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    Hello gentle grokkers,

    well, primal momma notwithstanding I return from Christmas with my sleep schedule all jacked up and totally addicted to sugar.


    Back to ye olde grinde.


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      Hello gentle grokkers,

      Well I weighed myself this morning. Good news is I didn't even gain water weight over my vacation. Yay! The bad news is I haven't lost a pound since I started this journal. Boo.

      Brekkie: Tea w/maple syrup. Probably more maple syrup than I should be drinking because I oopsed. (Hmmm, subconscious maple syrup dosing?) I'm also out of eggs, cream, and meat. I should go to the store today.

      Lunch: Still haven't made it to grocery store. Was cleaning apartment and dropped entire box of kitty litter on carpet. Now cleaning isn't done and I smell like kitty litter. I have no energy because I've had no fat for the last 24 hours. I'm running on maple syrup from breakfast and it's gone. Sitting on couch reading MDA in a stupor. I need to either finish cleaning and skip lunch or get cleaned up and go to town for MEAT. Still, here I sit. Kitty isn't helping either as she is sacked out on my lap.


      OK. Pre-lunch rant over.

      Lunch take 2: Went to store hungry. Actually didn't do too bad in buying bad stuff. Ended up with a lot of veggies and meat - enough to last me a week probably. My splurge was to pick up a lasagna florentine for lunch. It has real grain noodles which I will probably regret later. It's made by the crazy vegetarians who run my co-op so ingredients-wise it's quite good. But for the grain. Oh well. Had coffee w/maple syrup and cream too.

      Dinner: 2 chocolate bon bons. Uhm... I've been physically active today. Don't know why I'm not hungry. Tomorrow I plan to do eggs!
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        Hello gentle grokkers,

        Brekkie: Coffee w/maple syrup and cream. I'm supposed to do eggs this morning but my kitchen is a disaster area. We'll see if I get hungry enough to be motivated to clean the kitchen so I can do eggs.

        Kitchen is clean for the first time since... Thanksgiving!

        Made 2 over easy eggs with onions, bok choi, and peppers in lard. Used my new cast iron skillet.
        new cast iron.jpg

        Added some sour cream and just a touch of hot sauce to the top.

        Heading off to a friend's house for New Years. We'll be having soup (good) but she wants me to bring French Bread. I'll also be bringing leftover Christmas candy to get rid of it but I bet I'll partake in all, including alcohol. Oh well!
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          Hello gentle grokkers,

          weeeell New Years was fun but it stretched into the new year unfortunately. 4 Rum and Cokes during New Years Eve celebrations. Danced for at least an hour.

          Woke up a teensy weensy bit hung over. Fought through it and didn't take a nap but maybe I should have because instead I made fondu and ate French Bread to go with it. My tummy is now unhappy with me. Why do I do stupid stuff like that? The French Bread and cheese were my only food today. I also had a tea with cream and sugar.

          Tomorrow I start work full time so that should help my diet, I think. We'll see!


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            Hello gentle grokkers,

            Brekkie: 1 over easy egg on 1 small yellow pepper and 1 small onion. Coffee w/cream and maple sugar.

            Missed bus. Stood in cold for 1/2 hr instead of what should have been 10 min. Late for 1st day of work but it was no big deal.

            Lunch: at my desk. 3 small homegrown tomats. Cheddar cheese, sour cream, shredded cock-pot pork. 3 Taco Bell salsa packets. Ate out of a baggie which made a huge mess. Also had a coffee w/nasty fake creamer and real sugar. Small bag of cashews.

            I think I'm going to like it here!


            Yes gentle grokkers, that's a giant slab of prime rib. Happy 1st day of work to me!
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              Hello gentle grokkers,

              Brekkie: coffee w/ cream and maple syrup.

              Stood in the cold for 30 min. Again today. My bus schedule right now has two options-too early and I stand in the cold on campus or too late and I stand in the cold near my apartment!

              Lunch: homemade white cheese ball with sweet peppers and bok choi as dippers. Too many cruciferous veggies. My tummy hurts now. Weird how dairy is no problem and raw veggies are! Coffee w/cream and maple syrup. Brought the cream and syrup in a mason jar and just filled the jar at lunch out of the office pot. Genius! But that also means I can only have 1 mug worth...

              Dinner: pretend duck small (1024x768).jpg
              I'm calling it pretend duck because my Cats will be eating Duck tonight.
              Seasoned w/cumin, red pepper, paprika. Fried in lard. Eaten w/ an avocado and salsa and plantain chips.

              I'm getting my fat today!
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                Hello gentle grokkers,

                Kind of a rough night last night tummy-wise. Am I getting sick?

                Brekkie: coffee w/cream and maple syrup.
                Lunch: more cheese ball w/sweet red peppers, pepperoni chips, plantain chips. More coffee w/cream and maple syrup.
                Dinner: I've been good the last couple of days so I'm 20%ing tonight and making eggplant tomato dip with flatbread (gasp) to dip in it. We'll see if this helps or hinders the temptation to go get Dairy Queen tomorrow!

                SO TIRED
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                  Hello gentle grokkers,

                  was really tired but slept well last night - influence of the extra carbs? I'm starting to wonder. I tend to wake up twice during the night on days I've been 100% or close. No nighttime wake ups last night after the flatbread. I was so tired when I went to bed too.

