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  • Primal Journal for Luogotenente

    I've been reading MDA for a few weeks now and just got the book yesterday from Amazon. My story is one of constant yo-yo dieting based off of what I needed at the time. I did the crazy cardio in college and got lean but was obsessed with what I ate and constantly going to the gym. When I stopped that the weight slowly crept on. I got serious again before my wedding almost 2 years ago but went right back to old bad habits after the wedding. I started going primal March 2nd and I feel great. I've already lost 10 lbs (trust me, it was much needed and I still have a ways to go). I always figured I would be a bigger framed girl but I'm beginning to think that it could have just been the food I was eating.

    Today was my first mini-IF. I had my birthday steak last night and a frozen banana on a stick (it's super yummy, my mom used to make them for me when I was a kid) for dessert. I say mini-IF because I had lunch at 1:30pm with a good friend of mine who wanted to take me out to lunch. I was a little bad and had some of a lemon meringue tart for dessert since she wanted to make my birthday special. It's amazing how many things are associated with food, especially sweet food. Lunch was a baby spinach salad with a little goat cheese and toasted hazelnuts and seared rare ahi tuna. Very, very tasty. I think I'm very lucky to live in Southern California... all the health conscious people create a demand for healthy organic restaurants and so many farmers markets and stores.

    I'm not as good about workouts as I should be. It's not that I don't enjoy them, I'm just good at finding other things I need to do. I've been thinking about trying cross fit out. They have a military discount at one near my work that makes it affordable (kinda). I am intimidated by all of the super fit folks that are there already but I really need to get over that.

    Mostly, thanks to the MDA community and Mark for all of the information and the positive change it has already made so far!

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    So several days have gone by and I've been dabbling in the IF world. Yesterday was my best day so far. I didn't eat until 4:30 when the meat samples at the store were too much to resist. To be totally honest there was a little cream in my coffee so I can't say I was as hard core as many are here.

    I had really hoped this week would find me a little lighter in the weight department or smaller around the middle. I have instead remained constant this week. I would love to say I'm one of the folks who was already at a reasonable body fat %, but I'm not. I do feel much better and my skin is the clearest I've ever seen it without having to wash it morning and night and add all sorts of products to help it out.

    This morning I didn't have time for my non-IF breakfast of 2 slices of bacon and an egg. Instead I grabbed 3 thin slices of baked ham and ran out the door with some earl grey to keep me company on my drive in.

    I'm working double this week so I'm going to try harder to get out on lunch and take a walk. Next week seems like a good time to give cross fit a try. I'm not sure just how many days I should go... I hear the 3 on 1 off and other variations. Due to helping out my little brother Mon and Wed nights are a no go so I guess I have my answer there.

    I really want this to be a long term permanent change... Having the ability to have a glass of wine and a little dark chocolate on occasion helps a lot too.


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      So I've realized that it wasn't so much that I miss bread... I can pass by a loaf and be fine... it's baked goods... lately (as in the last 2 days) it's been the idea of scones. I used to love having one with my tea in the morning. Funny that I don't really miss sugar as much as I tought I would though.

      Last night I let myself have some chocolate after my workout. Not a ton... just a serving and it was good yummy dark belgian 72% chocolate too. Sad that the reason I went to the gym was so that I could have that. I was really hoping that I would be motivated enough to work ot just for my health (and the fact that I do enjoy it).

      Right now I'm eating the most amazing cooked greens. It's Kale with lots of garlic, balsamic vinegar, pepper and lots of bacon. It's so yummy!!

      I've been bad about eating too much fruit these last few days. I'd justify it by saying that I'm not eating anything processed and eating so little sugar (only that which is in the dark chocolate) that it was ok. I think my carb intake has been closer to 150 because of it. I'd like to think that by upping my activity level I'll still drop the extra around my middle but I'm not so sure of that anymore...