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    Hello gentle grokkers,

    another day another day. Woke up early and decided to get some work done while eating a big breakfast.

    Brekkie: 2 egg scramble with a chopped onion on a piece of special toast - of which I only ate half because it stopped tasting good to me. Time to throw out the bread I think! (yeah) Cup of coffee w/cream and maple syrup.

    A 2 meal day today! Unfortunately the second meal was Panera.

    Was on campus until nearly 4. Came home just long enough to grab different books and rewrap my injured finger. Then I went to Panera and ate: a mocha, a half turkey/cranberry sammich, a small bowl of mac and cheese, the innards of a baguette slice, and a chocolate pastry.


    Well, the damage from night class was zilch. I didn't fall into a sugar coma either - surprising. Hopefully I concentrated hard enough to use up all that glucose. I'm more than a little stressed out right now.
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      Hello gentle grokkers,

      recuperating from stressed out bad eating yesterday. Walk around a lake with a friend cancelled due to the fact the friend's sick (she's stressed out too).

      Brekkie: A whole avocado w/taco sauce and 3 pieces of bacon. Coffee, cream, bit of maple syrup.

      Lunch: Crock-Pot slightly-too-salty chicken broth with some of the carrot from the crock-pot cut up in it. If I close my eyes I can almost pretend that the carrot is noodle.

      My chicken broth is almost brown. Is that normal? I'm on day 4 of the chicken broth. I've made 4 mason-jars worth of it and I wonder when all the nutrients will be out. Maybe I'll ask on the forum.

      I ate about 6 bites of the broth and carrot. Then got out the plantain chips and ate the leftover guac from breakfast. Another mug of coffee w/cream and syrup. Had a small piece of dark chocolate. I'm just not hungry.

      Dinner: Went to Panchero's before class because I was really not hungry and knew I needed to eat something before class. Had a bowl with rice, pork, tomato salsa, sour cream, guacamole, green hot sauce. It was really good! The rice is the only part of the bowl I'm a bit concerned about. Also I had half a glass of Fanta orange for a sugar rush.

      Damage from class:1 slice of bread with homemade tapenade. More tapenade than bread. 1 diet coke.

      Now I'm home again and not hungry. I like this not hungry stuff but it makes eating before class difficult!
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        Hello gentle grokkers,

        It's a beautiful morning and since I finished grading papers yesterday I feel much less stressed!

        Brekkie: Scrambled egg with tomato. I used up the last of my CSA tomatoes for this week. (New box today, yeah.) 1/2 medium onion, lots of garlic, peeled tomatoes into the pot with buttah. When they are all boiled down to stew, remove and add eggs. Scramble. Add tomatoes back on eggs. I only had one egg so it was more like tomatoes with scrambled egg than vice-versa. So good. Coffee w/cream and a bit of maple syrup.

        I teach today.

        Late lunch/snack: Hippie crackers made out of sunflower seeds, flax, tomatoes, garbanzo bean flour, pumpkin seeds, onions, bell peppers, spinach, salt yeast, garlic balsamic, olive oil. With Artichoke Parmesan dip from my local co-op. Small chocolate milk from local creamery.

        I won't be doing AquaVortex due to my finger injury. I will be carrying the CSA box around though.

        Dinner planned is primal palak paneer. We'll see if I make rice or if I make the palak from spinach or kale.

        So... I did have Indian for dinner, but I got a call from my AquaVortex buddies and the pool was closed today, so we decided to go out for dinner instead (logical, right?).

        Dinner: Butter chicken, chicken vindaloo, chicken masala with jasmine rice, garlic naan, sugar loaf naan, and a mango lassi. OK, so specifically, the butter chicken was mine and I only had a bite of the vindaloo and masala (which were excellent) but I did eat about 1.5 cups of rice and 1.5 slices of each type of naan (and the lassi). It has only been an hour and already my gut is pretty unhappy with me. I suspect the naan, but I don't know if that is the culprit for sure. I only discovered Indian food last year so all of this, the spice profiles, the heat, is new to me. I probably should've declined the naan. Oh well. I'll get there.