                  Brekkie: Coffee/cream/maple syrup.

                  From there it was all downhill. Skipped lunch, went to Arby's on my way out of town, got jamocha shake and mozz sticks about 2 hours before dinner.

                  Dinner at a friend's who has kids: non-primal enchilada casserole, beans, rice, all boxed foods. 2 margaritas. Got some play in with the kiddoes though. No dessert.
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                    How dare you post food porn. Eggs looked good enough to eat. "Duck" I want.

                    When I overdue carbs I also slip into a carb coma. But I wake up dehydrated and so thirsty. I generally drink at least 4 glasses of water.


                    • Hi phigment!

                      At least I ONLY post primal-like food!

                      By carb count last night I was still under 100 so not bad, but man my digestive track is mad at me this morning in a way it's only mad at me when I eat wheat/flour/gluten/grain.

                      I suppose I need reminders often that I shouldn't be eating this stuff. But I'm afraid my frequent reminders hurt me! I will say, though, my reminders are becoming less and less frequent.


                      • Hello gentle grokkers,

                        This weekend continues to be poor as far as eating goes.

                        Brekkie: Coffee/Cream/Maple syrup. Leftover Enchilada casserole from last night. Gut is unhappy with me (duh). I'm tired (duh). So I spread out in the sun and took a nap, which was lovely. Woke refreshed.

                        Lunch: After nap Coffee/Cream/Maple syrup.

                        Dinner: Took a stab at making dirty rice. I'm trying to get more offal in my diet and had free range Turkey innards to use.
                        dirty rice (1024x768).jpg
                        Rice, carrot, Turkey gizzard, heart, and liver, shiritake shrooms, onion, garlic, paprika, salt, tobasco in leftover lard/chicken drippings. Didn't stick to my cast iron at all.


                        • Hello gentle grokkers,

                          2 day post here. Yesterday I had 2 cups of coffee w/nasty creamer/sweetener at work. I must be better about that! Lunch was taking myself to a Thai restaurant for a curry fix. Unfortunately the curry and the green tea were not very good so I consoled myself with a chocolate "dome" which, as far as cheats go, was gorgeous. However this consoling myself is a bad habit to get into! For dinner I had the rest of the dirty rice and a Perrier. So it was a high carb day yesterday.

                          Brekkie: coffee/cream/maple syrup in a jar to warm me as I stand out in the cold for 30 min. Because my bus was 10 min. Early and I missed it. Ah well, it was a pretty morning (if cold) with no wind.

                          Forgot my lunch but I'm done w/work at 3 today. Can I make it?

                          Didn't make it. I've been eating too poorly lately. Had a bratwurst with bun and sauerkraut and mustard. A scotcheroo, and a sweet roibus tea latte. Only ate 30 min. Ago and I'm already crashing. Ugh. It's going to be a long 2 hours!
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                          • Oh gentle grokkers,

                            I have been a very bad girl these last 3 days. I'm having trouble getting into the swing of working regular hours. As a consequence I have not cooked, have eaten crap, and felt the same! I'm determined to get my lazy butt in gear.

                            Brekkie:maple syrup, cream, coffee. It saddens me but I really need to kick the syrup habit in my coffee.


                            • Hello gentle grokkers,

                              It's Sunday and I'm making myself meals for the next week so we don't have a repeat of the disaster of last week.

                              Brekkie: coffee/cream/maple syrup
                              Lunch: Salmon w/cumin and paprika and bernaise sauce.
                              salmon cook.jpg
                              Trying a new technique for cooking salmon because I hate flipping it. Yep, that's a grill pan with a pyrex bowl over it.

                              salmon bernaise.jpg
                              Finished product.

                              Verdict: Great salmon method. I like a tender moist salmon. The bernaise sauce was great. The cumin/paprika I'll omit next time.

                              Right now I'm brewing some spaghetti sauce (I make a mean spag sauce.) and it smells soooo good. Unfortunately I cooked up a bad spaghetti squash to put it over. Had to throw out the squash. I'll have to go grab another spaghetti squash or zuchinni this afternoon. Unexpected trip to the grocery store. Oh well.
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                              • Hello gentle grokkers,

                                Well, yesterday was bad. Ended up at a Chinese buffet.
                                Took a nap then had yogurt banana for dinner. Gained 5 lbs of bloat. I looked ridiculous!

                                Back on the wagon today and feeling better. Brekkie: 2 scrambled eggs w/cream cheese, coffee/cream/honey.
                                Lunch @ work: sweet peppers raw w/pepperoni in cheese ball. Apple, in some maple butter. (Of which I only ate 1/3) Still high carb but not like yesterday!

                                I'm supposed to do aqua vortex tonight with a friend. Ready for sanity.

                                Did aqua vortex.

                                Had homemade spag sauce over zucchini noodles. Then had half a package of cottage cheese. (I love fresh cottage cheese, but it starts tasting sour to me at 2 days so I have to eat it fast!)

                                Going to try goat milk over rice cereal before bed. We'll see if I can handle goat milk - it's the evaporated canned stuff. So... the canned milk is decent over rice cereal. We'll see if I can use it in coffee next.

                                I'm quite proud of myself that I have made a full meal for lunch at work tomorrow. If I can manage to remember to bring it to work, we'll be all set!
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