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    I have, to this date, gone primal 3 times but each time fell off-program for various reasons (none of which are great excuses, but they happened. (1) I was studying for finals during my last year of law school; (2) I was studying for the bar and didn't have time to cook properly; (3) I went on vacation to an all-inclusive resort that had awesome desserts).

    This time, however, I believe I have a better chance of sticking with things because I have a solid two months before facing any holiday temptations and should be able to fortify myself against that.

    So, here we go!

    Day 1. Limits: 50-100 g c; ~110g p; ~100 g f

    coffee with creamer: 5c; 0p; 2f
    medium whole milk latte: 18c; 12p; 11f
    3 egg (2 oz.) cream cheese omelette: 3c; 22p; 39f

    greek yogurt: 8c; 20p; 4f
    coconut oil (2t): 28f
    jerky: 4c; 18p; 1f

    Evening (planned):
    egg drop soup: 8c; 1p; 2.5f
    moo goo gai pan (gf): 18c; 39p; 13f

    grams used: 64c; 114p; 91f= approx 1531 calories.
    grams to spare: 24c; 0p; 9f

    Although I look forward to possibly not tracking so carefully one day, because I battle compulsive eating on a fairly regular basis that day is not today. During my longest stretch of compliance with the primal guidelines, I noted that the compulsions decreased dramatically so I am not without hope that given a year (maybe less) this issue will be in the past.
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    Anybody reading this in the early days will probably note that I'm not fully primal. Mathematically, yes, I stick with the guidelines regarding macros with pretty good compliance. But some of the foods don't really qualify, and I sometimes (horror of horrors) get sugar free syrups in coffee drinks, etc. I am aware of these little baddies and of the downright evil nature of diet sodas. I get it. But habits that have existed for a decade are hard to kick, and even harder when you try to kick them all at once.

    I do hope, someday, to overcome the damage to my tastebuds that fake sweeteners have caused. And in that beautiful future, I hope to even be able to drink my coffee like an adult and perhaps have an appreciation for non-sugary alcoholic options. In the meantime, though, my great victory was yesterday's whole milk latte-- no sweeteners and no flavors! That's a first for me and I even kinda liked it.

    Yesterday went just about as planned. Plus a mojito. But, since I pulled my back getting dressed to go to dinner (much to my own chagrin. Though I am thirty now, this back problem has plagued me for the better part of my twenties), I concluded that some alcohol could be forgiven.

    Strong out the gates! Cream Cheese Omelette (which I realize isn't primal, per se, since cream cheese is thoroughly modern. However, I have a hard time kicking the dairy out right away and have a particular fondness for cream cheese). 6c, 22p, 39f (leaves 44c, 80p, and 80f for the rest of the day)

    Afternoon snacks of unhealthful jerky (9c, 27p, 3f) allowing 35c, 53p, and 77f)
    greek yogurt with strawberries (17c, 12p, 2.5f) allowing 18c, 41p, and 74f)
    hard boiled egg (1) (6p, 5f) allowing 18c, 35p, and 69f

    Dinner: in n out flying dutchman
    ~10c, 33p, 39f (leaves 8c, 2p, 30f)

    In the end, I am still low on the fats and need to start addressing that soon. I start work on Monday so really should have a system down by then since it will become more challenging as I have less time to dally about coming up with food.
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      Hi and Welcome! Don't worry about making changes all at once. It's fine to move gradually into the lifestyle. But it seems like you have a solid understanding of the principles, particularly regarding fat. That was hard for me to grasp, that I could really eat healthy fats guilt-free. I was so conditioned by "Conventional Wisdom" that fat was the enemy of good health. It's a lot to learn and adopt into a busy lifestyle! But each new step will benefit you!

      Best of luck!

      Height: 5' 10"
      Highest Weight: 292
      Recent Starting Weight 287
      Current weight: 244.0
      Goal weight: 195
      Body Fat 32.5%


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        Day 3 of my (hopefully) final transition into primal!

        First: Hi David! Thanks for the words of support-- this is my first time getting involved with the MDA community, but from my lurking I already knew that there were tons of supportive folks on here. It's nice to meet one.

        Onto the food show:
        Greek yogurt (accidentally bought a few 0% when shopping. And, you know, it just doesn't taste as good either) 19c, 13p, 0f
        medium pumpkin spice latte with whole milk: 51c, 14p, 17f

        avocado: 15c, 22f
        leftover moo goo gai pan: 5c, 8p, 3f
        which leaves: 10c, 65p, and 58f

        Planned dinner:
        salmon: 38p, 20f
        steamed carrots: 10c

        which means that I end the day with no carbs left, 40 grams of fat, and 27 grams of protein. I suppose that means some before bed cottage cheese is in order. We'll see how hunger goes.

        Tonight's dinner is salmon. Now for some inspiration to get the rest of my fat during the afternoon...
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