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Primal Journal (Lori519) - Day One

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  • Primal Journal (Lori519) - Day One

    Jumping off the cliff as they say...and what do I have to lose...well about 80 lbs! I started this journey over a year ago and lost 65 lbs and have since gained back 45 of it...(not okay!!)...but here I am with a new beginning and an even stronger resolve.

    Read the 21-day Transformation and am working through those activities while I have also started my Primal Blueprint Journal. It's all a lot to take in but I am committed to practice the lifestyle daily perfecting as I go along.

    My biggest challenge as I see it right now is Breakfast as I have a sensitivity to eggs and therefore cannot do eggs in the AM. In addition, I am crunched for time in the AM an previously was eating a protein bar or protein shake on my hour drive to work. Not sure what I am going to do to get over this hump but today I am going to start with a protein shake as I think that is as close to a good start as I can get until I get some leftovers, egg beaters or coconut milk! Any idea...please share!!

    Day One Begun...