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    I'm going to get this started in the hopes it helps to keep me on track.

    I've been doing Tim Ferriss' Slow Carb and Paleo on and off for a while now. Time to commit and make sure I'm adding the fitness component as well.

    I track my calories at I know it's exact and I'm not super anal about it, but I'm using it to give me a good baseline of where I am. I'm targeting about 1900-2000 calories on days when I do not exercise. I usually add one more meal in when I exercise so that can be anywhere from 300-600 calories depending on the workout.

    I would say that right now I'm more slow carb than Primal. Really all that means is I eat beans. I try to limit them but find that I digest them well and that without them I was having a really hard time getting enough calories. I will work on minimizing them and adding more fat to get truly Primal, but since this diet is working for me it's not a priority at the moment.

    Some background. I'm lifted since I was about 25 and have always been fairly athletic. I've just found the weight adding on every year until (in the midst of a divorce) I maxed out at about 320lbs (I'm 6'3.) When I started eating right I was about 317, I'm not down to about 305 in two weeks. So far so good. Slow and steady wins the race.

    For workouts I usually use the elliptical machine five times a week. 30 minutes if I'm lifting weights, 60 minutes if not. Weekends are usually reserved for rest or just the normal out-and-about with my new wife. She often joins me at the gym which certainly motivates both of us to get out there and do it.

    Weightlifting Routine: In my younger days I did the standard four or five day split routine, but I find myself more drawn towards full body routines now. They are certainly more Primal. I've also chosen the 5x5 program. Lift heavy things!

    My current splits are this

    Squat 5x5 (on the machine 270lbs, free weights about 225)
    DB Bench Press 5x5, 65lbs dumbbell but moving up to 70 next week
    Pullups (can't do them yet so doing weighted pull downs) 5x5 @ 140lbs. Moving up next week
    Weighted situps 5x10 (just regular for now. My abs have a long way to go.


    Deadlifts 5x5 180lbs or so. Still finding my current max here so might go up to 190
    Seated DB Press 5x5 45lbs One more week at this level then up
    Barbell Curls 5x5 70lbs Will probably be here for a while, the deadlifts and presses kill my forearms and this is where you really feel it
    Calf Raises 5x10 (Bodyweight, one foot at a time)


    Front Squat 5x5 on the machine, about 225. up next week
    Bench press 5x5 65lbs DBs (supposed to be close grip but my shoulder can't handle barbells)
    Bent Over Row 5x5 135, moving up
    Romanian Deadlift 5x5 135, moving up.

    OK, let's see if I can keep this up!
    Primal since August 2012. CW: 317.

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    Looks like a great routine. I like that you've personalized it and added in extra exercises. When I strictly followed stronglifts, I just knew in my mind that 3 exercises wasn't enough. I saw myself losing in certain areas and didn't even break a sweat in the gym. Good luck, looking forward to following your progress!
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