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    i.m 37, a mom to an energetic 4 year old boy, wife to playful husband. i'm tired of the low energy, sitting on the couch watching life. also tired of my tummy fat,
    so, starting with the 21 day challange!!! group energy!
    measured w:39 h:38 thigh19.5 wt137
    b: 3 eggs
    l: 1/2 avacado with ground beef, egg, 1/2 apple
    d: ckn/caulifower dish from Marks' 30min meals
    dessert: homemade berry smoothie popcicle (with spinach and olive oil in it!)

    WOD: walked 2 mostly behaved dogs and a stroller with my 4 year old in it for 45 minutes.

    feeling, sleepy, and edgy for some sugar. will drink water.


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    Day 2! still with "the Program" , but a little 20% action today.
    b: 3 eggs, smoothie popcicle
    l: sweetpotato/lime soup with coconut milk
    s: salad with avacado and 1/8 c seeds, 1/4 c almonds 1 oz 85% dark chocolate
    d: 1c chicken cauliflower dinner, 1oz cheeze, 1 apple, 1tsp almond butter
    dessert: 1 glass wine

    WOD: 30 min dog/stroller walk

    felt much more alert this morning, not a sugar hangover. i was pretty sugared up these last few weeks. feeling more lively and even throughout the day.
    a friend has invited me to work her farm next summer for CSA trade! WOOHOOO FRESH veggies! yum.

    a good day, tomorrow is a light workday, so will do the 4E workout.



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      well i made it another day!!! and i feel ok! i'm not dead. amazing. i can live without SAD foods. and so now i can live!

      b: 1 tbsp almond butter, glass of water
      l: 3 eggs, sauteed kale, onion, garlic mmmmmm
      s: tea with 1 tsp honey, 10 almonds , 1 bite of sons larabar
      d: 2c of ground beef with cumin, mashed avocado and salsa. easy and mmmm.
      dessert: 2 glasses of wine.

      WOD: 4e's: pullups 3 sets of 6, 3, 6 pushups 2 sets of 12, squats 2 sets of 30, and planks 1 set of front, sides at 30 seconds each. dog/stroller walk 40 min (slow)

      felt more energy to do activities today. also had wonderful outdoor in the moment times, park date with son, afternoon park date with hubby.
      plan for tomorrow, brisk walking pace for walk, stretches. long work day and preparing for weekend camping! woot woot!

      glad this is here, i think i woulda skipped the 4E if i wasn't going to report:-)


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        ok, well it's october. i went camping, and gave into "perfect or quit" so that was a 2 week hiatus. bummer. so last night it did a bunch of journaling on peace with food. i realize i have been victimizing myself. "i want to eat whatever and look amazing. I can't tho, poor me". etc. I then wrote my beliefs about food: i really do believe eating healthy makes one heathy and vibrant, and exercising playfully and in variety makes one vibrant. tying that to the previous statement is a problem. i can't be a victim and empowered to live energetically at the same time. so now i know some triggers/sayings i say to myself and know i'm giving up my power. i am now choosing to let go of the victim identity and be powerful, choose what i put in my mouth and body, choose how i move my body, acknowledge i have always been choosing, and now i choose healthy, energetic and vibrant.

        today so far i've had water. choosing to have a salad for lunch.

        thanks for listening


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          did good today!!! and even shopped hungry after work.... dangerous, but i kept reminding myself it's ok to be hungry and i am choosing to eat healthy, not to feed my out of shape/over sugared tastebuds on demand.

          b: 2 eggs, 1 smoothie popsicle
          l: 1/4 cup sunflower and pumpkin seeds, apple, 1 square dark chocolate (85%)
          s: pizza flavored seed "bar"
          d: ckn cauliflower dish, delecata squash, roasted delecata seeds,
          dessert: 1/2 glass wine

          i feel more calm, very sleepy.


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            i'm still primal very busy days, sticking with the plans. i get tempted in the co-op and remind myself "i'm taking care of me" i hear the inner child "i want, i want I WANT!" and i tell it i'm taking care of me, and it can wait. i also read something that real hunger is not an immediate onset, that it grows gradually, and several times i've had immediate hunger and then realized it was situational (like every time i get in a car as i've been a car eater since i was a little tike), or emotional... glad to have gotten that tip.
            just enjoyed a big emotional boost from the fri success story of rio. so relaxing to hear from her and other posters its gradual, its what we gain in vitality and health and joy, not just an instant muscle body.
            off to get my primal sleep....
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              wow! i made it through the weekend! i even went to YOGA.... in the MORNING!!! that is highly unlike me. it felt GREAT! so i'm full of more energy! i did have extra wine today, 3 glasses instead of 1. but all else is primal power! i'm down 2 lbs with no extra work. i also have been playing with the 4E workouts and i've decided if i'm standing around and i feel the urge to do some pushups, i do em! i've been not doing them (rediculous mind games) because it's not effective, "i need to rest my muscles" etc. i now feel if i have the urge, so do my muscles! and in my condition 5 pushups or 25 squats wont over work me, trust me!

              b: 3 eggs
              l: ckn and veggies (baked)
              s: raw coconut/seed crackers
              d: paleo chili with bacon and chocolate powder and liver. yummy
              dessert: wine and 2 squares chocolate (85%)

              wod: yoga (i'm gonna feel that tomorrow!)
              tomorrow is make more smoothie popcicles, more yoga, friend day, and meditation class. yay!
              i have more creative energy, my tongue is more pink, not grey. i feel more alive, i can wake up in the morning!
              i'm enjoying this transition!


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                Hello fellow mom! I want to try to follow the posts of one other similar person who is also new to this. (Okay, so I have 9 years on you, but it is new, female and mom that I was thinking about.) I started in August, and have had good days and bad days, a lot like you. Camping I did the same...gave in and ate those potato chips! At least they were ones that had more than just potatoes!

                I am a car snacker too, to some extent. I found that putting some gum in my mouth before I get in the car (or going into the store) helps. (Not primal, I know, but it does help.) I also carry a big water bottle that I can sip from. For me it is the worst when I am passenger, which usually means road trip and snacks in the car. I love jerky for that, but golly I can chew a lot when it is mindless!

                Anyhow, it sounds like you are doing great!


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                  well, its 10/17, and i'm still primal! its been 15 days and i'm still at it! i feel really good. my activity is up, more walks, yoga, stretching, pilates and 4E. and i am really happy with my program design of one non-primal meal a week. it really does help to have that "out". and i am not calling it cheating because i included it in my program design. that feels less victim-ish too. i have had on some nights two glasses of wine instead of one, and i feel it the next mornign... more iritable. however, in the conversion, i feel like i am holding the right track. thanks for all your support fellow primal-blueprinters! just knowing you are out there and working it like i am, taking action, in any form, instead of sitting in wallow, helps.
                  my next goal is sleep. i would like to get my clock shifted... i have been going to bed at midnight getting up at 9. i'd like to shift that to 10-7:30. that idea feels good to me. so, guess late night computering is not congruent with that idea... will have to check in with these odds and find resolution.



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                    Sounds like your doing great! I like the way you think and your attitude. Keep at it!