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    Mossy here. I'm a 26 year old guy from the UK. I guess that's kinda the 'Who...' In later posts I'm sure I'll build on that. But for now I want to write about my 'How...' and my 'Why...'


    If I'm honest, I got into PB out of procrastination... 'Procrastination,' you say, 'bit of an odd one?!' Ah but I'm in the final phase of writing a PhD thesis in history and at this point just about everything in the entire world is better than writing those final chapters! Some procrastinations are bad bad (video games/pizza/general sloth), but others (radically changing your eating and exercise lifestyle) might turn out a little better.

    I'd been eating the Standard UK Diet - what I'm acronymising as SUcKyD (academics love their acronyms!) - ever since I went to university 8 years ago, all washed down with gallon upon gallon of the cheapest alcoholic beverages my money could buy. Age 18 you can just about deal with it, but some morning, some way down the line you wake up, look in the mirror and its like you injected 50 pounds of butter into your abdomen overnight.

    It just so happens that for me that morning happened to be at the pinnacle of my PhD stress: a chapter one week overdue; supervisor sending angry emails; 40 hours worth of work crammed into the 18 hours I can feasibly stay awake. And something just snaps in my head. I can't go into the office today. I must deal with my washing/cleaning/videogames/loungingonsofa/sleeping. Anything but work.

    So I check my email an hour or so later, and there's a guest article by this guy Mark Sisson in a health newsletter I've deleted a hundred times before without reading, but this time I read it. He's telling me how to become a 'fat burning beast'... Sounds like an interesting way to hijack my day! So I check out the Daily apple website, and then head for the bookstore - I buy PB and Gary Taubes' 'Why we get fat' and read them both that afternoon (we historians read quickly!) Then, for a bit of balance, in the evening I engross myself in 'The China Study' and the '30 Bananas a Day' website. By the end of it I've been rather more convinced by the low-carbers, and my next days worth of procrastination has been sorted for me - I'll be cleaning up my life. That was the 18th August 2012.


    I guess this one's a little more complicated. I'm an only child, and as such grew up worshiping in the church of Mum and Dad's CW. Mum sold (and still sells) MLM health products, Dad is a cardio nut. Yet within seconds of finishing PB, the 26 years of their advice was crashing down in front of me. Despite drinking the healthy living 'Kool aid' for decades, my Mum is an obese type 2 diabetic. My Dad, for years my absolute exercise hero, is the epitome of 'skinny fat'. They live a comfortable (early) retirement, eat organic, local produce (often home grown) and yet their health, in recent years, has deteriorated at an all-too-scary-rate-for-an-only-child. Why? It all made sense almost instantaneously - grains. In. Every. Meal. Everywhere.

    Mum once told me a story about her childhood eating. She was brought up by her Grandma, who used to slather butter on her toast for breakfast, like 2 or 3 ounces a slice. And this became a bit of an addiction for my Mum, to this day she eats her toast with mounds of butter on it. Our CW minds had always pointed this high fat breakfast as one of the continued reasons for her obesity. PB boggled my mind to think that actually it could have been the bread underneath that butter that was doing the damage.

    But my parents are still all-too caught up in CW. And in many ways I felt awkward to try and change their long held ways on the basis of some theories in some books I read. Particularly as, in relation to the majority of people on the SUcKyD, my parents ate so 'healthily'. So, I resolved to give myself 3/4 months on the PB, and if I saw benefits to try my best to introduce my parents to it for the new year. (Advice on how to introduce loved ones to the PB would be very welcome!)

    Anyway, I feel I've typed enough on this for the evening and for an introductory post - there's always PhD writing to be getting back to anyway

    Maybe next time I'll get onto a little more of the 'Who...' and get stuck into the 'What...' and the 'When...'

    Until then. Grok on by. Mossy

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    Grok on, Mossy. It's amazing how quickly the penny can drop, you will be away running now on the primal eating. Good luck with it, and with your thesis.
    Annie Ups the Ante