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    Hi Primal Pals,

    New to this, I am on day 8. First, let me say that my primary reason for going Primal is that next week I go back to work as a daytime bartender. I do not plan on eating or drinking at my new place of business, but, hey, a girl's gotta earn! I am a bit of an old lady, I will be 48 in less that 10 days. I have 4 children, 3 daughters out of the nest and one little sweet almost four year old at home with me.

    Starting point is 160 pounds, with a 32 in waist. I am a chronic cardio abuser, spending 40+ min. 4 times a week on an elliptical trainer. In one month, I am letting my gym membership lapse, in favor of getting outdoors and spending times with my boy, and spending the money on said membership elsewhere (new clothes?).

    Today, I put on my jeans for the first time in four months. They are tight, really tight and I feel ridiculously puffy. I've been doing my best to eat primally, but find that I am having a difficult time balancing fat, protein and carbs. I am tracking everything that goes into my mouth via Spark People. The Sparks never fail to remind me that I need more carbs. A LOT more carbs according to CW. I have had to increase slightly to achieve 50, and have battled the dreaded carb flu for a few days.

    I find that planning and tracking is helping me to stay on the straight and narrow, and I am enjoying an energy boost.

    I see incredible potential in living my life in this new way. First step for me is to walk the walk and make an example of Primal Goodness. After, I would like to find a way to bring this wisdom to my community and make available better food options and a different way to look at fitness. But to take my baby steps...

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    Good for you! Can't wait to follow your journey and see your progress, which I am sure will happen. Have you tried I really like it, obviously primal friendly! I've put in a boatload of customer stuff so it is really easy now to journal my food, really motivating.
    My Primal Journal:

    "Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold


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      Day 9 Y'all!

      Still no cheats, and I think with the help of Siobhan's, I am on point. I am actually using to plan my meals instead of checking on what kind of damage I've done winging it.

      Personal bits: Daughter #3 is home from college this weekend and enjoying primal treats more than the usual college kid junk. Will have a test tonight, we are going to a local festival to see a band play, sit on a lawn under the stars. Eating before we go so that I can ward off my funnel cake demons.

      I'm not crazy energetic today, but I don't feel bad either!

      Peace and love to all


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        another day (day 10)!

        Avoided the festival cakes...and all of the goodies that I know will interfere with my progress. Instead, I enjoyed having the energy to keep up with a 19 year old daughter and an almost 4 year old son. Enjoyed seeing The Smithereens on stage, the sounded great and the evening was ended with some pretty cool fireworks.

        Tracking my food is extremely helpful, I logged in just shy of 1300 calories without feeling deprived at all. I woke up this morning and found out that I magically lost 2 pounds this week. I am going to try and hide my scale for a week because, although I am elated to see a drop, my mood is depending too much on numbers.

        I start training on my new job on Tuesday and tomorrow my son will go to daycare for the first time ever. I am looking forward to spending a day preparing to start working again. I have menus to study and memorize and have to bust out the crock pot to simplify meal planning for my family and I. I am happy to be going back to work, will be lifting kegs and cases of beer so I should have lifting heavy covered for a while. I have to admit to feeling a bit like a big enabler...pushing some bad choices off on people, so I've decided to keep my Primal Journey quiet for a while.

        Best of everything to my new primal confidants...peace and love


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          Breathe, just breathe...

          My little man went to big boy school today. Nonplussed...he was happy to see Mommy and Daddy take off and leave him to his new adventure. We spent the day with a bit of extra Mom and Dad time, no phone calls from daycare to tell me that my spawn insists that he takes his pants off to take a nap.

          Stayed in range both with calories and carbs. I would absolutely adore ice cream tonight. My boyfriend eats it every night and we have no fewer than two quarts in the fridge at a time. I have managed to keep out of it so far, telling myself that someday the urge for such treats will subside (or maybe no screaming).

          My treat tonight is the same as every night...ginger tea with cream and a little nutmeg. I think I'll have to check out the tea aisle soon.

          Tomorrow is a big day, first one at the new job. I am planning to stuff myself before work and prepare for a little fasting until the shift is over. Sirloin and wine will be in the crock-pot waiting for us to get home. I think planning is key for success.


