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  • Primal Journal - Josie N.

    I started the 21-day challenge when Mark posted about it this fall and only made it 9 days before a cheat slipped in.
    Once I cheated with the popcorn I hide in the back of my cupboard (first mistake.. should have just thrown it out!!) I continued to cheat that day because I already had - this is my most frequent excuse.

    Since I didn't make it with the 21-day challenge of hitting it (the primal lifestyle) hard, I am going to take it at a slower pace. Maybe focusing on eliminating the worst things for me, because I do have a major sweet tooth. In that respect as well, this won't be a Day 1, Day 2, etc. but just a journal of what I eat so I can feel more of a sense of accountability and so I am actively thinking about what I have chosen to ingest each day, improving these choices when I recognize a slip up.

    My biggest concern in this regards is people offering me homemade treats at work or gatherings. I feel bad not taking their offer or I almost feel like people think I'm a snobby, wanna-be-health nut, because really.. who doesn't love the TASTE of that stuff!? (even if we all know in our very educated minds that it is not good for us) *Disclaimer - I know these are ridiculous feelings, so I will be working on not caring what others think as well.

    Another big concern is espresso drinks. I love mochas and have drank probably hundreds of them during my college career. Now.. I love tea, but sometimes a chocolatey milky drink just sounds better at the time. I have been getting cafe miels instead of mochas lately which have milk, coffee, honey and cinnamon (I feel that is a bit more primal than my worst enemy - the mocha)

    On with the food journal:

    B - Sausage and egg burrito with veggies and salsa and a miel. Situation: Traveled this weekend and went to breakfast with the friend I stayed with. I went this route rather than the scone, muffin, cinnamon route. And I had to drive 5.5 hours so the miel seemed like a not-so-terrible idea.

    S - A spoonful of almond butter mixed with honey

    D - Coconut pancakes (from the Primal Blueprint Cookbook) with unsweetened coconut shavings and pure maple syrup & 3 strips of bacon.


    B - IF for the morning because the burrito had cheese and a tortilla and I would have survived the car ride without anything in my stomach. And dark tea to drink instead of the miel.

    D - skip the maple syrup, or at least use less than I did!

    Stay tuned, tomorrow is sure to be a good day (lunch is already prepared for work tomorrow).

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    For today I want to add my other primal habits from yesterday. I walked about two miles yesterday in my Vibram five fingers while talking on the phone (rather than just sitting or lying down). It was a beautiful fall evening too!

    B - 1 egg, 2 rings of red bell pepper, 2 coconut pancakes (left over from my batch last night) with unsweetened shredded coconut. (No maple syrup! and 1 strip of bacon.

    S - a couple of handfuls of pastachios & earl grey tea at my desk.

    L - Shrimp and Olives dish... with lots of tomatoes! and an apple.

    S - 2 squares of Endangered Species 88% dark chocolate. A small glass of Dark Chocolate Almond milk

    D - Paleo chicken pot pie - and the leftovers will make for 3 lunches this week! with two glasses of red wine.

    Not too much physical activity.


    S - really only the dark chocolate almond milk, which I bought as a healthful substitution for sweet cravings, but I know it is worse for me than I think!


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      Today's Eats:

      B - 4 coconut pancakes w/ unsweetened shredded coconut on top (last of the left overs)
      handful of raspberries
      1 strip of bacon

      S - Earl grey tea

      L - Paleo Chicken pot pie
      Half of a Naked Blue Machine smoothie

      S - Handful of mixed nuts
      Square of Endagered Species 88% Dark chocolate
      Earl Grey tea

      D - Trio blueberry nut bar
      2 scrambled eggs with Spinach


      L - The Naked smoothies are supposed to be all natural, but I guess I question this. And since it is all fruit purees it is quite sugary!

      D - The nut bar again.. not probably as "all natural" as it claims.

      (both seemed like a good item when strapped for time, but I could definitely stop buying them.)

      Workout: Kettle bell class at the wellness center ( in my vibrams of course


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        B - ~2 scrambled eggs with spinach and salsa
        handful of raspberries
        1 slice of bacon

        S - Earl grey tea and pumpkin seeds

        L - Paleo chicken pot pie
        A banana

        S - More earl grey

        D - Bowl of Rice chex with coconut milk (in a hurry)
        A chai tea latte (I believe it was made with syrups )
        spoonful of almond butter mixed with honey with raspberries

        Improvements: I still have a lot of sugar in my diet (coffee shops.. I really need to stick to teas!) but I feel like I am actually less hungry between meals so that's a plus!

        Workout: Biked 10 blocks to and from the coffee shop in my vibrams.


