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    Keeping things in writing for future reference might be a good idea. I already wish I had taken the proper measurements before going primal...

    Anyway I am 6 weeks into the primal lifestyle and I'm already down one belt hole. Yay! ::happy dance::
    My main goal is to lose body fat (mid-section!) & therefore tone up; not necessarily weighing less. I'm at about 130# for 5'5", but definitely some skinny fat syndrome going on.

    Switched to primal August 10th after I caught my reflection in the mirror of a fitting room - clothes can hide a lot of things very well

    Somehow after having my son (3 yrs ago) I fell off the chronic cardio wagon -- lack of time, lack of motivation, and just... tired of the same old stuff I presume.

    I'm sprinting, attempting the plank & push ups regimen. (not super disciplined yet!)

    I'm still lacking a pull up bar... The $20 easy-over-the-door bar does not fit our wide doors and the two places where it might work, it hangs from the crown molding. No way I am taking that kind of risk! I think I might just suck it up and buy the $200 free-standing bar Mark uses... Until then, I'm focusing on the 80% that matters most (diet over exercise) and moving slowly often. Walked about 3 miles today, and went to Bikram Yoga this AM -- Gosh I hate the last 10 min of that thing, but it feels so good right after!!

    This is how I know I'm primal...
    - I bought Ketostix today to check on my progress! (Result: somewhere between 'trace' & 'low')
    - My second chicken-broth-in-crockpot is simmering as we speak; and I have beef marrow bones waiting for me in the freezer.
    - Yesterday I made my own mayo. The immersion blender trick is awesome!! And next? I am looking forward to making fat bread!
    - I go to the butcher every week. I used to go twice a year!!
    - I feel really bad when I attempt to indulge & "dip" into my 80/20 -- every thing is just too salty or too sweet now. Vanilla shake? Yuck. So I've actually been more on the 95/5 ratio. [chocolate covered almonds, red wine here and there; 1 slice of birthday cake since I started; oh and a couple pastries and some baguette while in France on holiday last month]

    Not entirely sure, but I *think* I'm seeing a little definition just under my rib cage, above the belly button. Also my arms look skinny to me, not that they were ever HUGE, but I again caught a reflection of myself that made me pause.

    I don't track calories daily but will punch things in SparkPeople to check on my macros sporadically. While I'm still mostly on an eating pattern of 3x daily, I've IF'ed occasionally and have no issues with it (about 24 hrs each time, while traveling). Will try to incorporate weekly when I've got my busy work season behind me in about a month.

    I should be going to bed, already 10:30pm!

    PS: Macadamia nuts, I love you.....!

    Adopted the Primal lifestyle on: August 9 2012.
    My sporadic journal entries are here.

    Results to date: I've lost (gained?) one belt hole!

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    Hey Froggie,

    Glad you started a journal. It really is fun to look back on later and see how things have changed.

    And yes, macadamia nuts are the food of the Gods. That' s why fat bread is so awesome.


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      Originally posted by Paleobird View Post
      And yes, macadamia nuts are the food of the Gods. That' s why fat bread is so awesome.
      Good to see you here. I'm still looking for raw macadamia nuts near me. I ain't paying S&H for a small trial, that's crazy!

      Adopted the Primal lifestyle on: August 9 2012.
      My sporadic journal entries are here.

      Results to date: I've lost (gained?) one belt hole!


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        Alright, dear Mark and working bees whatever your official title is, this Search function is bogus. I took me FOREVER to find my journal buried in the Journal thread... I tried everything. In the end, I found this page by scrolling through my dashboard, back to my latest entry on this thread...
        Please fix it. I can't possibly post daily either...

        OK I suppose I could try to figure out the thread URL and save it in my sig some day.

        Not tonight. Enough BS for today already! Nearly 11pm and I should be in bed. (Booh! Bad student, you need 8 hrs of sleep!)

        Otherwise all is good. I keep peeing on the Ketostix just for fun. And also the vial says they're no good 2 months after opening, so I might as well use them. I ended up fasting through lunch Tuesday, came home and actually wasn't hungry. Made some hot tea. Guess what? That night I upgraded the color of my pee stripe to "MEDIUM". Yay!

        Haven't exercised much, but focusing on walking the dogs properly.

        Have hinted at my husband that a freestanding pull up bar would be a nice gift and a thoughtful attention. No result to date. Xmas is too far and my bday is in July. Looks like I'm buying my own pull up bar this week end (again).

