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    So I've been following this way of eating on and off for nearly 2 years. When I was doing really good, adding yoga and hooping (my fave way to play) I lost 30 pounds and felt great. That was summer of 2011. Job changes led to more sitting, no time for my work outs and to much crap food started sneaking up on me. As of this last spring back to totally gluten free, nearly entirely grain and legume, and low dairy. I've had some job shifting with odd schedule shifts, but now am on a set schedule and ready to kick myself into gear.

    I also have 4 kids that I homeschool (ages nearly 5, 7, 8 and 16) that are semi primal (they get low grains during lunches / breakfasts since dad is more in charge then) but eat primal dinners. And I have a husband dealing with a severe back injury that I'm working to convince to make some dietary changes (lets just say he makes SAD look healthy lol)

    So there is where I'm starting. Though I gained back a bit of last years' progress, not all. I guess if I'm putting it all out here, I'm at right about 200lbs now. I haven't weighted in in a while since it doesn't show there as quickly as a tape measure, so it is just ball park.

    For now I'm going to use this for food journaling, tracking work outs (does carrying TONS of laundry up 3 flights of stairs count as lifting?) and setting smaller goals just to feel accountable somewhere. Amazing progress to come

    Also, we will be making a cross country trip next month. Traveling to family who all eat like crap, don't get intolerances or just plain health. And who remember me as 40 or more lbs smaller, and knew back before 4 kids and thyroid issues at 115 lbs. No pressure or anything there lol

    22lbs lost since giving up grains!

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    And to start...

    Today I've had
    - iced coffee (yeah, bad lol)
    - brunch was saute'd sweet potato with mushrooms and left over tri tip with dried peppers in it. O M G so good and filling
    - snacked on about one handful of mixed nuts (and about 12 pieces of dark choc covered raw coconut. forgot about that one)
    - dinner is smoked brisket (prepackaged, but gluten free and chemical free, real food) with roasted asparagus and carrots

    Oh, I should note, I work over nights Wed, Thurs and Fri. So my breakfasts the next day are lunch time, which usually is a big meal, I just have a light snack at 'dinner' time then take my dinner to eat on my lunch at work, at roughly midnight. So it's like 2 1/2 meals for the day generally
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    22lbs lost since giving up grains!