six half pieces. So three whole... Whatever.
                S: two baby granny Smith apples
                L: Greek yogurt with black berries and splenda
                D: steamed mixed veggies with ham
                I had two shots with a friend... A shot of Agua and a shot of Loopy vodka. Yum.

                My husband brought home a bag of SF peanut butter cups and I went a little nuts with those... I'm sure the sorbitol will remind me why I don't eat SF chocolate tomorrow... Ah well. They were tasty.



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                  You might want to cut out the Splenda. If the yogurt isn't sweet enough, try a bit of unfiltered honey. I get mine off of Amazon, and it's cheap and oh-so-delicious.

                  If I may say: Your meals look a bit meat-lite too me. I get more meat and eggs than that in a day (as does my mother), and we've both lost some lean body mass. You might want to look into adding some meat in with lunch (and possibly some veggies in with breakfast, utilizing a scramble or omelette method).
                  See my progress at Cocoa's Corner.

                  Or check out my journal thread here.

                  If I accidently make you a brony or convert you to Taoism, well... you shouldn't have talked to me if you didn't want that to happen.


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                    Thanks for the input Cocoa. As I've only been following this WOE for about three weeks, I still have some adjusting and getting used to.. To do. Plus I've been lazy when packing meals for work.

                    So yesterday...
                    B: bacon and eggs
                    L: baby apple, avocado, mixed veggies, piece of ham
                    D: ribs with cottage cheese

                    I worked out about 90 minutes although I was at the gym nearly three hours. If anyone watched the Cardinals/nationals game.... You know why. Did 30 minutes of walking and incline walking while watching the game and moved on to lifting after that.

                    Sleepy today, getting ready for another long day at work. I will not go to Starbucks! I will not go to Starbucks!

                    Go Cards!!


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                      Another quick post tonight... Busy busy day and I'm tired and have an even longer and busier day tomorrow.

                      B: granny Smith apple with tablespoon of almond butter.
                      L: pork rib meat, raw broccoli, avocado, apple
                      S: Greek yogurt with black berries (and splenda! I know...) black coffee from Starbucks
                      D: avocado with bacon and feta cheese (because I was hungry and lazy)
                      No work out. Left home at 9am, got home at 930pm..another 12 hour day on my feet tomorrow... Tired and not into it tonight.
                      Until tomorrow,
                      Cheers everyone!


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                        Yesterday was a disaster in many ways... One way in particular was my eating. I chose mostly good foods but I was so run down I found myself reaching for old favorites. Half a piece of homemade fudge, two cookies, the husband had Chinese take out and a beer waiting when I got home. And let me tell you... An hour after I ate it, I was miserably disgusting. Lesson learned right there...
                        So today I'm going to fast for the most part. I need to eat something with my vitamins but other than that, I need a little cleaning time!

                        Until later,


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                          Double post. Blah!
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                            Yesterday was better in most every way, I was off and got to do what I wanted. The husband and I went grocery shopping (meat shopping!) pretty much the whole day. Hit up several butcher shops and farmers stand around the area. We cooked a nice sized meal of chicken and various veggies and watched the Cardinals lose... Boooo.

                            B: tiny sized granny Smith apple. Like three bites tiny. I mostly ate it so I could take my vitamins.
                            S: 80% dark chocolate... 4 squares! Eek.
                            L: skipped
                            D: chicken tenderloins with mashed butternut squash and a large mixed veggie salad (dry of course)

                            And today I weighed in at 234.6 which is a very very minimal lose but it's still a loss. The weight as never just melted off me... Regardless of what I try. I today I plan to hike somewhere, not sure the place yet and that determines the length of the hike.
                            And I only plan to weigh for one more week. 7 days from today will be 30 days primal... After that I plan to stretch it out to once every two weeks. I have a bet with my mom that I can lose 30 lbs by Christmas and she has to try and quit smoking. I'm already half way there so I need to keep up with my progress until I reach 219.

                            Anyway, that's it for now.



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                              Today was pretty good in all aspects.

                              B: cheese eggbeaters (hubs bought them on sale) with some bacon
                              L: Grapefruit, and two bananas, cottage cheese with splenda and pumpkin spice
                              D: butternut squash with bacon and cheddar.

                              Ended up walking around a lake a couple times, enjoying the last 80 day with all the trees changing and spent about 90 minutes at the gym tonight. I think that's it...