        In the meantime, I've baked up my chicken skins and wings. They turned out crispy! I'm too stuffed to snack on them right now, but the apartment sure smells good!

        I think I'll turn in early tonight. It's been a long hard week.
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          I always think my scales are broken too lol, so I weight myself twice just to be sure....the result is always the same second time around.

          Ur brekkies look tasty! I love roasted peppers too!

          How do you get ur pics normal size? Mine are massive.
          Start Weight: 63.6kg/140lbs
          Goal Weight: 54kg/118lbs


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            Originally posted by lowcarbjas View Post
            How do you get ur pics normal size? Mine are massive.
            Hey lowcarbjas! I wish I were consistently low enough carb to put low carb in my name :P

            So far all the pics have been off my phone. I email them to myself and that's when they get resized. I save them as jpegs. If I were using my decent camera I think I'd have to resize them in my photo editor and save them as a smaller size. Then upload the smaller sized ones.


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              Yes! I managed to make my pics smaller thank you!

              I used to eat way more carbs than I do now & every time I'd diet, I'd have a massive sugar binge every single weekend.
              Now, I don't crave bread/rice/cakes.....unless I have something sugary, like dates. So, don't worry about the re-laspes - it will get better.

              Recently, I've been having a piece or 2 of dark chocolate everyday. It's a total crutch coz I can't let go of it. So I decided to start a whole30 from October (no tea/dark choco/red wine/dairy....eeek!) and take it one day at a time.
              Start Weight: 63.6kg/140lbs
              Goal Weight: 54kg/118lbs


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                Originally posted by lowcarbjas View Post
                Recently, I've been having a piece or 2 of dark chocolate everyday. It's a total crutch coz I can't let go of it. So I decided to start a whole30 from October (no tea/dark choco/red wine/dairy....eeek!) and take it one day at a time.
                You know, if you are eating the dark chocolate for the sugar instead of the caffeine, it is possible to wean yourself up to eating pure 100% baking chocolate w/o the sugar. I got to that point about a year and a half ago. If you're eating the chocolate for the caffeine, well, I have no solutions for that! I think I eat chocolate for the fat. I definitely crave a 90% or so when I have to have a piece.

                Good luck on the whole 30! I'd like to do that sometime when I'm under less life-stress than I am now.


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                  Hello gentle grokkers,

                  I was up until about 2 last night not being productive (dang carbs) but then I slept until about 10 this morning! (Yay!) Today's going to be one of those days I'm low on meat and high on sugar.

                  Brekkie: Coffee/Cream/Maple Syrup

                  Planned: An ice cream break with friends around 1. A birthday party potluck with vegetarians and a pub crawl afterwards. Maybe I'll sneak a steak or a piece of chicken skin in there somewhere!

                  I'm headed outside to go on a walk with my cat (Yep, I'm that type of girl who walks her cat on a leash occasionally.) Maybe then I'll get some work done today... or not.


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                    Hello gentle grokkers,

                    What happened last night... well, yesterday at 3 p.m. I was down 3 pounds. Today at 10 a.m. I am back to starting weight. And that should tell you what happened at the birthday potluck and pub crawl... oh well. It was fun, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, didn't do anything stupid and only have a slight headache this morning.

                    Late Brekkie: Coffee/Cream/Maple Syrup.

                    Lunch: leftover butter chicken, homemade kale coconut curry over paneer, a bit of rice, Perrier.
                    This pic really doesn't do justice to the vibrancy of my Kale curry. It's an almost neon green!

                    Took a much needed nap after being quite productive in my studies.

                    Had another cup of coffee/cream/maple syrup.

                    Dinner: chocolate syrup made from 90% and 100% chocolate bar pieces with leftover fresh fruit salad mixed in it. Warm goat cheese topped with blueberry preserve with Almond/Rice crackers. Yup. I'm back to fighting the sugar demon.

                    Midnight snack: grass fed jerky stick! A bottle of Perrier. Why am I up watching Jenna Marbles YouTube vids until after midnight?
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                      Hello gentle grokkers,

                      Brekkie: Coffee/cream/maple syrup. Berries w/mix of coconut cream and dairy cream a bit of maple syrup.

