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    Hello gentle grokkers,

    woke up feeling not-so-hot. However, I did get about 7.5 hours of sleep. So that's good. I don't know why I didn't feel good, could be a variety of things. Not hungry at all, so I went on a walk fasted. About 3 miles at a wandering pace.

    Ate a glass of kefir, broth, and a ciabatta bun for lunch. I expect the bun is not helping my ucky feeling, but it helps me get the broth down. I need to find a primal replacement for "dipping" bread. Paleo bread doesn't hold any liquid!

    I think I'm going to take a nap before night class tonight.

    Took nap.

    Successfully made my supper: cream cheese on the bottom, leftover roast w/enchilada sauce on top and took it with me to class. Ate it with a bottle of Perrier.

    Major headache ever since taking the nap. What did I do to myself whilst asleep! As a result, though, no hunger today.

    Supplement count: L-Glutamine, Choline, Calcium/Vit D/Vit C, Fish Oil, Ibuprofin! Taken with unsweetened tea.

    Was getting ready for bed when the Ibuprofin kicked in and immediately hunger kicked in as well. So I caved and got a small sprouted corn tortilla fried in butter and dipped in 2 tablespoons of salsa.

    My gut is still unhappy from the ciabatta buns of the last couple days. It's kind of nice when there's that easy 1:1 connection. Only 1 more and then I'm done with them, though. I'm too poor to waste food at this point. My next test on myself will be more of those sprouted corn tortillas. No gluten so we'll see if that's the issue.
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      Hello gentle grokkers,

      yesterday was a coffee/cream followed by horrible day. Got hungry between teaching classes. Had exactly 20 minutes to buy, microwave, and scarf down a small frozen alfredo and noodles and broccoli meal. In the scheme of things this wasn't too bad - except it triggered carb cravings later in the day and led to supper at Panera. Now, there are decently primal things to eat at Panera, but when I go to Panera I don't tend to order them. Oh well, at least my sammich had steak on it! Also, I was not hungry during night class, only thirsty. So, damage from night class was only a glass of powdered milk (ewww) with honey in it (to make it palatable).

      Today Brekkie: Yellow roasted, peeled bell pepper with cream cheese and a steamed egg. This was so pretty and I was going to take a picture - and then I broke the yoke and tore through the middle of the pepper getting it out of the pan! Oh well. Still tasted good. English tea w/cream.

      Today I'm determined to be better than yesterday.

      Lunch: tacos.jpg

      Oddly enough, this is an on-plan lunch! You see, I think I may have figured out a way to trick myself into getting home for nearly every meal and thus eating closer to primally than I have been. Today I am "testing" to see how sprouted corn tortillas affect my system. Now, this will only work if I eat cleanly for a couple of days except for the tortillas!

      We'll see how it works...

      Took a very short nap. 20 minutes.

      No dinner: not hungry after late taco lunch.

      Damage from night class: 1 brownie and 1/2 a diet coke.

      Damage from celebrating turning in an important portfolio for my program during pint night: 1 jack and coke and 1 vanilla porter. I feel great! At midnight!
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        Hello gentle grokkers:

        It stormed last night so I didn't sleep very well. It's still raining!

        Brekkie: Goat Cheese Beef Stroganof - 1/3 pound ground beef that I fried up in coconut oil a pound of this morning, mixed with garlic, onion which were simmered in the ground beef juice, leftover sour cream/goat cheese, a bit of leftover roast broth because my pan got too dry. I love stroganof for breakfast when it starts getting cold out! English tea w/cream.
        Plus, this breakfast has to last me longer than Tuesday's non-breakfast did! There will be no buying a frozen meal from a snack machine today!

        Wow. It's now 3 in the afternoon and I am still not hungry! Shall I force some food or shall I take a nap? It's gotten really cold and a nap sounds just wonderful!

        Managed not to take a nap. 1/2 an avocado, salsa, and the last of the plantain chips mixed with the last of the sprouted blue corn chips for a snack.

        Acorn squash in the crock-pot for dinner!

        Supplement count: L-Glutamine, Choline, Calcium/Vit D/Vit C, Fish oil.
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          Hello gentle grokkers,

          had a perfect eating day yesterday - of course I also was not out and about on the town! I wonder if I can stay on plan today?

          Brekkie: Coffee/Cream. 2 egg w/large orange roasted pepper, cream cheese.

