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    Hello gentle grokkers,

    feel groggy from last night's carb fest - like I stayed up till 3 a.m. But I didn't. I was in bed by 1 a.m.

    Stressful day today. Haven't decided if I'll be staying on campus all day or not. We'll see.

    No breakfast.


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      Hello gentle grokkers,

      had just about the most stressful end of the week I've had during my PhD program - due to my PhD program. Luckily I should be slightly less stressed now. Ate a lot of grainy things, though, but my overall hunger was definitely depressed. I gained 4 pounds in 3 days. Probably mostly water weight but I feel like crap. Looking forward to getting back on the wagon.

      Brekkie: Coffee, Cream, some special sugar that is 1/2 coconut sugar, 1/2 stevia. I'll work on pushing that back down to zero.

      Lunch: Skipped.

      Dinner: Friendsgiving. Red wine, white wine, ham, potato, quinoa, squash, spinach, salad, 1/2 piece of bread and butter. Bread pudding, apple pie, pumpkin pie, small slices, but tons of sugar. My friends are awesome!
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        Hello gentle grokkers,

        today I'm going to have a planned off-plan brekkie due to a piece of homemade bread from a friend. Then I NEED MEAT!

        Brekkie: Coffee/Cream/coconut&stevia sugar. French toast.

        Lunch: skipped.

        Early dinner: beef strips w/ teriyaki sauce and mung bean noodle. I hope the beef is ok. It was sitting in my fridge for a few days...

        Well, it tasted fine, but it didn't taste good. So I only ate about a third of it (maybe a 6th pound of beef - so not much) and wasn't at all hungry. So I went to the K- wallyworld and wasn't tempted at all by food there or on the way back home. Then when I got home I got out a bag of Heath bars I'd bought for Halloween, sat on my couch and ate half the bag.

        Ugh. It makes no sense. I wasn't even hungry.

        Full flight of vitamins. First time I had a full flight for a week. (L-Glutamine, Choline, Vit D, Vit C, Calcium, Magnesium, Selenium, Cod Liver Oil)

        Everyone around me, including half the people at the conference I was at are sick with a head cold this week and last - I'm not yet, knock on wood! Pounding the Vit. C and washing hands a lot.
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          Hello gentle grokkers,

          I'm super groggy this morning - wonder if last night's sugar binge has anything to do with that?

          Brekkie: Over very easy egg with cream cheese - soupy egg breakfast! Coffee/Cream/coconut sugar & stevia mix - 1 tsp.

          Lunch: beef strogonoff beef and gravy over cauliflower mash w/butter and a bit of cream.

          If my scale is to be trusted, I just lost 4 lbs in the last 24 hours. WTF?

          Dinner: skipped.

          Damage from night class: rice krispies treat, bowl of disgusting instant kraft mac and cheese, braunschweiger w/grey poupon on a small little hawaiian sweet roll. - Damage from night class looks an awful lot like dinner, doesn't it!
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            Hello gentle grokkers,

            My gut is definitely paying for the damage from last night. You would think that I would associate this terribleness to the food that causes it eventually!

            Brekkie: Coffee/Cream/coconut sugar & stevia.

            Lunch: leftover roast beef with gravy and cauliflower.

            Dinner: Carlos out with friends - burrito w/a lot of meat - first time I couldn't finish a whole meal at Carlos in quite a while! Unfortunately after dinner I had liquid calories - a margarita, 2 rum and cokes, half a glass of wheat beer.
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              Hello gentle grokkers,

              not at all hungry this morning. I'm going to take some deviled ham or tuna salad to eat between teaching classes today.

              Brekkie: Cofee/Cream no sugar!

              And I forgot to take any food for lunch. Skipped.

              Dinner: A can of mandarin oranges and juice (sugar spike), 8 rice crackers with blue cheese, half a turkey thigh, bone broth w/two hawaiian rolls (brought on by the oranges, I'm sure) and butter. Coffee/cream/raw, local honey.

