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Primal Journal: Ozzy

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  • Primal Journal: Ozzy

    Day 5/ First Journal Day

    Height 5'9"
    Day 1 Weight 174 lbs. Est. 15% or so BF.
    Day 5 Weight 169 lbs. very slight change in appearance (not really expecting anything for at least 3-4 weeks so I am not disappointed.
    Took measurements of waist, hips, chest, shoulders, etc. about 3 weeks ago (before a start to a CW program) as well as "Before" Front, Side, and Back pics

    B-4 hard boiled eggs few macadamia nuts
    S-1 Scoop ON Whey Protein Pre-Workout
    S-1 Scoop ON Whey Protein Post-Workout
    Snacked through out the day on cashews, almonds, and macadamias (still unclear of there is really a limit..if I am hungry I eat lol
    Dinner- 1/2 lb Grass Fed Beef Hamburger with roasted squash, tomatoes, red bell peppers, celery, mushrooms (did not finish all of the veggies) 1 glass dry, red wine


    10 minute easy warm up on bike
    Seated Cable Row
    Military Press
    Incline Bench Hammer Strength Machine
    Weighted Lunges
    Lat Pull Downs

    Total time- Around 1 hour (did not bother to really count reps or sets..just went heavy and did whatever felt right for the first time as opposed to 3 sets of 10 etc...)

    4-6 Sprints on treadmill at an incline of 6 followed by fast paced incline walking
    Post Dinner Walk with the girlfriend

    Any feeback is appreciated..want to make sure I am doing this right. I have read the primal blueprint start to finish but I am still not 100% acclimated. Not completely sure if its ok to eat to my hearts content any foods approved but I do anyways. Drink plenty of water and I haven't eaten outside of the guidelines my first 5 days.

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    Day 6
    Day 1 Weight -174 lbs | Day 6 Weight- 167 lbs

    B- Scoop Whey, few nuts (not that many I was barely hungry which is a change) coffee (splash of half&half and cinnamon)
    S- Celery Stalk with cashew butter and 3-4 macadamia nuts
    S- Picked at rotisserie chicken and wild ahi and nuts I picked up from the grocery
    D- Beef short ribs with visible fat trimmed away (not grassfed) and veggies

    Exercise- 3 Hours of Hiking