          My egg is escaping! egg escape.jpg

          Totally skipped lunch. Wasn't hungry at all. I feel good today and am getting a lot of schoolwork done!

          Damage from 2 hr. meeting at a coffeeshop: Nursed a 16 oz. chai latte. Had 3 little pita points with a schmear of hummus, 1 carrot stick with another schmear. Not bad!

          Dinner: Not hungry. Will probably end up eating taco fixings eventually. Waiting for the sugar withdrawal to kick in tonight. I'm kind of scared. Hope it won't happen. Changed clothes so that I'm not allowed to go outside my apartment tonight to buy bad food.

          Carb cravings hit about 9:00. Luckily I was craving mac and cheese and had some cauliflower from my CSA in my fridge!

          Late, late dinner: Faux cauli mac and cheese - the Alton Brown kind that uses an egg and some hot sauce in the roux. Boiled the cauliflower. Had smoked cheddar on hand too. Not bad for a carb craving dinner! To drink: unsweetened ice tea.

          Reflections: Well, with this semester's wackadoodle schedule I seem to want to eat a late lunch and late dinner. That's fine, but now I'm up at 12:30 at night, again. Little cat likes to wake me promptly at 7:30 so I just barely get in 7 hours and I really need 8 at least, which leads to a nap, which leads to another late dinner... Huh. I guess I'll just have to tough it out until the semester's over.

          In good news: I've lost 3 pounds! Probably water weight, but still a step in the right direction and a reward for being fairly good for the last 3 days and a reminder that, yes, my body really does like eating like this!

          Supplement count: L-Glutamine, Choline, Calcium/Vit D/Vit C, Fish oil.
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            Hello gentle grokkers,

            Had too much tea last night and had trouble getting to sleep. Lil cat woke me at 8. I'll be taking a nap today I think!

            Brekkie: 2 frozen pumpkin pancakes. Lotsa buttah. Tea w/cream.

            Mmmhmmm, after breakfast I laid down to read and slept through lunch! Now I'm not hungry, so I'd say I'm definitely in ketosis. The salad on Mark's column today looks absolutely scrumptuous, but I think it's the olives my taste buds want.

            Therefore, late lunch: 2 pickles.

            I have a Halloween party tonight! I wonder if I can avoid the sugar?

            Early dinner: 4 green olives stuffed w/ cheddar. 1/2 cup leftover enchilada crockpot beef under 1 cup leftover cauliflower mac. Overheated the mac and so curdled the egg in there so dinner looks pretty disgusting. Tastes good though!

            Damage from Halloween party: 1 bottle pumpkin ale, 1 cup of punch, 1 cookie, a couple pieces of cracker w/cheese, a couple cherry tomatoes w/hummus. Not half bad! Avoided cheesecake, brownies, mini eggrolls, mini tacos, etc.

            It definitely threw me out of ketosis - I craved taco bell and other various fast foods on my way home. Avoided temptation and when I got home ate the rest of my smoked cheddar cheese.

            Stayed up till 2:30 again though :P
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              Hello gentle grokkers,

              why oh why does my cat insist on getting me up at 8:00 no matter what? I'm down 2 hours of sleep, I'm drinking coffee, I'm going to go back to bed in half an hour!

              Took a nap. It was rather difficult since I had just drank that coffee. Duh, oops. But I did get some rest and woke up hungry!

              Lunch: almost 1/2 pound ground beef taco spiced w/ hearts of romaine, 1/2 avocado, salsa, sour cream. I'm headed to campus to do work (I know, work on a Sunday) and am determined to wait to eat until I get back home!

              Worked all afternoon but got my work done! I was working with a group and at one point it was decided that we all go to the coffeeshop. I managed not to have anything too bad - whole steamed milk with honey. It truly hit the spot! Pretty sugary and kicked me out of ketosis - I'm now kinda hungry for dinner (which should be awesome, gouda chicken!) but compared to what I usually have at the coffeeshop, and considering everyone else in my group got syrupy drinks with pastries... I'd say not bad! Also, I found out they charge more for the "honey syrup" that they put in a "steamer" than they do for real honey in "steamed milk"! By almost a dollar! Madness!

              Dinner: 2 chicken thighs w/gouda stuffed inside coated w/ coconut oil and liberally sprinkled w/jerk seasoning. Oh my, yes!

              2 pieces dark chocolate with almonds. Perrier.