              Vit. C.
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                Hello gentle grokkers,

                not hungry again today!

                Brekkie: skipped.

                Lunch: rice made with the bone broth from last night, leftover turkey in a thai white sauce with carrots.

                Early dinner: Grape-nuts with brown sugar. Ugh. Why do I do this to myself? I have perfectly marinaded steak in the fridge and instead I go for grape-nuts which I HAVE NOT TOUCHED for 3 months! WTF? TeJava.

                Late dinner: the rest of the rice with cheese. Coffee/cream. Might as well eat it up. I'll make the steaks tomorrow.
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                  Hello gentle grokkers,

                  will be eating a late brekkie/lunch at a farmer's market today! Hopefully I'll pick up some good food. Not holding my breath about a decent breakfast though.

                  There was nothing halfway decent for brekkie. So I fasted as long as possible and had a late breakfast/early lunch: 1 slice of veggie pizza on a very thin crust - didn't eat most of the crust - the veggies were plentiful though!

                  Late lunch: salmon and tuna sushi on rice. - I was quite proud of myself for not giving in to something more fast-foodish while traveling.

                  Can't-fall-asleep-while-driving snack - a venti frappucino from Starbucks - ie. a sugar bomb!

                  Late, late supper: my steak, which by now had been marinading for over 24 hours, pan grilled rare cut up with cheese, half an avocado, and salsa on a small sprouted corn tortilla.
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                    Hello gentle grokkers,

                    Brekkie: Coffee w/almond milk and figs with mascarpone! I feel like royalty today.
                    figgy brekkie.jpg

                    I'm headed to campus on a Sunday to work most of the day. I expect I'll either be skipping lunch or eating a late lunch. I have more figs and mascarpone and steak and avocado just waiting for me! So excited to be eating like this.

                    So I ended up on campus until dinner time. Knew I would be once I got into my project, but luckily I had some decent food stashed away in my desk. Lunch: Quinoa with indian veggies in curry.

                    Dinner: marinaded steak w/half an avocado, salsa, cheddar, and mascarpone. The rest of the figs with mascarpone. Perrier.

                    All in all a successful eating day! (And I got a lot of work done too.)
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                      Hello gentle grokkers,

                      well, I've been experimenting with ways to shut the whole heavy cream in my coffee thing down. I think it's too many calories - although it is pure fat. I've tried coconut milk - blech. Coconut cream - which was good but I might as well be drinking dairy cream. Black is out. And if I put sugar/stevia in it black I have to put so much in that it defeats the purpose.


                      Brekkie: Coffee w/coconut cream.

                      Lunch: Gorgeously lovely day. Was out on main street and decided to go get some tea in a coffeeshop. Was also getting hungry. There were NO options that were decently primal. I splurged - large chai tea and a grilled cheese sandwhich. Halfway through the sammich I started getting a bit nauseated. I didn't end up eating it all. Then I felt kind of bad afterwards. I'm taking this one as a win - the more bad stuff nauseates me the less apt I am to eat it!

                      Dinner: Scrounged up 2 lasagna noodles (Dreamfields so - oh who knows the verdict on these. Not primal.). Broke up lasagna noodles, tossed in a can of clams, diced up a tomato, and added a couple large tablespoons of mascarpone. Now I have clam juice in the fridge and am leaving for 4 days... better drink it up quick! But in what?
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                        Hello gentle grokkers,

                        This will be a 2 day update.

                        On the first day I was traveling so I had an avocado w/salsa before I left - big mistake. Got hungry on the road. Ended up eating a double cheeseburger (with bun) and a mocha shake and a couple handfuls of fries and a couple sips of diet Mountain Dew before reaching my parents' house!

                        Luckily my mom is expertly primal. Sausage and Swiss chard stuffed pumpkin w/a bit of quark cheese and Perrier for dinner.

