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    Day 10 today and I'm still waiting on that energy increase that so many say will happen on this eating plan. Last night instead of the chicken and salad I had chicken and sweet potato for something different. I really love sweet potatoes, so enjoyed the dinner. It also made a nice change from the salad I've been eating a lot of lately.

    This morning I had a glass of milk around breakfast time, followed by 2 eggs and some dark chocolate. For dinner tonight I have roast beef with sweet potato again and I'll have a salad with it to increase my vegie intake for the day.

    I haven't exercised yet today and have spent most of the day relaxing. Actually I've had a really lazy day, but as long as this doesn't become a habit I guess that's ok.

    Will be back tomorrow with an update. I will probably do the LHT workout tomorrow and will save the sprints for my holidays on Monday.


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      Day 11, ate according to plan. I have a slightly sore back today so didn't work out. I think I just slept in an awkward positions, so should be back to normal tomorrow.

      I've been a little more hungry today than yesterday and had a little more milk to make up for it.

      Will be back tomorrow with an update.


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        Day 12 has gone well. I've just finished a dinner of pork belly and sweet potato. YUM!!! I wont be online for a few days as I'm going on holidays and will probably find it difficult to stick to primal foods only on the break. I have to drive non-stop for 3 hours, so have a bottle of pepsi that I can have a sip or two of if I need the caffeine to stay alert. I don't drink coffee or tea, so don't have them as fall backs. Will also weighin when I get back to see how things are going.

        I did the LHT workout today.


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          Have a good trip, Caz.
          Annie Ups the Ante


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            Thanks Annie. I'm back from my break and I wasn't able to stick to primal eating :-( I don't have a fridge yet at the holiday house, and although I'd planned my meals it didn't work out. The first night was supposed to be chicken and salad, but my kids attacked the salad while I was gardening, so I came back in to find it all gone. I had chicken and a few potatoes for dinner. Breakfast one day was 2 fried eggs, but the other day was a toasted egg sandwich. Pizza was another meal and I had pepsi on 2 of the days. On the good side, I tried a piece of my favourite milk chocolate and it had the consistency of thick paste. It was disgusting. As a former chocoholic, I think it will be easy to stay on 70% dark chocolate.

            So now I'm back and it's time to get back on track. I did get lots of exercise, lifted lots of heavy things (I'm renovating an old rundown house on my own), did some sprints, and a couple of cartwheels just for fun. I also got plenty of vitamin D from the sunshine (read a mild case of sunburn). I didn't really feel any different eating lots of carbs vs eating restricted carbs, but I don't think my body had fully made the switch yet before I left.

            I'll weighin in the morning, but expect to have regained some of the lost weight. Dinner tonight will be chicken and either sweet potatoes or salad depending on what's in the fridge. I also have some cashews and dark chocolate.


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              I'm going to continue on as if today is day 13 since the past 3 days were mostly non-primal. I weighed in today at 72.6kg which is 200g up from where I was last week. I'm not too unhappy with that as I'm currently full of non-primal foods. I'll also be retaining fluid due to the excess carbs I ate. Oh well, it's a lifetime eating plan, not a diet, so a few days off isn't going to stop me.

              I need to do some shopping today as I only bought enough food before I left to last till I left, and bought what we needed at the destination when we got there. I have eggs left, so breakfast is sorted, but will need to stock up on meat and vegies today.


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                Yesterday I had a day out at the kids dancing concert and there wasn't any primal foods available. I popped home at lunchtime and ate some leftover roast lamb, then had bacon, eggs and milk for a late dinner. I was happy that I managed to stick to the eating plan even in a situation that was difficult.

                Today I had another day where I was put in temptations way. It's my Mum's birthday, so we had lunch at my sisters house. The options were chicken, salad, chips, bread sticks, soft drinks and mini quiches. I ate heaps of the chicken and salad with water to drink but also had a mini quiche at the end because Mum said she'd made them especially for me since she knows I like them. I haven't told my extended family about my change in eating because I don't want to get into a debate with them.

                Mum told me today that her recent blood tests show she is extremely low in vitamin B12 and will need injections for the rest of her life to boost her levels. She is also borderline type 2 diabetic. I suggested she try to get her B12 from dietary sources, but she has already decided that wont work. My Mum likes the attention of being ill, so she is forever having tests (that all show she is basically healthy), and imagining every headache is a brain tumour. I find her attitude difficult to deal with at the best of times, but it is becoming difficult now to know when something is actually wrong with her and when she is just overreacting to the everyday things that go along with getting older on a SAD. I've suggested changes to her diet in the past, not to primal, but just for her health and to help her feel better, but she's very resistant, so I've learned not to say anything. Unfortunately I don't think she actually wants to get better, so don't think anything I say or do will help.

