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    Doing the 21-Day PB Challenge and am so excited for the re-commitment. Tomorrow will be my first test of one goal: lifting heavy things.

    Today I walked 4.61 miles; during the first half, I was pushing a stroller with two littles and their gear, I estimate 50-60 lbs altogether. Did great on my eating, too.

    It was a good day and I'm even going to bed early!

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    Day Two: Did great with food. Not a lot of time for a workout, but have a plan for tomorrow for lifting heavy things!


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      As usual, I'm behind Day Three: Really long walk but no heavy things lifted - the walk was unplanned but necessary and at least I was pushing about 65 lbs of weight in a stroller! Food, no problem.


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        And Day Four was much like Day Three, with the exception of doing NO specific exercise-y things. Although I frequently lift and carry my 40-lb grandson, and for nearly an hour I wore my 16.5-lb granddaughter on my chest while chasing my grandson


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          Day Four: had grandkids ALLLLL day and it was uneventful. Oh, except I made mayonnaise tonight and am so excited to have it with tuna tomorrow! Kind of a rest day for exercise purposes, deciding whether to do sprints in the morning or not. I'm scheduled to work in the kitchen at church for endless hours from 1300-???? so sprints would probably get my juices flowing. Have to see! Enjoying dark chocolate and decaf now


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            Note so self: admit it, you suck at journaling! Just kind of the same day-to-day. Except for Sunday = cheat day... I tend to not eat much in the way of SAD foods, even on a cheat day. This day, for some reason, was different. I had decided to forego alcohol completely during the Challenge, and I was really in the mood for wine. So I overdid it, big time. So much so that I ate ice cream right before bed! Needless to say, Monday morning wasn't pretty.

            So here I am at the beginning of Tuesday, i.e., Day 9. Back on track, feeling great. Going to take DGD out in the jogging stroller for the first time - hope she likes it!


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              Day 9 ... my run with the stroller was S-L-O-W!! 40 minutes for 2.57 miles (normally around 30). But DGD had fun and fell asleep halfway through, so I don't care. Good food today, a little red wine tonight, all is well