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Primal Blueprint Challenge: Play more; anadolis

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  • Primal Blueprint Challenge: Play more; anadolis

    I don't usually do these things, but this time I figured, "Why not?"

    Today was an almost perfect day, in all respects:

    I began with a hike through the hills here in Sveti Stefano, Montenegro, and that hike led to a spontaneous cliff-climb, followed by a skinny dip in the Adriatic =D.
    Breakfast was two hard-boiled eggs, a few pieces of fruit, a cup of yogurt, pile of veggies, and several cups of coffee.

    Then- a nap, a couple of carrots and almonds, a bit of reading, a long walk in the sun.

    Lunch: mussels and a greek salad, a glass of white wine.

    Another long walk, a sunset swim, and a dinner of herring in tomato sauce accompanied by marinated & fresh veggies.

    The start of the day was definitely the highlight, and I need to remind myself to stay present and playful, keep the adventure-drive alive.
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    Another on-point day, that started with yoga, a swim, breakfast of yogurt, a hard-boiled egg, veggies, coffee, and a fistful of fruit.
    Snacked on nuts, carrots, and a grapefruit, and dinner was flounder, salad, baked capsicums, mussels, and a spoonful of potatoes-with-spinach (which seems to be this nation's favorite side dish). Most of the day was spent walking, touring the beautiful old town of Kotor.
    Had to finish off those marinated veggies from yesterday, as we're flying back to the states tomorrow. I may try IFing, since the food offered on tomorrow's flights is not likely to be very palatable or nutritious.

    On a more emotional/personal note, I'm finally, truly beginning to feel comfortable in my skin, in a way that I don't think I've managed to thus far. I actually feel...well, beautiful, healthy, and alive. After years of trouble dealing with food (as an idea, really), culminating in a year of strict, destructive veganism and exercise obsession, I've come to a place where I can take joy and pride in the way my body works, the ways in which it can move. I know this "challenge" has only just begun, but having been diligently moving in this direction over the last three months, I've really noticed a tremendous difference.
    I can't wait to see what and who I can become, when I take care of myself properly.


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      Super long day, but managed to stay on point! Didn't fast, cos it proved impractical, but did well diet-wise and movement wise (despite a cumulative eleven hours spent in flight). Grapefruit, kefir, coffee, some almonds and pistachios helped kickstart the day, with a fairly acceptable airplane meal of beef burger & veggies, followed by a cheese & cold cut plate pre-landing. A fair amount of tomato juice, couple of glasses of red wine, and a fairly light dinner of a big-ass veggie-loaded salad made up the remainder of my food. In addition to traveling, I also managed to squeeze in a swim at the local pool, which doesn't old a candle to open sea but is fine in its own right. More traveling ont he menu for tomorrow, so I'm off to try and stick to one of my main resolutions: sleep more!


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        Wow your trip sounded amazing. The food, the rest......the food.

        I have had a rough time the past few years dealing with food - I was a vegetarian for years and steadily gained about 100 lbs in about 6 years...all while following conventional wisdom. I am hoping to soon get to a place where I also feel comfortable in my own skin.

        I am going to be doing some traveling soon (driving 14 hours one-way to visit family, staying with family (so I won't have as much control over my meals), then driving 14 hours back. Any tips for staying primal while on the road? I should say that I am driving from Virginia to Tennessee, so it is kind of sparsely-populated, backwoods type towns along the way - not too much hope of finding a Chipotle along the way for a nice barbacoa salad

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          It is tough staying the course while travelling, especially when you're in situations where you can't influence your options (ie visiting family); however, the driving part isn't that un-doable! I usually try to stock up on nuts, crunchy veggies that don't go limp too quickly (carrots, broccoli), beef and or salmon jerky, and an apple or some citrus fruits. I think Mark did a post on staying Primal while road-tripping, actually, with better tips =). And of course, stopping often to exercise is crucial!


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            Back in the Big Apple

            So my journey concluded yesterday.
            I started the day with a bit of yoga, then swam a mile in the health center's pool! I don't remember what was for breakfast, but probably yogurt in some combination with other things, with the rest of the day filled with nut & veggie snacks while on the Amtrak, shrimp salad lunch, sardine salad early-dinner. Once I got home in the early afternoon (carrying 40 lbs up 4 flights of stairs can count as LHT, yes? =P), I shaved my head (!), biked an hour or so to my mom's place, then went to an event with my best friend and my brothers. It was a fancy gallery opening, but once we left, we noticed- what luck!- the construction scaffolding outside! So we climbed around on those for a bit, a trio of Ukrainian monkeys/Russian circus performers doing what we do best, hanging upside down and all.
            Then I biked back home, but not before grabbing a late dinner at whole foods. Also had a bit of wine in the afternoon.
            Another wonderful day, playing in unexpected places. However, I definitely didnt sleep enough from yesterday 'til today, but might catch a cat-nap later.


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              The daily grind wearin' me down!

              Haven't posted in a few days, mostly due to spotty internet connection...along with a tedious freelance retouching assignment, which has me planted firmly in front of a laptop screen at all hours of the day. I've stayed on target dietarily (which is not a challenge for me, at this point), but adequate sleep? Adequate movement? Not so much.
              And jeez, forget about play!

              Have to get back on track, at least in those regards where I'm lagging---more for mental health than anything else!


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                Another lame-o work day, which began by waking up at 5.45, cycling to the dentist, then to the office, and looking forward to Whole Foods, in front of a laptop, taking advantage of the free WiFi =[.
                I love having this option, living in NY, but I also miss being home and cooking! I really need to figure out a way to improve my weekdays, in terms of the sitting-to-moving ratio. Then again, a typical workday usually includes about an hour and a half of cycling, an hour-or-so of walking, and at least one yoga session/bodyweight resistance workout, with other movements sprinkled throughout. All things considered, I suppose I'm on track, but I do think some adjustments are in order.

                I really think every person would benefit from finding at least one way to squeeze a bit of adventure into every day.