        On a side note, I graduate to US citizen on Friday; I just passed the naturalization test and now I have to attend an official ceremony to take the oath and receive my certificate; then I can apply for US passport.
        Sort of cool! I'm finally a US citizen like my own son. And French. Dual-citizenship sounds cool.

        I bet the % of population that is both primal and a dual citizen is < 0.001%.

        I digress, time for bed. This week-end I may get to the beef bones. But tomorrow AM, I am looking forward to my buttery leeks and eggs -- my new fav'!

        Realization of the week: I feel no desire to snack between my main meals. When I get hungry it's for real and I need REAL food. Not a snack.
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        Adopted the Primal lifestyle on: August 9 2012.
        My sporadic journal entries are here.

        Results to date: I've lost (gained?) one belt hole!


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          I just made fat bread!! Came out just fine, but I sliced it I noted the texture is a little spongy/wet. Not sure.
          Taste-wise it's definitely not bread, and I also does not have a coconut flavor (which I was expecting).

          Also an aftertaste I can't quite put my finger on...
          Fat Bread: Third Time&#039;s The Charm. Mission Accomplished! | Free The Animal

          In the end I'm not sure it was worth 1 cup of macadamia nuts and 1 cup of coconut butter... That I otherwise LOVE on their own.

          Adopted the Primal lifestyle on: August 9 2012.
          My sporadic journal entries are here.

          Results to date: I've lost (gained?) one belt hole!


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            Wow, here I am TWO whole months later
            Well, where to begin?

            I did not fall off the primal wagon; I did get a long case of upset stomach/food aversion that led me to avoiding eggs, leafy greens and yogurt -- things I normally love, but even to this day, they don't turn me on. MEAT on the other hand, yes!

            During my 3-wk not feeling right, not eating normally episode, I did at one point eat quite a bit of rice and potatoes to keep food down as nothing else was appealing. I also IFed randomly depending on how I felt.

            Haven't exercised much, but I try to walk the dogs more and walk to town on the week end.


            I weighed myself this morning, more out of curiosity than anything... 123 lbs. So I would have lost 7 lbs in a little under 2 months?

            What I'm really curious to know is what those SEVEN pounds were made of.

            I feel less flab in my middle section and my pants are definitely looser. As for the rest, my measurements have not changed much except my thighs (each down one inch) but I don't put much faith in the accuracy of my measurements, if the tape isn't quite where it was last time then of course the numbers will change.

            I've been lacking sleep due to traveling for work, working late and such. So tonight is not the night of a long posting on MDA.

            The great part of this experiment lately has been seeing my 3 year old enjoying pecans and coconut butter with me He's still not a fan of veggies but he loves his red meat, eggs, fruit and cheese. I don't feed him grains voluntarily anymore, or rarely. If only I could encourage mu husband in that direction!!

            Adopted the Primal lifestyle on: August 9 2012.
            My sporadic journal entries are here.

            Results to date: I've lost (gained?) one belt hole!


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              Tonight I dragged myself to the weight room of a gym on my way back home.
              It was quite intimidating, mostly manly men of all ethnicities, age and shape.
              Thank goodness I had done some reading or I would have never known the bar weighted 45lbs alone!

              So without further delay here is my first strength workout:
              Squat 5x5 95lbs (felt just right, challenging but doable)
              Bench press 5x5 55lbs (this was SO hard, I started at 65lbs and had to back down!)
              Barbell rows 5x5 32-1/2 (I actually need to up this one next time)
              Lying leg raises 1x20

              Already feeling all weird in my arms, something tells me tomorrow is going to be interesting.

              I've sort of entered a plank challenge and clocked 1'20 this morning, more to come...

              Started supplementing with 5,000 D3 daily last week. Not enough sun at this time of year.

              Husband status: not ready to come around; substituted my garlic mashed cauliflower for corn and opted for plain chicken (no paprika!?). Outside of meal times, plunges into the non-primal cupboard to retrieve some cookies or crackers

              Off for a GOOOOD night of sleep.

              Adopted the Primal lifestyle on: August 9 2012.
              My sporadic journal entries are here.

              Results to date: I've lost (gained?) one belt hole!


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                This week I started weight lifting, came a little bit out of nowhere, but was necessary to fill my exercise void!!

                I'm aiming for 3 x lifting per week.
                Just finished my 3rd day today.

                Squat 65# 5x5 (with the machine that guides you, not sure what it's called; I was careful to squat low, butt below my knees, and oh boy do I feel my legs now...)
                Bench press 45# 5x5 (that's right just the barbell, and it's truly challenging.
                Dead lift 62# 5x5 (I had room for more, felt good)
                Biceps curl 10# per arm, 5x5
                Lying leg raises 1x20 (third time this week, definitely feeling that one too!)

