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    Most of this is copied from a comment I made in the 21 day challenge post.

    My wife and I actually came across this concept a little over a week ago after two doctors (sleep, M.D.) ďadmonishedĒ me that losing weight was the answer to my health problems. I have sleep apnea, blood pressure has been elevated lately and I just felt generally miserable. All of this because I was 5í7″, 266 lbs! My new doc suggested this website along with whole9, and I started Saturday, 1st. We weighed Friday the 7th, and between us both we lost 18 lbs in one week! I lost eleven pounds in a week! Iíve never lost eleven pounds (even fasting) so Iím pumped. Also, I was coming down with a head cold, but itís about gone. I have been walking/hiking some, but want to add the other fitness concepts during this time, since the cold is about over. Thanks.
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    Still going with PB. Still losing. Starting to see (and feel) a difference.


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      Update for 10/5/2012. 2 lbs more gone. 20 since Sept. 1, 2012. Lifting heavy things (myself). Walking/hiking. Having fun.


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        Update: 26 lbs lost in 8 weeks. Haven't been able to do a pullup since high school, but I'm getting close. Pushups, squats and planks getting easier. I try to walk throughout the week, though I don't get to every day. I have some fruit and a little dark chocolate several times a week. Other than that, cold turkey, man. No grains, legumes, dairy since Sept. 1st. I'm eating the best foods ever in my life. I eat until I get full. When I first started I had to beat the addiction to something (sugar, artificial sweeteners), but once I toughed it out a few days, I don't get nearly as hungry as I used to. I'm not against doctors, but I am against walking through the exam room door whilst writing a prescription for some drug, instead of giving it to me straight. My new doctor did just that - gave it to me straight. He simply said, "you are addicted to food". I had to agree. He has refused to do any blood work or anything until he gave me a chance to choose to do something about my health for myself. He gave me three months to see if I was serious about improving my health. I think when I return in late November, he will see I was. The doctor suggested this diet to me because I told him I wanted to learn a way to eat that I could continue for the rest of my life. Not something you suffer through until the weight is off, only to return to eating the "old" way and see it all come back. I've already done that too many times. My wife and I continue to feel better each week, and pretty soon our wardrobe will have to change. I can certainly eat this way the rest of my life. Hope this can encourage somebody to give it a try.