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GO, TUNIA, GO! Polish Primal Blueprint

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  • GO, TUNIA, GO! Polish Primal Blueprint

    Here we go.
    I started a few days ago, I am grain free for some time now (though i'd still enjoy some home made bread fried on clarified butter along with some eggs and meat), now I am more restrictive than I ever was.

    I live in Poland so my food choices might differ, but i will sure share some polish recipies that are Primal
    I must say that polish standard diet is a little different than sad, though we usually consume too much carbs and ever present bread (which here is REALLY tasty) ruins the profit that we might have from good quality meat, fruit and veggies.

    I make my own mayo and ketchup so don't fret when i eat it

    I will start with yesterdays food.

    13/09/2012 (what a fine day to start isn't it?)

    I. 4 eggs (omlette) on clarified butter (yup thats my favourite fat to fry on, the most delicious thing i've EVER eaten) nuts (brazilian) raisins and an apple
    II. chicken wit tomatoes, onions and red pepper (a stir fry in a way)
    III. salmon (wild, not farm ) with broccoli and mayo (my own mayo, the mustard i use to make mayo is without sugar, as for fat i use either olive oil or extra virgin colza oil)
    little piece of one of the finest dar chocolates here on the market (Lindt, 90% contet of cocoa)

    Excersise - just burpees, press ups and pull ups in the morning.

    I am now commited to succeding, I still have some belly fat to lose, but is now closer than farther

    wish me luck!

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    Hello Tunia !

    It seems to be a good start.
    I loved bread (I did it myself before committing to Primal food) but I don't miss it at all for the moment.
    Good luck and have fun !

    “Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ― George Bernard Shaw

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    CW : 176.8 lbs

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      Good luck! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress
      My Primal Journal:

      16 years old
      SW: 170
      CW: 162
      GW: 140

      Primal since 8/12/12.


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        Originally posted by golangrok View Post
        Good luck! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress
        Me too, and your food sounds good.
        Annie Ups the Ante


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          Thanks lots and lots.

          as for the bread - i still miss it - but i don't miss the bloating and all other gastric problems that i used to have.
          i am really looking forward to not missing it at all.
          I know i won't miss it eventually - my brother's been paleo for more than a year year now and ALL of his problems (skin, gasrtric, sleep, some concentration issues) and he craves for bacon now not for bread

          as for the progress - i keep a measurement diary - i update it every Saturday so we'll see how i do. The worst part is my belly - pregnancy and c section did a fair damage to it and i literally hate it. But it is better. a year ago i still looked pregnant (and my son is 3yo now..) now i dont, so it's great.

          and TGIF!!

          and food.
          food for today 14/09/2012

          I. coffee
          II. 3 eggs, bacon fried on clarified butter. tomatoes and red pepper
          III. turkey breast backed with dried tomatoes and onions. plus heap of lettuce and tomatoes with olive oil
          IV. dunno yet, some pork probably backed with garlic, onions, carrots, dried plums, apples and pears.

          excersise - 30 mnts jog with sprints up hill. part of my new routine i got from my mentor.


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            Good Morning Everyone!

            I AM THIRSTY. I mean thirsty as hell. I drink gallons of water.
            i've never felt this - is it normal?
            I love it, i mean I've never been a drinking person so to speak, i had to have an alarm clock to remind me to have a glass of wanter.
            Right now it's crazy.

            Yesterday instead of my planned pork - i ate out.
            SOoo much fun. We ordered a huge salad with dried tomatoes, olives, sunflower seeds, grilled chicken and grilled bacon.
            You should see the waiters face what I asked her to bring olive oil. and poured it generously over the food. She almost fainted.
            And asked whether we wanted bread with it. We said no and she turned pale.
            Oh well. It was delicious. and no desserts

            today. today is saturday and my son is jumping like crazy around the house having drunk a bucket od homemade red currant juice and a cocoa, my hubby is frying bacon.
            and I am enjoying my coffee.


            I. eggs, fried bacon some tomatoes (no fried bread today!)
            II. pork, the one i planned yesterday. photo and recipe later.
            III. salad. tuna, eggs, veggies, olive oil.

            some apples and a pear maybe during the day.

            and some outdoor fun - we're goind for a looong walk today.

