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  • Back to Basics - Hoylebub's Primal Journal

    This is my primal journal. I saved my before picture as my cellphone wallpaper so I have a constant reminder of why I am doing this. I am an American student living in Morocco. The food here is way healthier here and perfect for going primal. All of my sizes in this journal are eyeball size. I am just starting my 30 day journey.

    DAY 1
    3oz Macadamia Nuts
    10oz Beef
    Small Potato
    Eggplant/Tomato and Cheese

    Fasted this morning as I didn't have to work out.

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    DAY 2
    3oz Macadamia Nuts
    6oz Beef
    6oz Chicken
    Cauliflower/Carrot Medley
    2 Fried Chicken Breasts
    Handful of French Fries

    WOD: 15min Run, 1 Hour of Body weight calisthenics for the team I'm on over here.

    I know the chicken and fries for dinner wasn't great but being over here every once in a while I get a little food from home. I also didn't think it was too awful bad from a primal stand point. Better than pizza.


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      DAY 3
      4 oz Chicken
      Greenbeans and Carrots

      Salad with Cheese and Tuna

      Beef Tanjine (Hunks of Beef in some kind of tasty sauce with a fried egg in the middle! Yumm!)

      About a dozen French fries
      Mint Green Tea

      Again with the fries, I cant escape them. Otherwise I was 80-85% Primal today. I'm starting to get over the Low Carb Flu I think. I notice my clothes are looser already.
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        DAY 4
        Butter Mint Chicken
        Potatoes and Onions
        1/4 cup of Hazelnut Ice Cream
        4 squares of 76% Dark Chocolate

        WOD: 1.5 mile run, 1 hour Body Weight Calisthenics workout

        I know I screwed up today. Its just a little set back. Giving up wheat has been fairly easy, however, potatoes are whats killing me. I need to cut them down too. Yesterday was the first sugar I've had all week, and while those weren't good choices they were far better than what I would have made a month ago.