                I guess starting out conservatively can't be bad, I'll progress no matter what right?

                I've never lifted before; I'm 5'5 for 124#; recently recovered from chronic cardio which means I'm trying to follow PBP Fitness instead of running miles and miles; pretty sedentary otherwise though I do get my share of slow movement each week.

                PS: I'm sore. Apparently the program says I will be sore for a few weeks, then it will ease up. I've found this routine online called Manly Strength (no laughing please) it made sense to me. I am guessing it's not far from Starting Strength though I did not buy the book.

                Note that I goofed up the actual workout because I had not written it down and my iphone had died... So I went from memory, it's close but not quite

                Adopted the Primal lifestyle on: August 9 2012.
                My sporadic journal entries are here.

                Results to date: I've lost (gained?) one belt hole!


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                  Still here. Still primal. Just a busy primal gal

                  I'll keep it short. Intermittent fasting yields the greatest rewards.
                  I now firmly believe that a fit, athletic body is 60% what you eat, 20% when you eat, and 20% physical activity.
                  You can't out-train a bad diet.

                  Another lesson? Don't get in the habit of dipping that spoon in the coconut butter or almond butter. Yes, there are lots of calories in these jars!!

                  My eating routine scares most people because it does not look "normal". Yet it feels great to me, for the first time ever I am listening to my body and don't eat on the clock!!

                  People around me think I am getting skinny because I don't eat enough, "skip lunch" sometimes, workout too much... (?) but they don't see my dinner plate!! I am lucky I love simple foods and can be content with a can of sardines in a pinch. I often travel with a can and an avocado in my bag.

                  Lesson I learned: TSA will make you toss your almond butter jar, but not your sardines in oil. Who knew.

                  Since in the past year I mostly focused on diet, and I feel I now have a good handle on it, my new focus is fitness. I started Crossfit on Jan 1 2014. Completed Foundations and will be going twice a week at first + some running/body weight stuff/sprinting on my own.

                  WOD today: 800 m run / 50 Turkish situps / 800 m run.
                  Used a 10# barbell cause my left arm was super sore from workout the day before (pushups madness!).
                  Completed in 22 min.

                  Also started hiking and bought myself a new road bike to get back into some triathlon action.

                  I will have to post a picture, basically I now clearly see my muscles where I used to have a fair bit of love handles. I had to buy new clothes, pants mostly. I am now a size 25 to 26. I was a tight 27.

                  I don't own a scale anymore. At a dr visit last week I learned that I weigh less than 125# with my workout clothes and running shoes on. I'll take it

                  Still working on my fitness goal of the year: pull ups.

                  2014 is the year of new beginnings.

                  On so many levels.
                  Here is to a great year.

                  Adopted the Primal lifestyle on: August 9 2012.
                  My sporadic journal entries are here.

                  Results to date: I've lost (gained?) one belt hole!


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                    So Crossfit is interesting.
                    I've been reading the good, the bad, the ugly, but since the best workout is actually the one you DO, I think it works well for me. I am in it to learn the proper form, get familiar with the gear, the routine, and maybe make new friends - that would be a nice bonus.

                    The other day there was a huge traffic disaster near the house that prevented me from going to the 'box', so I did my workout at home. Jumping rope is super hard. Blah. But I got 60+ burpees in 5 minutes which made me pretty happy.
                    Turns out the Rx rope is awesome and I managed 80 unbroken singles at the END of the WOD yesterday

                    Last week I made it to the 7am class (with only 2 other students, perfect right!?) and the coach said I'm getting really close on my pull-up. Wish I could afford the rack/bar set from Rogue so I could practice at home… Maybe I will splurge after I quit Crossfit and handle my own program at home? I am lacking the room though...

                    Funny how the phone stops ringing after you enter the "separated" category. I think it makes other families uncomfortable when a parent in another family calls it quit.

                    My coworkers still believe I have an eating disorder.
                    And I started piling up boxes to elevate my docking station on the desk. The other setup on the shelf was not ideal, so this is much better. And now? My office definitely thinks I'm crazy.

                    My arms are starting to look mean, and if I bend backwards to stretch my core, then I see my abs ehehe…

                    On another note? I am going to Brazil tomorrow for a week. It's a tough job and someone has to do it. Yay.
                    Hope the 10 miler from this am won't make me too sore or that plane ride is going to suck. Forgive my French!

                    Adopted the Primal lifestyle on: August 9 2012.
                    My sporadic journal entries are here.

                    Results to date: I've lost (gained?) one belt hole!