            I am still in the process of thinking about my son's food.
            He is three, happy healthy and enjoying all sorts of food.
            I was breastfeeding him until he was 2 and 10 months (making everyone around almost die from shock but i dont care).
            He has great apetite (C'mon he can eat a huge piece of salmon along with broccoli).
            I more or less control what he eats when he's home. But I cannot change the food in the kindergarten he's at 5 days a week.
            The food is nice, lots of veggies, good quality meat, fruit, home made juices, good milk and diary products. but grains.
            I am not entirely sure i should limit that for him. I mean he doesn't eat processed food, he doesn't eat sweets, he prefers bacon to icecream. but he likes pasta, he likes potatoes, he really likes a sandwich (especially along with fried bacon and eggs)

            What do you recommend?
            I know that kids need more carbs than we do, especially those moving and jumpind around like crazy as my son is, he's growing.
            but I am sort of confused. I know Grok wouldn't give his children grains.. but.

            here he is in our bed, pile of wild animals with him (plus 3 cats, and no room for my hubby and me )

            and here running like crazy

            have a lovely day (or night 0


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              You are lucky his centre serves so much healthy food and you probably don't need to worry about the grains. I think they would come under the 80/20 principle (only five meals out of 21 if you feed him primal the rest of the time ie breakfast and dinner during the week plus all meals at the weekend).
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              Annie Ups the Ante


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                Welcome, I'm polish too Have you heard of Jan Kwasniewski's "dieta optymalna"/"tluste zycie"? His ideas were somewhat similar to paleo/primal
                “There is immeasurably more left inside than what comes out in words…”
                — Fyodor Dostoevsky


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                  homunculus Hi
                  I'd never thought that there would be any more Poles around here.
                  Yup, I heard about Dieta Kwaśniewskiego. it is really infamous. But form my perspective it is not that similar. People who follow it don't focus on REAL food and what is more - they focus more on fatty meat, lard and so on. they limit strictly veggies and fruit.
                  What is really bad for me is lack of emphasis on real food, good quality food.
                  Pity because the general idea is ok for me.

                  |I have a shitty day. Craving carbs, hate it. i stay focused, do some house chores, eat nuts and almods plus a little piece of good quality dark chocolate.
                  I'm thinking peanut butter. I have some home made. is peanut butter primal (sweetened with a little true honey that is)


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                    Good morning Everybody

                    Weekend'c com and gone, and I am a pound lighter.
                    I did overcome mu urge to binge and I am glad.

                    Saturday went as planned, almost - no dinner I wasn't hungry after I ate this

                    (pork, onions, drien plums and fat cream YUMMY)

                    B. eggs and bacon
                    L. big fat salad (tomatoes, red paprica, olives, oniona and Balkan cheese. oh and olive oil. lots and lots)
                    D: this
                    (meaning pork ham and lots of veggies. dida I mention that I love cooking in one pot?)
                    plus a piece of 99% cocoa chocolate.

                    as for sports - house cleaning.

                    I am glad. It's been a good weekend.


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                      Hi Tunia!!! Can you share any Polish recipies? I live in Mongolia and we have a lot of things like gulash and salads that are very "Eastern European." I really want to improve my salad making especially! I'll share some recipies too on my journal...


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                        Khainag, I will try to share some here.

                        as for today


                        I. apple coffee some nuts
                        II. Tatar (its raw ground beef (i have sirloin), with raw yolks, along with olive oil, onions and pickled sour cucumbers, salt and pepper to taste) (i eat it often it's one of the most delicious forms of eating beef that I know of)
                        III. some chicken stirfry
                        IV dunno depends if I'm hungry.

                        have a great day everybody


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                          hectic day, sometimes i hate my job

                          I hate it. But I will have 2 weeks off so I'll have some more time to rest.

                          todays food
                          I. eggs with bacon, fried
                          II. almonds (plenty)
                          III. apple
                          IV. avocado and some good quality sausage..

                          and I don't thing i'll eat anything more today.
                          I feel sick. (maybe it's the avocado, maybe it's the stress)
                          maybe some fruit later on

                          as for other activities - I'm off for a hike with my son (so some heavy lifring will be involved as well)

                          Have a lovely day Everybody


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                            Hello Tunia,

                            greetings from a fellow European! I think our cuisines are more similar to each other than to the American cuisine. You're doing fine!

                            I hope you get better soon! Stress can also mess up my stomach.

                            Hello, Khainag, what an international community we are here!

                            Have a nice day all! Tunia, I hope you have a nice hike with your son. Is autumn already settling in in Poland, as it is here in Germany?


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                              Bess - HI

                              Yep, autumn is setting here, though it's still quite warm.
                              I love autumn, it's my favourite time of the year, the best food, best veggies.

                              as for the stress - it's just the job right? I love it, i've never been happier, but still sometimes my clients can be very stressful.