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paleo pesco whole 30 with game meats journal ( seaweed )

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  • paleo pesco whole 30 with game meats journal ( seaweed )

    i have decided to do a n=1 experiment of a whole 30 pesco paleo. most of my ancestors were sea coast so i would like to see the effect of eating most of my protein from the sea. i am going to focus on shellfish, some fish and i will also add in some game meats. wild venison and maybe some wild pork. i am struggling with the no dairy as i do love cream in my coffee but it is only for 30 days. i also have a lb of streaky free range bacon to get through and some free range chicken. i have children so i need to work out things we can all eat with a subset of. 1 today

    got up way too early

    breakfast. 2 egg omlette fried in ghee with prob 10 prawns. 2 small cups of coffee with coconut cream to try to wake myself up.

    trying to get my head around green tea and water but it has gotten cold out today so i am eyeing the coffee pot up again.

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    tried coffee with ghee as the coconut cream is so unappealing and it wasnt much better at the non BF coffee level. 3 tsp of ghee and it wasnt good. one thing with getting rid of something like dairy in coffee is you end up drinking way more coffee to try to find the coffee hit. or snacking on something else like nuts to go with your water instead. gonna decide on the cream in coffee thing over the next few days.

    lunch steamed cauliflower, fennel and cabbage with loads of himilayan salt
    one soft boiled egg and some smoked salmon and a small avocado.


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      My last whole 30 I went black, after years of cream or double cream. And you know what? I really like it! The coffee experience is much more intensely coffee. I'm still drinking it black and can't imagine going back. I continue to consume 3 1/2 cups per day - same as before.

      It's really important that it be good coffee - organic, roasted how you like it - not cheap grocery store brand crap.

      Try it - you never know...


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        i always have decent coffee as i am a snob lol i have tried long blacks, americano and so on but i think the problem is i grew up drinking coffee with sugar. even when i used to give up sugar when i was younger, i always still had it in my coffee. tea on the other hand i have never had sugar in as my mother didnt have sugar in tea so i never did. if i have cream in my coffee, it is sweet enough now for me not to have sugar or i could drink black coffee with sugar lol how strong do you have your black coffee? it is encouraging to hear it is possible. nice ink btw. i love tattoos.


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          dinner was pan fried chicken breasts in ghee with onions, red and green cabbage and fennel in with them. plus steamed brocolli, asparagus and cauliflower which the kids had cheese sauce with. i was a bit slutted as i didnt have enuf pots to try duck fat hollandaise but there would have been a riot if i had of tried to replace the cheese sauce with it. i still have vivid memories of the duck fat caramel incident which was going down a treat till they discovered it was duck fat. we did have some cockles as well but i only collected enough for what i thought would be breakfast as the tide wasnt the best and my youngest then ate them all with dinner. so i am not complaining.

          did my wade around in salt water too for 15 mins. i am going to attempt to get in the sea more to complement my seafood eating.

          currently completely out on what to do about coffee. i'd still rather have the odd cup of coffee with cream instead of having to snack to distract myself. not that i dont love coconut manna and nuts but i am feeling like i have a binge eating disorder. maybe if i do a deal with myself 2 cups of coffee with cream and then green tea and water the rest of the day? something to meditate on overnight.


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            slept on it and i reckon cream in my coffee but limit the number of cups. my whole focus here is primarily having seafood to see what happens. so if i am stuffing my face with things like coconut manna or whatever else is to hand is not really what i want. see we can all explain our addicitions away

            breakfast today
            coffee with cream - yay!
            stir fried the left over steamed cauli and brocolli from dinner
            threw in the left over chicken
            scrambled in 2 eggs
            salt and pepper

            it wasnt that inspiring and i am looking forward to some smoked fish for lunch as i am out for the day. if i play my cards wrong, i could even get stuck at a kids bday party full of junk food.


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              ended up on a deer shoot instead of the kids party with the junk food.

              lunch was smoked tuna and some raw cashews and raw flaked almonds whilst i was driving.
              i got a couple of cups of instant coffee while i was out hunting but i was just going with the flow and being socialable.
              i got a whole deer, plus organs to take home so it was well worth it.
              dinner was a few raw cashews while i was driving home
              rest of the time i drunk water.

              breakfast this morning will be coffee with cream and a prawn omlette with maybe some kina thrown in. kina is sea urchin in american lol


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                I'm officially jealous! I love seafood, I just can't afford much.


