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  • Primal Poetry!!

    We get a ton of advice on this blog and several other sources depending on how versatile one might be in the source of their information. With that comes a substantial amount of very important, detailed material. It more than likely takes time for an average person to digest and interpret the material in it's most granular form. Kind of like a biology lesson, but with high hopes of understanding the information for personal gain. I know, I am just like this!! However, over the last several years I have been able to accomplish quite a bit with the primal lifestyle. Mark makes it easy, but at times I found myself discouraged, running into platues and confronting road blocks. I overcame this by altering my expectations. I had to come to terms with my life style and realize that I might not be within a 6 to 8 percent body fat at all times. Weird!! Instead I focused on how I felt, physically, emotionally and where I was at with my relationships. Turns out, once I did this the rest fell into place. I am used to babbling on, so instead of boring the average reader I took a stab at this masculane task called "poetry". Whaaaat??? Feed back is welcome (Be nice)

    Primal I am, but I am just a man
    so are you....

    Organic every day? How do I convince my family to eat this way?
    Feeling the pressure to be committed every day, what if I fail (what would Mark say)?
    CAN'T - Never seen so much misery with one word!!

    80/20 all the way, watch my wife wife laugh at my silly primal game
    Doesn't stop me....
    Sugar and will sustain.... as long as the poor people keep playing the CW game
    Have another cupcake, there is fruit on top!!!

    Please understand, or at least pretend to hear, I am different because I choose to live everyday in my golden years.

    Oh the days are gone of my insulin bath, my artery clogging sugar mash. Inflammation my old friend please come back, but only when I roll my ankle competing in a cross fit match. Take CW on a real long vacation, maybe to the Dr. office for some much needed verification.

    Life is life and you get to choose how you live it, maybe lift heavy things and get up to move it. A day in the sun, or a dip at the beach, maybe some play, just how I see it.

    If I don't have a path I will make my own, walk in the dark all alone. Life is my gift and my body is the temple, treat is like Sh$% and enjoy your noodle

    Primal I am.....

    Please excuse my serious issue with grammar!!
    Erik C.