                        Day 2: food making day - we're doing a primal friendly Thanksgiving! Skipped breakfast. Ate leftovers from last night, 2cups of coffee w/cream and maple syrup. Dinner: spaghetti squash w/meat tomato pepper onion homemade sauce w/quark cheese. Went back for 2nds! Perrier.

                        Are we ready for turkey day tomorrow?


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                          Hello gentle grokkers,

                          Thanksgiving: turkey, awesome primal dressing made with egg and almond meal and chestnuts, apples, craisins, etc. Maple syrup sweetened cranberries, sweet potato, a bit of regular potato, giblets and gravy... uh, some other food I can't remember - all of it primal legal. NO ROLLS. 1 small piece of conventional brandied mince-meat pie. Piece of primal pumpkin pie. White wine, cold duck. Leftovers for dinner. Heavy on the turkey lurkey.

                          Black Friday: was a bust food-wise as is the day after black Friday since I drove home.

                          Tomorrow it's back on the wagon for me!
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                            Hello gentle grokkers,

                            if I'm back on the wagon today brunch with the girls is probably not the best way to start! At least we're going to a restaurant that serves local and organic!

                            Brunch: unsugared coffee w/half and half, two over easy eggs on sweet potato/pepper/onion hash surrounded by 6 fried oysters and a bit of home-pickled relish. 1 small piece of toast - I ripped off the crust. Shouldn't have even eaten the toast at all but really it was 4 bites. Didn't get around all the sweet potato "hash" but it was really good!

                            All day: nursed a cup of coffee w/cream.

                            Dinner: shaved ham, 2 eggs, white cheddar, cream, mascarpone in a skillet. I meant to undercook this mix and so promptly overcooked it which led to gritty cheese and hard eggs. So I added cream cheese - because, you know, why not?

                            Very filling day.
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                              Hello gentle grokkers,

                              Brekkie: Coffee w/cream. Unfortunately the coffee I just bought is burnt tasting. Ugh. I'm going to have to find something to sweeten it up! Used stevia coconut sugar. Then had another and used raw honey

                              Lunch: 3 pieces of bacon (pieces and ends, so not whole) and baked up a cauli pizza frittata thing - which was awesome.

                              On my 3rd cup of coffee today. Am grading papers. Ugh. However, I did get a roast started in the crock-pot. It should be done, uh, about, 10:30 tonight - which is OK because I have night class.

                              Must. Get. Done. Grading.

                              Night class.

                              Late dinner: pot roast - turned out a bit dryer than usual. 3 bites of pot roast potato, 2 bites of pot roast carrot. Put the rest of the meat back in the pot - dug out the 6 more bites of potato (since it was perfectly done) and I guess I'll let it crock all night!
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                                Hello gentle grokkers,

                                back to the daily grind!

                                Brekkie: 1 white, 1 red, & 1 purple new potato chopped and fried up into hash browns in bacon fat and roast drippings under a barely cooked egg. Coffee, cream, raw honey. Dang fine breakfast!

                                I am so glad the end of the semester is almost here. The schedule I've had this semester has really messed with me. Today was a teaching day again, so no lunch till mid-afternoon. By then I've missed my hunger zone and so am tempted by sugary stuff instead.

                                Late lunch: 2 rice cakes with almond butter on one and coconut manna on the other, topped with a bit of jam. Coffee/Cream/Honey.

                                Took a nap immediately after eating the sugar.

                                Early dinner: Not hungry, but I'm heading into night class. So... pot-roast chili.

                                Night class stay-awake snack: Rice Crispies treat and a whole coke. It's been a long time since I had a whole Coke, not diet and drank the whole thing. Hmmm. I'm definitely on the sugar burn now!

                                Came home starving (yep. totally sugar burning) Ate a whole bag of microwave rice with microwave eggplant curry on top. Tasted great. But now it's really late and I don't feel like falling asleep - surely I will feel like crap in the morning and regret my sugar craziness.

                                Tomorrow I've GOT to cut the rice and not fall prey to the sugar!
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