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                  i am lucky in that i live by the sea. i can get shellfish easily myself. fish is similar price to meat in the shops and i do know people who fish. but it is a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

                  lunch was salad
                  toasted hazelnuts chopped up a bit.
                  an avocado
                  some smoked salmon
                  a couple of slices of venison salami i was given yesterday
                  lettuce and spinach with olive oil and ACV
                  and the ubiquitous cup of coffee.

                  i voluntarily drunk a cup of green tea midmorning. green tea with orange and jasmine

                  not sure what to plan for dinner. no kids so i can be adventurous. i may just have to have some venison lol venison liver maybe or the heart as i found a good recipe here
                  Deer Heart Recipe - A Recipe for Grilled Venison Heart | Hunter Angler Gardener Cook


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                    yep, I am jealous as well. Seafood is my favorite meat, and I would love to get game meat. I tried deer and mousse someone generously shared with me last year, and, oh, boy, how I wish I had the guts to hunt!
                    My Journal:
                    When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.


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                      I wish I had the guts to hunt!
                      just do it but take someone with you who can cut its throat quickly if you dont shoot it properly. that was my worry.

                      failed miserably for dinner as i went to cut up the deer and had a whisky to be social. then it went downhill and i had a couple more so i had to skip dinner. i had loads of water too.

                      i had to get up early to go help the neighour with tailing so i had no breakfast either. got stuck out till 4pm instead of lunch. there was bread, sausages and cookies. so i had a cup of green tea and a sausage to be inconspicuous, which whilst they were the el cheapo brand were gluten free and had potato starch in instead of rice. i hid behind the gluten thing for the rest. one thing i am finding is it is all good and well getting away from the food cupboard but it is where i am ending up with is the problem. i am training myself to ask for green tea so i am going to make a point of putting some tea bags in my purse.

                      i had early dinner and felt like i had died and went to heaven

                      salad of 2 hardboiled eggs, some lettuce, 6 toasted hazelnut as my youngest ate the rest while i wasnt looking. boo!!! a bit of red capsicum. some smoked salmon. olive oil and ACV
                      some steamed brocolli and cauliflower
                      and some venison liver. i was going to make some liver pate so i fried the venison liver in some venison tallow with garlic and wild thyme. it tasted so good that i had some with my salad and have left the rest to cool down for pate tomorrow as i have to go out.

                      plus cup of coffee and some cream.

                      if i feel like a snack later, but i prob wont, i will have a rammekin of caveman custard. which is coconut milk, bananas, egg and cinnamon.


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                        no caveman custard last night.

                        breakfast was prawm omlette ( 10 prawns and 2 tiny eggs ) + coffee with cream
                        i had creamed paua ( someone else cooked it ) and some venison salami and a coffee for lunch. didnt have time to make the pate so will do that later.

                        craving green leafy veges for dinner so i am gonna go for a walk and meditate on what to cook with seafood and game in.


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                          disordered eating for dinner. way too many distractions and annoyances. so 2 rammekins of caveman custard. some venison liver pate, a chunk of coconut manna and a cup of coffee with too much cream. my green tea is currently tasting nice.

                          i made the mixture for some game sausages. venison and horopito. i am leaving it overnight to sit and then will attempt to stuff sausage skins tomorrow. i will poss try to hang some for salami.


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                            had some, maybe 100g, of the meaty bits off the meat cut off the deer ribs for breakfast with a cup of coffee.

                            stuffed the sausages into the skins which was quite the adventure. definitely a knack and it helps to have a few small assistants lol

                            cutting up the rest and rendering fat today. wont get much tallow but it is nice.

                            so lunch will prob be something with prawns and venison or maybe venison sausages.


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                              lunch was prawns, a few small medallions of venison, and a venison sausage plus some coffee
                              some cashew nuts as a snack
                              dinner was 2 venison sausages, steamed cauliflower, brocolli and spinach and some coffee and lots of water.

                              gonna aim for a fish day tomorrow. but i still may have to do a venison week if it wont all fit in the freezer.