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    What a great serendipitous meeting! It sounds like just what you needed, indeed! And good for you for asking and for him for being open. Ya gotta love these wonderful coincidences.
    I've had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened. ― Mark Twain

    Writing on the Cave Wall - my Primal Journal


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      Been wicked busy and neglecting this journal. I have been a saint for days! Work work work. Had sashimi for dinner tonight without my beloved edamame. Ate just enough I think. I haven't been hungry in days and have been enjoying the work day with a little more energy than usual. Will weigh in a week and check my measurements, but I have an idea that I've lost some weight. My pants don't hurt and I fit into all 4 pairs of my size 10.


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        Been a bad, bad puffgirl,

        Yesterday was my son's birthday party, so much to do to get ready for it. I worked ridiculously hard getting the house and yard ready. I came home from work on Friday to find that my "Honey Do" list didn't really get done. So Friday night was spent cleaning, cleaning and cleaning. Saturday morning was rough because most of my list was yard stuff for an outdoor party. Woke at 5:00 am and lifted many heavy things. I was glad for spending much of my time being primal because I had the energy to take on many tasks.

        Party time. I tried to eat the pizza I ordered for the party and found it to flavor...gross. Even the beautiful cake my daughter baked (3 fondant layers) didn't work for me. A few bites left me...satisfied that I'd tried it. Now I have a huge amount of cake that will most likely end in the trash and leftover pizza for the list forsaking boyfriend to eat.

        Interesting note, my foray into Pizza world left me considerably gassy. Gross. I am positive that I will not be trying to eat that crap again for quite some time.

        Work has been going well. I am surprised at how many people I am meeting who are primal or paleo. I took care of two ladies the other day who were primal. I have learned how to navigate our menu for the best choices. I was going to plan a shrimp and grits day for today, but after yesterday, I will put it off indefinitely. I am loving my job and loving the crazy amount of energy I have while I am at work.

        I crashed yesterday after my son's party (it was lovely), allergies from the yard work, exhaustion from getting things ready and some really bad food choices. I laid down for a few minutes that stretched into a 12 hour nap. I am feeling much better this morning and looking forward to a wonderful day off ahead. I am not even close to hungry so lunch may not happen until dinner or until I get hungry. I am very grateful that my carb gluttony didn't stimulate my appetite.

        I've been reading other journals and I know that I am not really obsessing about weight loss right now. I've seen some journals that really emphasize the long term aspect of a primal lifestyle. That's what I am looking at, I haven't weighed in more than two weeks, but all of my clothes fit and that is good enough for me today. This is really a journey and I am still very excited to see where I go with it.


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          Scale day yesterday, Hello 154! 6 pounds in a month...I slipped a few times but I am 6 pounds lighter and my work clothes are no longer an issue. I am contemplating mashing some plantains for breakfast this morning with my morning bacon.

          Work is still going well except tips have not been as good as last week. I have to make my car payment late for the first time. I really hate that I work very hard for not so much cash. My consolation is that I love my job.


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            150 pounds today! My jeans that sent me on this journey now need a belt to stay on my shrinking hips. I am wondering when I find the wonderful homeostasis of not chubby (or puffy) and no longer losing weight. I think another 10 pounds off and no more, I like my curves.

            Plantains for breakfast were a horrible mistake, I found myself at work starving by 1:00 pm. Most days I start with 3 slices of bacon and one egg. I am not really hungry when I eat, but I find it a good preventive measure that keeps me from getting ugly hungry at work. Some days I eat a salad with bacon and blue cheese crumbles at work, some days not. When I started this way of life, I ate 2 eggs in the morning, but I think I would find that difficult now. It is strange without hunger as a motivation. I try to make sure that I have good alternative ready for when it hits, like the pork chops left over from dinner last night for tonight.

            My motivation for going primal proved correct yesterday at work. Busy, busy busy for the entire shift. Had a full bar for lunch rush and took tables for the remainder of the shift as I was the only one on until 5. For the first time, I made incredible money (much needed!) and had the energy and mental acuity to not mess up. My work is play, I make people happy by bringing them food with a side of humor. The day flew by without my getting hungry, distracted or tired. That is...until I got through my evening chores and passed out before 10.