              Supplement count: L-Glutamine, Vit D/C/Calcium, Cod liver oil, selenium, chromium, magnesium.
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                Hello gentle grokkers,

                last night I finally figured out how to drop the black blinds in my bedroom without my kitty breaking through them so that it gets completely dark with no damage! Kitty let me sleep till 8:30.

                Woke up not hungry. Does this mean I'm back in ketosis?
                Brekkie: tea w/cream

                Headed to campus. I would walk or bike today because I actually have the time to do so ! but it's cold and looks like it's going to rain

                Here's a fish that almost made fire trucks come to my apartment...
                burnt fish.jpg
                Lunch: Wild salmon topped with goat cheese/sour cream mix and walnuts. Fried to a blackened crisp in coconut oil.

                Note to friers out there - goat cheese and smoking coconut oil are not friends.

                Took a nap - because I can.

                Dinner: A study in compromise. I went to Carlos O'Kelley's because my apartment smells like burnt fish. That probably wasn't the wisest choice in restaurant. Had the steak picada, which all things considered is pretty primal. Ate it with both kinds of rice, which I didn't technically have to have... and a bowl of chips, which I def. didn't need to have. However I had it with a diet pepsi instead of a margarita, which is a compromise on several levels.

                Damage from night class: 2 chips with spinach dip, 3 1-inch cube sized shortbread cookies. Diet coke. Not bad. I'm definitely seeing the sweet kick back in with sugar cravings even though I'm so full I feel kind of sick.

                9 hours after almost burning down my kitchen, my apartment still smells like burnt fish. Turned on the heater just to replace the smell with burnt dust instead.

                Supplement count: L-Glutamine, Vit D/C/Calcium, Cod liver oil, chromium, magnesium.
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                  Hello gentle grokkers,

                  today will be a high protein day!

                  Brekkie: Coffee w/cream, scrambled egg w/cream and 1/2 an avocado, thus:

                  Hit the meat jackpot at my co-op!

                  Late, late, late lunch: Turkey thigh w/rosemary in butter, thus:
                  fried turkey thigh.jpg

                  Put a pork butt in the crockpot seasoned w/tandoori thus:
                  tandoori pork.jpg

                  Doing happy meat dance!

                  Pre-class snack: coffee/cream, 8 almond rice crackers w/ cheddar ale mustard cheese.

                  Went to class. Not at all hungry during class.

                  Came home. Had leftover coffee from late lunch and added more cream and brown sugar to it (bad).

                  Supplements: Cod Liver Oil, Magnesium, Vit. C

                  Gained a pound today. Why?
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                    Hello gentle grokkers,

                    not hungry today.

                    Brekkie: Tea w/cream.

                    Lunch: pork roast w/garlic lentil rice. Almost immediate and very strong sugar cravings. Ugh, my body sucks.

                    I might have to go get a small shake or something to feed the sugar monster and make it through night class!

                    Damage: 1 bowl of instant mac and cheese in my office before class, 2 bottles of chocolate milk, 1 chocolate cookie.

                    Damage after night class: Taco Bell - 1 burrito, 1 taco, 1 limeade.

                    Ugh. What is wrong with me?

                    Well, I wasn't happy with some news I got about my academic performance, I'm probably PMSing, and here's what I had the willpower to NOT EAT but really wanted to today: 1 DQ frozen hot chocolate, a burger and fries, a piece of Halloween cake, Halloween candy, Halloween pumpkin cake, another cookie. So, I guess I wasn't as bad as I could have been and probably shouldn't beat myself up too bad.
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                      Hello gentle grokkers,

                      well, yesterday I derailed any weight loss before it hardly even started. Today I must hop back on the wagon.

                      Brekkie: Coffee/Cream, over/easy egg on 2 shallots.

                      Posting this from class now - is that bad? Students are working happily. Brekkie did NOT last me as long as I'd have liked - it's 1:30 and my tumbly is rumbly. Luckily I brought a bunch of decently primal food to my office last night. I'm staying on campus today and working most of the afternoon so I doubt I'll get out for late lunch. Dunno what I'll do for dinner.

                      Going to a play tonight!

                      Ended up eating vegetable stew for late lunch and then no dinner. Straight-up pork roast at 11:00 when I came home before bed.
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                        Hello gentle grokkers,

                        Brekkie: Coffee w/cocoa powder and cream. Frozen egg veggie souffle.

                        Zumba class! Yay! I really needed that.