                Anyway, I'm happy with the way I've eaten over the past 2 days especially as they were challenging in terms of what was available to eat. I haven't exercised much, but will do something tomorrow.

                My weight was back down to 72.4 this morning. I think next weighin will show a drop as I've gone back onto primal foods after the few days off.


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                  Congratulations resisting temptation! I have found that dealing with family and friends making food for me or having dinner with them is one of the hardest things for me to deal with. I'm not ready to tell everyone why I am eating the way that I am yet. Though I've now lost a significant amount of weight, I will wait until I am asked.

                  I was at a cousin's house after a work party and she said, "Now I know you are trying to lose weight, so I made sure everything was low-fat. Pasta salad made with low-fat-mayo and extra lean hamburgers on whole grain rolls... sigh.

                  Their hearts are in the right place and gifts of food is a way of saying, "I love you." I don't have the heart to refuse it. I try to eat just enough to show gratitude (which is a way of saying, "I love you too"). One bad meal won't kill me and hopefully in time I can gently and diplomatically change their viewpoints.
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                    Thanks for popping in DCarr. I know it's my Mum's way of showing love. I seemed to get away with just eating a little of what she prepared, so hopefully I'll get away with that for a bit longer :-) I've only been eating this way for a couple of weeks, so I want to do the right thing for my health, but also for my family.

                    Well today I was tired. I haven't had much sleep over the past few nights due to camping, followed by my daughter having a late shift at work, followed by a late running dancing competition, followed by another late shift for my daughter. I usually sleep from around 10.30pm till 7am and feel pretty good on that amount of sleep. The past few nights have been closer to 5 hours sleep. So today I rested. I fell asleep on the floor in front of the fire (it was cold here today) and stayed there for a large part of the day.

                    On the eating front, I had chicken wings for brunch with full cream milk, tuna and milk for afternoon tea, and some dark chocolate. I have beef ribs and salad organised for dinner if I can be bothered cooking and eating it, otherwise I might just fast till the morning.

                    I attempted a full plank today just for fun and to see if I could do one. I managed 10 seconds which wasn't too bad considering the I don't consider my core to be very strong. I also measured myself and found 2 inches have disappeared from my waist and around 1inch from my hips. Gotta be happy with that. My weight hasn't changed much in the past week, but I'm happy with the 4kg from the first week, and the change in measurements.

                    I'm finding making better food choices is quite easy for me. The only time I struggle is when I'm faced with the smell of freshly baked bread, a situation where I'm feeling really hungry and there are no primal alternatives available at all, and situations where I can't control what's offered.

                    I'm starting to discuss the dietary changes with my 17yo who has type 1 diabetes. She's starting to find her weight more difficult to control, has issues with depression and anxiety and has acne. I know lowering her carbs would help her, but her specialist and dietician wont support me in helping her make any changes. She is also not keen as she just wants to be able to eat like her friends. I'm hoping I can change her diet a little with what I prepare for her at home and maybe it will help her at least a little.

                    As well as the tiredness today I've also had hayfever. It's spring here and as a family prone to allergies to pollen we're going through lots of tissues. I think this is why I slept so long today. I took an antihistamine. I'm on antiseizure medication and usually only take any extra medications at night, otherwise the drug combinations make it unsafe for me to drive. In Australia we're allowed to drive with epilepsy as long as we haven't had any seizures in the past year. I haven't had any confirmed seizures for around 6 years, with the last possible unconfirmed seizure being over 2 years ago. The reason I can't confirm seizures is I only have them in my sleep and I'm single, so no one is there to witness them. If I wake up feeling awful, it's possible it was a seizure, but I'm also prone to migranes and the doctor can't work out if I'm suffering the aftereffects of a seizure or a migrane when I wake up feeling terrible.

                    An early night planned tonight as I have to be up early tomorrow and I NEED to catch up on some housework. A few busy days and this place has gotten completely out of control. I'd been hoping I'd have more energy eating this way, but so far, even when I haven't been really busy, I'm definitely not seeing any signs of an energy increase. Hopefully next week, sigh.


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                      I'm still here and going well on my primal journey. I've started to have a better ability to focus on one task, and have more energy. I'm also starting to lose weight again. I'm currently on 72.0kg.

                      Eating this way is quite easy. Yesterday I felt like dessert, so had a piece of dark chocolate dipped in cream. It was really delicious. I also accidentally bought 2% fat milk, so added some cream to the milk, shook it up and it was incredible.

                      I probably wont keep updating what I'm eating, or what exercise I'm doing, but I'll keep updating to say I'm on track and also to keep track of my weight loss.


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                        Congrats on getting back on track! I know how easy it is to slip up, I'm getting back on track myself.
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