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Four Kids Need a Father, the story so far

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  • Four Kids Need a Father, the story so far

    To ring in the new year, at the ripe age of 40 I held my fourth child for the first time on the occasion of her birth.

    I was also just shy of 350 pounds, 5'10" tall. I've not always been huge, I graduated high school at 140 pounds. In my early 20s I gained enough weight to get from a 32 waist to a 38 but it took meeting my fabulous cook of a wife in my mid 20s to push my weight up. After the birth of my first (and at the time, the assumption only child we would have) I visited a friend in Seattle that I knew when I was thin. We attempted to go on "a hike" which to kids from Kansas is walk around on a trail. About halfway up the hill I was struggling. We made it to the top of a whopping 2000 foot trail but I was mortified I could not do it. So in 2002 I came home and did this Atkins thing I'd seen and heard about. I could eat what I liked instead of eating this bland list of garbage non fat stuff.

    From July to December I stuck with it. Then something hit unexpectedly. I'd loss weight, about forty pounds. However my soft palette was collapsing at night and causing apnea. Also, my adenoids and tonsils should have been taken out decades earlier so my ENT convinced me to have a tonsillectomy and a UP3.

    This introduced a wrinkle. I couldn't eat like I had been. Thus began a spiral of weight loss and gain thought the last decade that slowly pushed me from 250 pounds to 330 where I "gave up". I tried to just "eat right" and never did. I started on blood pressure medication, and cholesterol medication, dutifully tossing hundreds of dollars a quarter at a collections of pills to fight the symptoms of being fat. In 2009 I was told be a new doctor at my GP that my liver panel came back funny. He wanted to do a biopsy. It'd tell him if I had an issue with fat in my liver, or something else. He put me on meteor in because it could help lower enzymes, and we scheduled the biopsy. It came back as your fat not anything else, and I thought I should do something about my weight. This was now a few months before my third child, and second daughter was born. I'd just changed jobs and got out of a job that I hated, stress ate every night at lease one additional meal plus a snack that could be the calorie intake for most people's half a day. I tried power 90 (not the p90x, but the precursor) and while keeping with it for 43 days before a combination of a business trip and it "getting harder" I just stopped.

    In 2010 my employers additional life insurance was rejected because I was morbidly obese.

    In March 2012 I went in for y yearly give me my pills for a year visit. I stepped onto the scale, and the kathuk the bar made when it hit the top was ominous. The nice nurse stopped the big weight at 200, but there was no budging it. This time, she hit the end of the bar with the big weight, and the little weight. It didn't go down.

    I'd maxed out a 350 pound scale. We walked to the back of the office and found another scale. This one dutifully reported 354 pounds. I knew this was going to happen. My same friend in Seattle has always been a hack the body kind of guy and we'd been discussing via IM for months if not years about me wanting "to do something" and he had pointed me to this site and another whole food source site. I'd glanced at it, bought a few books more on the science then on the doing "why we get fat" comes to kind,I think I got a chapter in it before I stopped.

    We did the usual blood tests, and I went home and stewed. I told my friend that I thought it was time I do something and quit being stupid. He pointed me here, and suggested a couple vitamins to take. I came hear and read threw stuff, bought the three books from amazon and read some of the first one. Checked the recipes of the other. Decided it was go time. In April I basically did a last hurrah. I ate each of my favorite meals, cleaned out the pantry of things I thought I'd miss and fall back on like every other time. Started taking the new vitamin a, d and k combination my buddy suggested to start with and added a probiotic.

    I spent the summer following the plan. The one addition is my doctor offered me an appetite suppressant/metabolism kicker. I don't remember the official name I just called it meth. The idea was four rounds of 30. Two at one dose, two at a higher dose while I "modified my habits" and then we would do a full work up at the end of the summer. I had to come I. Every 30 days because he wouldn't prescribe the next round of meth if I hadn't lost any weight that month.

    30 days later I came back 25 pounds lighter. Essentially I only changed my eating. I have not yet fully adopted the physical part of the primal plan, partially out of laziness, partially out of working in a place I don't need to walk a lot.

    By September I had lost 55 pounds. Oh and my cholesterol was down from an u. Medicated 300 total (260 bad number) to 210 total (180 bad number) in that amount of time and my liver enzymes were now smack dab in the middle of the scale.

    I am now off the meth, and I decided to change up my supplement from a 8000 IU vitamin a/2000 IU vitamin d3/2100 vitamin K to use the damage control for a month. I started doing that today. I also have bought a pedometer but it hasn't come yet. It's cooled off so I'm not walking with a wet hot towel wrapped around my head. I have a scale that wifi syncs my weight and I step on it every morning and register my weight on the web. Still losing about two to three pounds a week. Also, I get two spend two weeks in Europe where walking will be a ton easier though I will be in Dublin next to the Guinness brewery one week (work related trips) and I may have to drink while there because, we'll, it's the Guinness brewery.

    Soon I hope to push through the mental resistance to exercise now that I'm below 300. My waist has noticeably changed. My belt now uses the furthest in hole instead of the furthest out (about six to seven inches delta) on a 52 waist pant. I can't wear a set of shorts without them falling off when I stand up if I don't have a belt holding them tight. My dockers for work now threaten to fall when im getting groped at the airport and ibe not had to ask for a belt extension on a plane all summer.

    I have another hundred at a minimum to go, and I'd like to be off the blood pressure medication by the time this is over. Ideally my hypothyroidism would fix as I'm no longer massively overweight, but time will tell. My thin grandmother had to take it her life too so I'm not too hopeful.

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    Wow! Good for you!
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      What a story Trekkie. But like the title of your journal, you owe it not only to yourself but to those 4 kids to stick to this and make it happen. I wish you the very best, start that exercise routine soon, just apply it to what you feel you can do. You can do this...there are too many success stories on here for you not to be the next one. Grok on!!!
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