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    Day 7! The last two days have been relatively high calorie days (2500 and 2100) so I need to go back to cutting it a bit lower as weight loss is my goal. I am also going a bit heavy on the carbs (fruits specifically). I have read a few threads that talk about the easiest way to cut the addiction is actually to just cut it all out... so that might be where I am headed.

    This evening will be a little tough though since I am going for dinner at a cousin's house. I have always had a gluten intolerance so I know there won't be pasta on the menu.... but....

    Exercise: run 7.5 km with 3 "sprints", walk 9 km
    Breakfast: 3 egg 3 egg white mushroom omelette
    Lunch: apple, 250 grams turkey, 2 cups cauliflower
    Dinner: chicken breast, pork, yam, white potato, parsnips, kale salad, mushrooms, cauliflower (dinner with cousins... amazingly stayed primal except for some potato!)
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      Day 8! First week is officially done!! Back to keeping it low in the calorie and carb department. I am out of apples so should be a lot easier
      Breakfast: 2 large carrots, 250 g turkey
      Snack: hardboiled egg
      Lunch: tuna, 2 cup veggies
      Snack: hardboiled egg, banana, 2 cookies (oops)
      Dinner: cabbage roll, soup
      Snack: carrots
      Exercise: crossfit
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        Day 9:
        Breakfast: 2 egg, 3 egg white mushroom omelette, 1 cup acorn squash
        Snack: 2 hardboiled eggs
        Lunch: 1 sole filet, 1.5 cup acorn squash
        Snack: banana
        Dinner: salmon, asparagus, apple, 3 carrots
        Snack: 8 almonds, 2 cup veg

        Exercise: run 8km, five 30 m sprints, walk 3.5 km
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          Day 10. Woke up at 345 and stayed up until 530 so ate then. Then back to bed til 730 so breakfast will seem massive. Ohhhh well. It was all clean just a lot of fruits (didn't want to cook).
          Breakfast 1: 2 cup pineapple, 2 small bananas, 15 almonds
          Breakfast 2: 2 egg, 3 egg white onion and turkey (100 g) omelette
          Snack: 1.5 cup cucumber
          Lunch: 1.5 cup spaghetti squash, 200 g turkey, onions, tomato sauce
          Dinner: 2 egg, 200 g turkey, 2 egg white, 4 large carrots
          Snack: turkey, apple, tomato

          worst cravings EVER today. 2400 calories. Ooops

          Exercise: crossfit (strength day)
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            Day 11: So Day 10 was a bit of a botch. Couldn't fall asleep and ate TWO protein bars....... taste like candy.... so processed. Fail.

            Back on the horse.

            Breakfast: 2 egg, 2 egg white mushroom omelette
            Snack: apple
            Lunch: 1.5 cup veg, 250 g turkey
            Snack: 2 hardboiled eggs
            Dinner: chicken breast and asparagus
            Snack: brocolli soup and brocolli and carrots

            Exercise: run 7.5 km, walk 11 km
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              Just curious: why so many egg whites? Also, you seem to be eating a lot of apples, bananas, carrots if weight loss is your primary goal. I'm not a girl, so things are different for me, but just wondering.


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                Welcome to the forum. You seem to be doing well, especially regarding moving slowly/walking a lot.

                I second Mr. Anthony's question about the egg whites. It also seems that your diet might be really low in fat, unless you are adding butter or some other fat to your eggs and vegetables. A diet that is low in both carbs and fat is not the best for your health, nor sustainable.


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                  Those are good points... I just like eggs whites... they bulk it up a lot and add a lot of protein...

                  The addiction to carbs is a hard one to kick.... I just love the crunchy goodness of carrots.

                  I should probably start increasing my fat intake. Old habits are hard to kick?!?!

                  I will go out and buy some butter this weekend.


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                    Hi Jayner
                    I also have trouble with the carb addiction and often go to fruit... and especially carrots (makes it seem ok)
                    I can't say a ton since I still have a lot of trouble with it myself but I do know on the days I consumed more fat I was much more satisfied and if I was mindful I did not run to the carbs

                    We can't worry about the weight loss part to much, I think it is important to try and find the balance first. Once we get use to eating the right way and feeling good the weight loss should be natural, and if not then it is an ok time to focus on the weight

                    Just my thoughts! I should probably listen to my own words its hard I know
                    Best wishes!
                    "Never regret. If it's good, its wonderful. If it's bad its experience"
                    -Victoria Hold
                    F/Age 23 height 5' 3"
                    HW 134
                    CW 126
                    GW 120


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                      Carrots are really fine. They are pretty low carb. There are like 6g of carb in a medium carrot.


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                        I think the issue is that I can easily hoover two 2 lb bags of carrots in a week.... hm. I am feeling really good. I spent the summer biking across the country so was eating a disgusting amount of highly processed food and consuming anywhere between 2500-4000 calories a day (needed when you are biking 5-6 hours a day). But I felt awful the entire time. Previous to that I think I ate a diet comparable to what I am having now with the exception of oatmeal (glorious glorious oatmeal). I have also never really monitored my fruit intake.

                        That being said I have already had an apple today (prior to crossfit). Aaaand I am eating a yam for dinner.

                        Day 12? (better check that):
                        Breakfast: apple, 2 egg and 4 egg white mushroom omelette
                        Lunch: tilapia, 2 cups mixed vegetables, 2 cookies (eek! Each is about 100 calories... fail.... was just famished... 80/20 right?)
                        Snacks: 2 hardboiled eggs.
                        Dinner: fell off the wagon a bit here.... ate some (aka lots of) BREAD. Eeeek!!!!!! Went to my parent's house and couldn't resist some of the fresh smelling dough......... at least it was whole wheat?

                        AND I HAVE A WEDDING TOMORROW....

                        Exercise: crossfit
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                          So this weekend has been dubious. Complete fail. Complete binge. BACK ON THE HORSE TODAY. It will take me atleast a week of clean eating to undo the weekend's damage. I am thinking of doing a WHOLE30...

                          Breakfast: leftover ham and yams
                          Lunch: apple, ham, 2 large carrots, 1/2 cup acorn squash
                          Dinner: zucchini, mushroom and cabbage stirfry; 1/2 chicken breast, egg
                          Snack: vegetable soup

                          Exercise: walk 12 km, run 7 km
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                            Originally posted by Jayner View Post
                            I am thinking of doing a WHOLE30...
                            Go for it! I have never done one myself, but I think it's a good idea. Being strict with yourself for a month will help set the changes and should make "cheating", or I guess a better term is "eating crap", less likely.


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                              The hard part is I have another wedding next weekend and know that I will be having wine... just a couple glasses?!?!? I also have a variety of guestst coming. I think November 11th would be a good time to start (visitors gone and thus no occasions for drinking).


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                                Day 14:

                                Preworkout: hardboiled egg, 1/2 chicken breast
                                Workout: crossfit (strength), run 7.5 km
                                Breakfast: 3 egg 3 eggwhite mushroom omelette
                                Snack: 2 hardboiled eggs
                                Lunch: 1/2 chicken breast, 2 cup veggies
                                Snack: 2 large carrots, tassimo cappucino
                                Dinner: chicken salad (cucumber, green pepper, purple cabbage, 250 g chicken)
                                Snack: 350 g chicken, 3 carrots

                                Side note: eggs anyone?
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