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    Well, I am not completely sure how to use one of these. One thing that has always been lacking in my weight-loss journeys has been a support system. Or at least an outlet where I can express from frustration, my joys, my difficulties, etc. So maybe this could work!

    I am a 21 year old college student in Atlanta, Georgia. I have been struggling with weight issues since middle school, and most recently it has gotten out of control. Coming into my senior year, I hit the highest number I've ever weighed -- 222.7 lbs. I am only 5' 4" so this was incredibly disturbing. I have a brief stint on Primal living last year, and I lost over 30 lbs. But I have a very severe tragedy happen in my family that put my health on the back burner. So coming back now, completely aware that Primal living is the solution my body needs, is a relief.

    I have been eating and living Primally for over three weeks... but the last week I have been very thoughtful about my eating and living choices. So during my weigh in, I now weigh 210.3 lbs. Already over ten pounds lost without must effort. My next goal weight is 200 lbs. Wish me luck

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    Day One

    While technically this is my third week living Primally, this will be my first entry for my journal.

    Organic tomato sauce cooked with grass fed ground beef
    Roasted asparagus, lightly seasoned

    (I was at a conference at work during this point, so I did the best I could -- they have turkey and veggie wraps so I just removed the wrap and ate the inside)
    -Mixture of lettuce, tomato, squash, zucchini, sliced turkey
    -Handful of almonds

    -Went on, what was intended to be, a leisurely 3 mile walk/hike. However, upon getting lost -- I ended up doing some intense boulder/cliff climbing a mere 45 feet over the edge of a river. It was very scary, and required a lot of muscular strength to make it through the half mile of climbing. So I ended up hiking/climbing/walking a good five miles.

    -Paleo spaghetti meat sauce with zucchini noodles
    -Kale chips

    -Went to a Braves game, so I walked a few miles to the stadium instead of driving and parking.


    Definitely a good day


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      Day Two

      -a cup of organic, fair trade black coffee

      -two pastured eggs scrambled with spinach, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, some aged cheddar and chicken sausage
      -less than a cup of mixed berries
      (blueberries and strawberries)

      -two pastured eggs scrambled with spinach and aged cheddar cheese
      -brussel sprouts sautéed in grass fed butter
      -less than 10 almonds

      -This was definitely more difficult today as I am sore -- but I did 40 wall push-ups and squats while I was taking a shower.


      Yesterday was amazing because I woke up not feeling hungry. I just drank some coffee and felt fine. Then after lunch, I didn't feel hungry AT ALL for over six hours. Incredible!

      And I had my second weigh in today! 208.1 pounds! Down from 222.1 from the beginning of September! Awesome!


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        Hi! And Welcome!

        It sounds like you are doing great! I'm sorry to hear about your family tragedy. I know how devastating that sort of thing can be to weight loss from first hand experience. But you're back on track now; congratulations on the recent weight loss and best of luck going forward :-)

        Height: 5' 10"
        Highest Weight: 292
        Recent Starting Weight 287
        Current weight: 244.0
        Goal weight: 195
        Body Fat 32.5%


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          Originally posted by DCarr10760 View Post
          Hi! And Welcome!

          It sounds like you are doing great! I'm sorry to hear about your family tragedy. I know how devastating that sort of thing can be to weight loss from first hand experience. But you're back on track now; congratulations on the recent weight loss and best of luck going forward :-)

          Thanks for the support! I am glad you understand -- it was a very difficult time and food was a good console. I appreciate the words of encouragement!


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            Day Three

            -4 asparagus roasted with evoo and salt/pepper
            -2 local, farm raised eggs with half a slice of aged Wisconsin cheddar
            -1 slice of nitrate free bacon
            -three organic strawberries

            (pot luck at church, explained below)
            -half a cup of white, short grain rice
            -1 small dumpling (I know this has gluten but my m/in law made it)
            -cucumber salad with sesame seeds
            -tofu wrapped rice

            -My first ever roasted chicken!!!! Just pastured, organic chicken with a some salt! :-)
            photo (4).jpg
            -Roasted okra, spiced with evoo
            -Roasted asparagus, with evoo and salt/pepper

            Study time :-(
            -Two cups of coffee with two tablespoons of milk


            So yesterday was a difficult day lifestyle wise. I had a pot luck at my boyfriend's church, and he is Japanese as well as the members of his church -- so, understanding a gluten-free, dairy free, tofu free, soy free diet is something I haven't even tried to explain. I knew not eating their food would be considered rude... so I was in a dilema. Also, I had several papers due today that I worked on into the wee hours of the night, which has knocked me off my sleep schedule. But! It's alright because TODAY is another day! And I still have power over the decisions I will make with my health!


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              Day Four

              -Nothing. I wasn't hungry :-)

              -a BIG salad! Power greens, 1/2 avocado, some roasted chicken, slivered almonds, two boiled eggs
              -homemade basil, apple vinaigrette!

              -3 tiny asparagus spears
              -3 roasted okra
              Wasn't hungry again! :-)

              -3 mile hike
              -wall pushups, planks


              Good day!


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                Day Five

                -1 piece of nitrate free bacon
                -1 egg with 1/3 slice aged Wisconsin cheddar

                -1 cup of sautéed brussel sprouts
                -1/3 cup white meat of roasted chicken
                -1/2 avocado
                -15 almonds

                (at my boyfriend's parents )
                -two small cuts of fried pork katsu
                -1/3 cup of white rice with fermented radish
                -4 marinated Chinese eggplant
                -Japanese potato salad
                -Miso soup with seaweed and tofu
                -1/3 cup of plain froyo with mixed berries
                -Japanese mayo and pork sauce over raw cabbage


                I didn't get a chance to exercise or even go on a walk during my lunch break because it was downpour raining all day. And I have been experiencing some irregular period symptoms that have had me stressed out. But, it wasn't entirely a disgrace -- I know today I am having Indian food with my boss and his wife so I know that is another time when I won't get to be fully Primal. Just have to keep going! Health is what matters!


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                  Day Six


                  -2 slices of nitrate free bacon
                  -1 mashed up avocado
                  -2 eggs scrambled with Wisconsin cheddar

                  (had dinner at a colleague' house)
                  -1 cup of jasmine rice
                  -1 cup of chicken and eggplant curry
                  -1 spiced chicken drumstick
                  -1 cup of Thai tea
                  -1 Indian sweet bread (rice flour - still not good but she said it was gluten free lol)


                  I am starting to reach that frustrated with myself moment. I have maintained my weight over the past five days, which in a way is good, but also annoying as I haven't lost any. I know tomorrow my best friend invited me over for a celebration of fall. That's gonna be difficult too, but I am going to do my best. I haven't exercised since Monday, and I don't feel like it either. Blah. Just hitting a rough week