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            Work finally! It sure feels nice to have a mission to accomplish. A little less meandering in the mornings.

            Yesterday was one. My new work home is lovely, all shiny and new with a shiny, hopeful new boss. I have intentionally scaled back my efforts in the career field. My last job was in restaurant/bar management, now I will be a bartender. No emergencies that mean 14 hour more coming home at 3:00 more breaking up fights (I hope!).

            The menu I've been memorizing offers little in the primal department, the food is fresh and made in house, but there is some form of processed carbs in almost every finished product. Well meaning International Delight Coffee Flavors replace half and half. I drank my coffee black for the first time in a very long time. The impressive part for me was that my new colleagues were complaining about being hungry, and I wasn't at all. I chose that time to IF and it was just fine.

            Little Man is kicking butt in daycare. Not literally, he is being a good boy and getting smarter every minute. I picked him up early yesterday so he could ride his bike and I could walk at a local trail. Lovely way to get some sunshine. Today's weather is supposed to be even better!

            Love to all!


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              Hurray! Not so fat jeans don't hurt!

              Actually worked today (aka lifting heavy things) with duties like stocking the entire beer coolers with all 17 types of beer. It felt wonderful to have the energy to keep up. Not to mention after being out of work for 3 months, it felt good to have a small amount of normalcy to my day. I was a bit worried because we were supposed to have a menu tasting today...I wasted several hours trying to figure out what I should try to cause as little harm to my progress as possible...all for naught.

              Monday is opening day, and incidentally, my 48th birthday. But, restaurant openings are easily derailed so I may not get to work that day. This weekend is exciting, I have tickets to Music Midtown in Atlanta...I'll be enjoying some Joan Jett, Foo Fighters and Adam Ant. It will be like being 20 all over again.

              I've been out walking with my little boss every evening, and then again with my neighbor every night. The exercise is great, but I am really digging one on one time with each.



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                What a weekend! Had a few obvious cheats...most glaring is beer. But in my defense, I was at Music Midtown concert in Atlanta and turned down my chance at the dreaded (ummmm or wonderful) funnel cakes. But today, had no problem getting back on track. I don't feel bloated or miserable. I didn't eat very much today...pepper, onion and bacon omelet for breakfast and bacon wrapped turkey tenderloin for dinner with my favorite spaghetti squash. Good left overs for tomorrow.

                The best part of the concert is that I saw the Avett Brothers for the first time. Being as I am an uncool Mom, I'd never heard of them. But what a great show...Big base, fiddle and banjo with great voices and intelligent lyrics. I am listening to their station on Pandora and in heaven.

                So, when I wake up in the morning, I will be 48 years old. But I feel like I'm still 25! And I suspect that if I can keep on the primal track, I will be feeling younger yet. So I am looking forward to playing hopscotch and tag in the coming year with my almost 4 year old son.

                Thanks to the local government powers that be, my new job hasn't started yet. Health inspectors don't come when you need them to, more on their own schedule. But it has afforded me the opportunity to meet my bar tending colleagues, and organize our stuff, train, memorize and work out a bar menu. Again, it felt good to NOT feel my age. But I need to cover my gray hair up before we get into full throttle. Gotta keep up my illusion.

                Going to pack it in for the night, sweet dreams everyone...



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                  Birthday yesterday, I am officially 48. It didn't look like a very great day, things started a little sad when I took my son to the daycare that I am paying for before starting my job. I get charged whether he is there or not, and I figure that his education takes priority. But I was a little lonely. Okay, maybe a lot!

                  My phone rang with calls from my daughters and Mom. Mom couldn't talk long, she said that I made her feel old. Hmmmph.

                  Surprise at the end, my boyfriend took me out for a late dinner. Crab legs...I ordered a pound and a half, but could only manage half! I passed up biscuits, I passed up bread, I passed up booze. And I didn't mind. I got caught up on dessert, but was satisfied with a few bites of hot brownie and ice cream. And I didn't mind that either. After all, if it has a candle stuck in it, you have to eat a little right?