                        Lunch: A lesson in new foods. Ground beef liver (which I have had before - I recognize the taste - but have never made for myself) with ground beef and mushrooms and canned tomatoes with Spaghetti seasoning over quark cheese (which I really have never had before - I think I prefer it to ricotta though!) topped with parm. That makes an excellent spaghetti sub - totally primal and totally filling!

                        I am working myself up to eating the beef liver with bacon and onions - but liver is so chewy!

                        I have a party tonight and there will be lots of food. Luckily the birthday girl is Serbian and she eats a very similar diet as I do - still I expect lots of sugar in impulse reach!

                        Damage from the party: several kettle potato chips with guac. 3 blue corn chips with guac. 6 homemade potato wedges, roasted red pepper salad, coleslaw, small portion of egg casserole that had veggies and soaked faro in it, pork loin, sweet pickles, sausage, a piece of ice cream cake, several junior mints, 2 glasses of white wine, 1 glass of champagne.

                        Eh, not bad for a party!
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                          Still feeling the effects of the party (probably that cake) on my tummy this morning.

                          Brekkie: Coffee/cream.

                          Late lunch: leftover pork roast, leftover ground beef, leftover rice and lentils, leftover 1/2 avocado, leftover taco bell mild sauce.

                          Took a nap.

                          Had a coconut kefir.

                          Dinner at a friend's house - we're watching V-for-Vendetta early this year! Damage: 2 pork roast leftovers, red pepper leftovers, pasta salad leftovers from the party last night, 1 fun size kit kat, 1 fun size crunch bar, 1 orange juice w/sherbet, 1 baily's.
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                            Hello gentle grokkers,

                            I MUST GET OFF THE SUGAR! This seems to be the wrong time of year to do so, but still. I'm not losing anything - inches, pounds, whatever. I carry a calorie deficit almost every day so it's got to be the sugar still tripping me up. It sucks because I know I'm at or under 100 carbs most days. I know I really need to be around 30 carbs a day to lose though because that's the only thing that has worked for me in the past Eventually I'll do Whole 30 and eliminate dairy for awhile, but right now dairy's my crutch. Let's get through Christmas. Then I'll think about Whole 30.

                            Brekkie: Coffee w/Cream

                            I'm thinking about implementing a tummy rumble protocol. That is, I'm not allowed to eat anything of substance until my tummy literally growls. Problem is, for example, today it's late-lunch time, I only had coffee/cream for breakfast and my tummy still has not rumbled. And yet the longer I wait the more likely my willpower will deplete. I'll have to play with this delicate balance.

                            Late lunch: Leftover liver/beef tomato shroom spag sauce on quark cheese topped w/parm.

                            Dinner: Sushi and chocolate. I'm ruing the end of the weekend.
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                              Hello gentle grokkers,

                              Can definitely tell my body was running on sugar after sushi and chocolate last night. I woke up with my tummy literally growling in the middle of the night. I ignored it and went back to sleep. Woke up again when I needed to get up with my tummy still growling.

                              Went on a 3 mile walk with a friend, fasted.

                              Late brekkie: 2 eggs over easy on quark cheese, coffee and cream.

                              Took a nap. Tummy has been talking all day, even after I ate. I don't feel sick or anything though. What is going on?

                              Late lunch: last of the liver spag w/ last of the quark cheese.

                              Headed to campus and will stay there through night class... dinner may be interesting!

                              Dinner: A can of deviled ham and chai green/black tea w/honey and bit of powdered milk.

                              Damage from night class: 1/2 a slice of homemade bread with enough butter on it to get me strange looks, a small slice of cake, a cup of coffee w/ half and half and 1 raw sugar packet.

                              Here come the cravings, 10:00! Literally. Doing the right thing and taking care of cravings by making faux hamburger helper. Ground beef, onion, sour cream, goat cheese, cheddar, heavy cream. Turned out kind of like a stew. I'm going to eat it until I'm full.
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                                Hello gentle grokkers,

                                busy busy day today.

                                Brekkie: Coffee/cream - unfinished.
                                Late lunch: large bowl of butternut squash soup.
                                Early dinner: wackadoodle quinoa mixture from a bag. Ingredients: quinoa, coconut cream, banana, cinnamon. Super sweet, probably too many carbs.

                                Which led to...

                                Election night bar food: 2 lamb burger sliders (w/bun), a cup of potato salad, an Irish coffee. Could have been better if I'd taken the bun off the lamb sliders...
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