                      Went back to bed after breakfast - all that sugar did not treat me well! Woke again at noon.

                      Late lunch: New York strip steak fried in butter and taco seasoning topped with a whole avocado and three Tblsp of local salsa! Oi Ocha.

                      Late dinner: 2 bratwursts (made locally with real ingredients!) 1/2 can of sauerkraut all fried in butter. Perrier.

                      Did well today!
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                        Hello gentle grokkers,

                        3 mile walk around lake with a friend, fasted.

                        Brekkie: 2 pieces of bacon, 2 eggs, 2 purple potatoes fried in bacon fat. Coffee/cream/maple syrup.

                        Was going to be sooo productive today. And then the cat asked me to sit down with her. And then the cat asked me to lay down with her. And then the cat wanted me to take a nap with her. And then it was 3:30.

                        Early dinner: About a cup of white rice, leftover butter chicken, another Coffee/cream/maple syrup.

                        Damage from night class: 1/2 a cranberry muffin (small), 2 cups of coffee with fake creamer and HFCS :P

                        I've been highly caffeinated today. I don't think I'm addicted to caffeine itself, I think I just like the taste. Maybe over Christmas break I'll cut the coffee, but I can't do that right now and survive the semester.
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                          Hello gentle grokkers,

                          Woke up AWAKE this morning!

                          Brekkie:Coffee/Cream/Maple syrup. Egg in a cloud (steamed egg on cream cheese on a roasted red pepper warmed in bacon fat). I'm determined to hit ketosis today. Lost a pound yesterday, despite the potato, muffin, and sugars in my coffees!

                          Late lunch: Stress for midterm tonight hit. Went to Carlos O'Kelly's to study. Had a mango margarita, a chicken suiza enchilada (lunch size, at least), mexican rice, lots of chips with CCQ and salsa. Then I had to take a nap.

                          Damage from night class: Midterm tonight. To get myself pumped up (and because I was on a sugar binge from lunch) I had a McDonald's mocha frape. Caught flak about it from a friend.

                          Sugar hiiiiiiiigh!
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                            Hello gentle grokkers,

                            been a couple days since I posted because the sugar demon hit as my stress level rose which resulted in this weird funk where I didn't eat much, but what I did eat was a meal like a can of sardines, a candy bar, and a diet coke.

                            Not good.

                            But now it's Friday and I feel human again.
                            Brekkie: A half glass of unsweetened kefir.
                            Late lunch: leftover white rice, beet greens, and purple potatoes in a curry sauce. It's getting cold!

                            Dinner: Went to Costco with friends. Had a slice of pizza and an iced mocha. It tasted good at the time but all three of us ended up with stomach aches on the way home. Maybe that will keep us from repeating that idea.
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                              Wow, your life is such a rollercoaster, how long before your stressers are passed. My son has this problem with his exams, studies hard, eats as and when and whatever, celebrates then gets his head together and looks after his mind and body until the next round. This happens to him every sixmonths or so. Happy days.

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                                Hey socoolnanny,

                                thanks for reading! I have about 4 more years of my PhD program and then I'll likely be junior faculty (I hope I get hired, at least!) and then will have even more crazy days. SO I really need to learn how to manage the craziness! Here's what I've done so far to help:

                                1. Eat enough fat that I only need 2 meals a day. This lessens the likelihood of having to eat outside my apartment.

                                2. Make friends with people who have healthy habits. For example, I split a CSA box with a friend. Right now, though, being social to mitigate stress is more important than not being social in order to eat more healthy. Eventually I hope to get to a point where I can both eat healthy and be social.

                                3. Non-negotiable time outside. Right now I get 2 hours/week of non-negotiable outside time. That's not much, and I really need more. I study outside in the sunshine often. Now that it's getting cold, though, I'm going to have to figure out a way to stay warm and be outside.

                                4. Be kind to myself. Academics at this level causes us to beat ourselves up when we don't do nearly perfect work. My diet and exercise practice slacks when I'm doing good academic work. I forgive myself... often!