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  • Hello gentle grokkers,

    Brekkie : half a smoothie w/banana, kiwi, berries, and yogurt. Too tart for my taste!
    Lunch: zucchini spaghetti with pepperoni, cheese ball, leftover apple from yesterday, a bit of maple butter.
    Zumba! For an hour!
    Dinner: Panchero's rice bowl with pork, sour cream, cheese, and salsa.

    I did great today! Then I went out and had 2 wheat beer pints :P
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    • Hello gentle grokkers,

      I have two fit friends who eat all the time (fairly healthy, even by primal standards) but who don't at all get enough fat in their diets. Boy are they grumpy when meal time is 30 minutes late! So glad to be free from that.

      Brekki: coffee/cream/maple syrup x2. Interviewed someone at a Caribou Coffee. Had a small chai there.
      Lunch: 5 small sweet red peppers with cheese ball. Also, some sweet peas with cheese ball.

      Then, ah, gentle grokkers, I was doing so well. Then a friend gave me a Moravian sugar cake... and I ate half. Had quite a sugar rush.

      Then I went to aquavortex and (I hope) worked some of that sugar off.

      Then I came home and made turkey nuggets. Here are the turkey nuggets in process:
      turkey nuggets1.jpg

      I used this recipe:

      Here are the turkey nuggets complete.
      turkey nuggets2 (1024x768).jpg

      They turned out good, if... squeaky. I don't know exactly what that "squeak" is but it's similar to asparagus squeak on my teeth. These are going to be great to take for late lunch after Zumba tomorrow!
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      • Hello gentle grokkers,

        Crazy Friday: Brekkie: rest of the sugar cake, coffee/cream/honey
        Zumba Zumba!
        Lunch: 3 leftover turkey nuggets (that were awesome lukewarm), peapods dipped in cold-press cheese.
        Dinner: 2 oranges dipped in dark chocolate... meant to make zuchinni spag but that didn't happen as a result...
        10 o'clock Dinner take 2: Taco Bell burrito supreme with a fruitista freeze. We went to a piano bar but I was good and didn't have any alcohol at all.

        Crazy Saturday:
        Brekkie: A few last sips of the fruitista freeze to stem my sugar-induced headache I woke up with. 2 eggs w/jack cheese and sour cream and taco sauce. Coffee/cream/maple syrup.
        Lunch: sammich w/lots of turkey and cheddar. Bread made me feel tired all afternoon. Coffee/cream/maple syrup.
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        • Hello gentle grokkers,

          well I started a new job and got back into the school semester - which is why I haven't been here. Been skipping breakfast (due to time and snow and cold and dark in the morning), drinking lots of coffee at work, bringing my lunch and eating it at my desk - which has been fairly healthy, and eating better at night since I have less time to be social.

          I do Zumba twice a week and AquaVortex twice a week. I may be starting Piloxing and/or fitness yoga as well.

          I need to start bringing my brekkie to work! It's ridiculous how much food I need to pack around though.

          Food is going lukewarm. I have good days and bad days. I've started tracking things via MyFitnessPal because it's easy to use on my iPad. We'll see how number tracking helps me out.

          I'm addicted to sugar, true, but I also think I probably eat more of even the good stuff than I should be. Maybe logging things via a number counter will help? We'll see.

          I've still not lost nor gained. However there's a big mood/energy difference as well as huge and obvious digestion differences when I eat plants and meat instead of grains and sugar.

          I'll keep plugging away at it and post here when I can.


          • Hi Gentle Grokkers,

            I'm back! Back for the summer again. My graduate school craziness is tempering for a while. I've moved to fatsecret (sarasnoodles) for tracking and have done some macro math to get myself started back up again (see below). I've gained this year, unsurprising, considering the stress level getting a PhD in the humanities requires. So, here we go:

            April 21, 2014
            Weight 206
            Waist size at navel 41
            Waist size at narrow point 37
            Hip size at widest point 48
            Neck at narrowest point 14
            Wrist 6
            Forearm at largest place 12

            Body fat percent ~40%
            Lean body mass 123 lbs

            .5 grams of protein per pound of lean mass/per day on average to maintain your “structure”. 4 cal / gram in protein
            61 g. protein = 246 cal
            18% protein

            80-100 to stay out of ketosis, 4 cal/gram
            60 or less g. carb = 240 cal
            17% carb

            1 fat gram=9 cal
            920 cal from fat = 102 grams fat
            66% fat

            for 1400 cal/day

            Yup, I'm tracking cals and carbs this time to see if I can get a more realistic sense of portion control. The whole "when I eat protein I eat less carbs" doesn't really kick in for me because I don't stop eating even though I'm full! So, I think counting cals will head me off before I get too far into that 16 oz prime rib. Don't worry, I'll up the cals as soon as I start feeling good enough to work out again. (Which hasn't really been the case, recently.)

            So I'll probably post here when I have fantastico meals that I want to show off. Like my green curry tonight with chicken thighs and cauliflower and mushrooms and yellow peppers. Wowie.

            But I'll be shooting for 60 grams or less carbs, 60 grams or more protein, and all the rest fat (around 100 grams). Today I had 98 grams fat, 45 carbs, and 53 protein, so in the ballpark, and I'm stuffed! If I could make every day like today I'd be set! Tomorrow will be more difficult because I'm working a reception at work. My goal is to stay away from all grains and sugared drinks tomorrow. A modest goal, but hard enough. Wish me luck! I'm happy to have time to be back!