                  I've noticed over the past few weeks some of my habits are changing. The cream I use in my coffee isn't finding its way into my afternoon tea anymore. The nuts that kept my hunger at bay aren't necessary anymore. I couldn't be happier about that.

                  Now...if only my job would start...


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                    Finally got the word, first shift on Friday!


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                      Derailed...Shrimp and Grits...Key Lime Pie...

                      But that was yesterday, and today is a new chance. I've forgiven myself and am ready to do something good for myself. I deserve to feel energetic, younger and healthy.

                      First day of work today. I've armed myself with a great bacon and egg breakfast and plan a fast until 6 tonight. The chicken is in the crockpot and only needs a little attention when I get home from work.

                      I read a great book the past day, "The Four Agreements" and I would recommend it to anyone searching for their happiness. Your words can hurt. I am going to try to not hurt anyone with unkind and unsolicited words. Might be a great time to start.


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                        Welcome and congratulations on the good start! I love your journal name - I have been known to refer to myself as "Puff Girl" But you won't be for long. Congratulations on the new job, as well. Bartending definitely includes lots of Lifting Heavy Things. Remember to use you legs (think: squat) rather than you back to lift.

                        I look forward to hearing of your progress.
                        I've had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened. ― Mark Twain

                        Writing on the Cave Wall - my Primal Journal


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                          Hello Journal Friends,

                          Thank you for stopping by and posting Cave Woman, this little Puff Girl sure needed some encouragement today. Was able to make it through service today on my bacon and eggs. And way too much iced coffee with whole milk...

                          Lord, thank you for this day...thank you for giving me the courage to try new (old) things...thank you for my little one snoring in the next room...and for the big guy snoring right next to him.

                          Primal Friends, please don't forget to be grateful for the good things. Rest well and enjoy your time in the sunshine today.


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                   track BIG TIME! Margaritas with the in-laws and sugar coated boyfriend off of work this week is not always a good thing! Another morning of recommitting to my goals. I think of all the times I've started and stopped something healthy. If only I'd stayed on track then I wouldn't be fighting the SAME twenty or so pounds that I've fought ALL OF MY LIFE!

                            Problem 1: We are kinda broke this week...difficult to run to the store and pick up whatever when there isn't cash coming in until I finish my shift today. And primal is expensive, especially when I am still feeding a sugar monster who also eats what I eat! Stock my freezer you say? With good stuff? Not always possible. I am committed to making the best possible choices that I can, but the key word of the day is "possible". Hopefully, the tip Gods will smile upon me today and I will be able to semi-replenish the larder.

                            Problem 2: Willpower when surrounded by food toxins. The other day I was very hungry, we were out running errands that took much longer than expected. My darling man's solution was to his the Checkers drive thru, and eat steaming hot french fries while dipping them in the chili from his chili dog. In my my subcompact car... I have never wanted to suck on chili dog paper wrapping more in my life! I stayed true to my word...I resisted. But I later fell apart with my in-laws and indulged in Mexican and Margaritas. And leftover chipotle chicken tacos in corn tortillas the next day. Hey, they were free!

                            On a good note, bad sugar daddy boyfriend also brought home 3 large butternut squash. I set to work on making my first and best squash soup with butter, cream, carrot, onion and one tart apple. It was lovely, but could use the improvement of some crushed pecans on top.

                            Today I've broken my fast with two pieces of bacon, I plan a salad at work and some form of burger tonight with the soup. Last Friday I left work with the biggest headache from too much coffee and not enough food in my rumbling belly. Planning ahead today by carrying herbal tea and eating a salad (for free!) instead of any of the lovely fried food we serve. I CAN DO THIS...


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                              Why is it that I always luck into the message that I need, just when I need it. Today at my bar a guy in scrubs comes in orders a salad with blackened tilapia. No croutons please. I look. He is in spectacular shape...his skin is radiant. I ask if he is primal...nope...paleo. I told him I got derailed by margaritas. He gives me an alternative...tequila, lime juice, club soda. I told him I'd been attempting for a month. He said wait 5 more...I commented about his scrubs and asked if he were in the medical profession. He laughed and said he was about 20 years ahead of conventional medicine and that I am following the right track.

                              No cheats today. Thanks to one great customer.