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          Today.. not so good:

          B - ~2 eggs with spinach and salsa

          S - blueberry scone :S
          Italian roast coffee
          1 square of 88% dark chocolate

          L - Paleo chicken pot pie
          Organic applesauce

          D - Cup of clam chowder

          S - Bagel with cream cheese
          and a turtle latte.. again:S but I'm editing for 5 hours after working for 8.. felt like I needed it.

          Improvements: coffee shops get me every time, even though I fully enjoy tea just fine! grrr

          Not much physical activity today either..


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            Well, this weekend was kind of awful. I attended a conference for The Deming Institute and food was provided so I just went with it.. So we'll start back up with Monday!

            B - IF

            S- Earl Grey tea and Pistachios

            L - Steak Salad with salsa

            S - A couple handfuls of mixed nuts

            D - Two roasted chicken legs, strawberries

            No exercising


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              Last night I also had a glass of red wine.

              Today has been a good day!

              B - 2 scrambled eggs with spinach and salsa
              handful of blueberries

              S - 2 squares of 86% dark chocolate
              Earl Grey Tea

              L - Paleo chicken pot pie (I still have lots of veggies that I cut up from making this a few weeks ago so I'll probably have it for lunch next week as well )
              Handful of mixed nuts

              D - Salmon fillet on a bed of spinach with balsamic vinegar and EVOO

              I attended my kettle bell class tonight and it felt great!


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                Busy night last night prepping for an interview, so I have to report on two days of meals!

                Report on Monday:

                B - 2 scrambled eggs with spinach and salsa
                handful of blueberries

                S - 1 square of 86% dark chocolate
                Handful of pumpkin seeds
                Earl grey tea

                L - Paleo chicken pot pie
                Organic unsweetened apple sauce

                S - Earl grey
                1 square 86% dark chocolate

                D - Bed of spinach with a fillet of salmon and bell peppers
                with balsamic vinegar and EVOO

                S - bowl of rice chex with coconut milk (was up late and needed SOMETHING)

                Played a game of pick up bball. This satisfies my "playing" for the night, as well as quick sprints up and down the court for an hour and a half.

                For today:
                B - bowl of rice chex with coconut milk
                an apple

                L - Paleo chicken pot pie
                1 apple and a handful of mixed nuts

                S - Sunflower seeds
                Java Chip mocha after work... I had good intentions going to the Starbucks (coffee is natural)
                But definitely dropped the ball here

                D - Duck (hunted by my friend himself), mashed potatoes and creamed corn (this friend had me over so I decided I was at his discretion this evening). I had a sliver or two of fudge for dessert (I had already had the java chip mocha so I went for it).

                Improvements: again, the cafe is usually just bad news no matter my intention
                I could have skipped the spoonful of creamed corn very easily without offending my friend..


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                  Apparently I was very busy last week, and didn't find reporting meals as worth my time.


                  B - Coconut biscuit with honey
                  pineapple and strawberries
                  1 strip of bacon

                  S - handful of mixed nuts

                  L - Pot roast with mixed veggies
                  2 squares of 86% dark chocolate

                  S - 2 walnut brownies (Primal Blueprint cookbook) soo good

                  D - Iced Tea
                  Paleo Chicken pot pie


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                    B - pot roast with mixed veggies

                    S - 1 square of 86% dark chocolate
                    and a cup of coffee

                    L - Chamomile tea
                    Paleo chicken pot pie
                    1 apple

                    S - Handful of mixed nuts
                    1 square of 86% dark chocolate

                    D - Beef broth soup with one egg (tried a variation of egg drop soup with my leftover broth from the pot roast)

                    Activity: walked to kettlebell class (and worked out) in my vibrams

                    I am going to try not to keep snacks at my desk at work and see how it works for me. Because I wasn't even hungry when I reached for the nuts this afternoon.


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                      B - pot roast with mixed veggies
                      1 apple

                      S - 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds

                      L - Paleo chicken pot pie
                      1 square of 86% dark chocolate

                      S - handful of mixed nuts

                      D - Grapefruit and orange salad with Ahi tuna
                      2 glasses of white wine


                      B - 3 strips of bacon
                      1 apple

                      S - handful of mixed nuts

                      L - pot roast with mixed veggies

                      S - 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds

                      D - 1 tall fat tire
                      pot roast with mixed veggies
                      strawberries in melted 99% dark chocolate

                      Improvements: white wine was the suggestion with our Ahi tuna dishes, but I could have opted for red instead
                      I had a fat tire with a couple of coworkers after work. Kind of an exception I guess. we went to buffalo wild wings so no wine options.

                      Pretty soon here I'm not going to have many snack options at my desk. I think it will be just fine.. I won't be thinking about what I could snack on because there won't be anything there!