            Another interesting note, I got a call about a potential job. You never can find a job when you really need it, but opportunity comes when working at another job. This opportunity is at a large company working in procurement. It is mostly office work, runs full time 7 to 3, pays ridiculously well and offers medical, vacation and retirement benefits. I want this job, I need the money and the it extremely immature to want to stay in my current position with its sporadic pay? Am I (at 48) too old to still be behind the bar? I am not going to worry too much about this until I get a hard offer for this position.

            I interrupted my blog writing to dance around the living room with my son...Florence and the Machine..."The Dog Days are Over". My new theme song!


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              I'm Baaaaaack!

              Lets update. Got that job, I've been there for three months. Pay, benefits, normal life, Hello! I managed to stay primal until mid-November, then the wheels fell off. Holidays, snacks, cookies...the usual pitfalls and my usual excuses.

              My normal job is everything I could hope for, I am thankful everyday that I am fortunate to land it. Downsides are minimal but include a lot of office work mixed with a monthly bout of lifting heavy things. And by heavy things, I mean 55 pound bags of a substance similar to sand, stacked 30 high. My personal best is 360 of the buggers. I also get to play donkey kong on occasion when we unload truckloads of empty drums, slinging them down the warehouse floor. I don't think that if that were my only responsibility that this job would be a good fit. I don't think I wish for more of the athletic part of my job, just to be graced with enough energy to endure it and recover without as much soreness.

              I adore my co-workers, but have noticed many of them carrying around a good amount of extra weight. They are all such sweet and helpful people, and it makes me sad to think of their weight. I read today's installment of Mark's blog on how to be an example for a fitter workplace and really took it to heart. Over the past two weeks, I've taken to walking laps around my warehouse just to break up the monotony of desk work.

              Oh, and my weight? 157 to start. My jeans still fit, but my belly is suffering from Dunlap. I fell back in line on Sunday, and haven't had too difficult of a transition. I know what to do, now I just have to DO.


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                GYN appointment yesterday, neglected too long for a woman at the tender age of 48. The result of which has me going back on Monday for a biopsy in the lady bits. Caught me off guard this did.

                Drank one beer.

                Other than that, I've been tracking pretty well. Had an amazing day at work but am happy to have a weekend ahead. I didn't mention before, but I have some life altering stuff in the next few weeks. My darling, beloved man has taken a job in the oilfields of ND, meaning he will be leaving here on Valentines day. My days of coming home to a fairly normal life are ending, and a new normal beginning. The new normal will be a revolving door of goodbyes and reunions about every 6 weeks. It means adjusting to living without him, then living with him again...rinse...repeat. It also means the end to all of our financial struggles so this is truly a blessing. It also means that the guy who bought 2 dozen Krispy Kremes yesterday will be in another state for a majority of time. I'm using our time apart to revamp the pantry for my son and I.

                Well, this is how life goes...good and bad, ups and downs...still, I feel more "up" lately. Endless possibilities ahead.


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                  4 years ago after my son was born, I discovered a cut of blue jean that I absolutely fell in love with. They were the "Dreamer" jeans at Old Navy, size 10. I bought 4 pair. Sometimes they were a little too tight, sometimes a little too loose but have been my constant companion for the entire time. I went today to replenish my stock today, wearing my last remaining pair.

                  Old Navy discontinued the line! How could they? I quickly recruited a sales girls for assistance. She recommended the "Sweet Heart" jeans, made for women with smaller waists and generous bums. She asked what size I would like. I told her 10. She asked if I were wearing a 10, and I was wearing my beloved last pair of size 10 Dreamers. She told me they were too big and handed me an 8.

                  Now, I was shopping with my crazed 4 year old so I did not try them on, bought 2 pair and headed home. Now I am basking in the glory of sitting around my house in my new size 8 jeans. I would have bought more than two pair, but I suspect soon I may be replacing them with a size 6...then maybe even a 4. Best reward ever!

                  For my sunshine exposure today, my boy and I woke up at the crack of dawn to wind our way to the Yellow River Game Ranch in Stone Mountain, GA to see what our local groundhog has to say about the weather. In the 21 degree early morning, that little **@#^& predicted 6 more weeks of winter. But since I woke up, didn't see my shadow...I disagree

                  Little Man and I had a nice walk around the ranch after. He chose to hike most of it backwards...but since he thinks more like our ancestors, he may be on to something. We saw free range chickens everywhere and even a buffalo. All before 9 am! Glad I chose not to sleep in this morning.