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    Well, after a couple months of lurking, the Primal Blueprint 21-Day Challenge is just the boot in the pants I need! I've been dabbling in Primal eating, and doing lots of research, but just haven't committed fully, so here goes.

    History: I have always been a little on the chubby side of things, typically just into the overweight side of BMI. A couple of years ago a lost about 15lbs doing the CW-calorie restricted-chronic cardio thing.. but have gained it all back. Surprise, surprise! I also was largely vegetarian for the last couple years, up to July 2012: still ate fish and eggs and dairy, but no red meat or poultry etc.

    When I moved back to my hometown in July (Red Deer, Alberta, Canada!) I discovered my father had had a great deal of weight loss success using something fairly close to the Primal Blueprint, and as I thumbed through Mark's book (which was sitting on his coffee table) it started to make a whole lot of sense. I pretty eagerly started eating meat again (still not a big fan of poultry, but oh the bacon, oh the steak!) and drastically cut back on grains and sugar, and felt great - I particularly loved not being a slave to my eating schedule, and not having to worry about breakfast first thing in the morning was especially nice. But those nasty grains and sugars kept creeping back in, particularly at night. Yep, I'm one of those night eaters, I usually do great throughout the day, and then it all goes downhill after dinner.

    My husband (John dear) is generally supportive: he's more than happy to eat the Primal meals I make (he's completely enamored with the concept of cauliflower instead of potatoes - my absolute biggest weakness) but won't go out of his way to avoid non-primal fare, so we still have some crappy stuff hanging around. Also, my brother lives with us, and he could care less (but will also eat what I cook, or find something else himself). But I am pretty certain that if I can prove to John dear that the system works, he will be willing to give it an honest try himself. So, for his good and mine, I must succeed!

    So, my goals for the 21-day Challenge are:

    1) Stop eating non-nutritional foods, particularly at night
    2) Ease up on the wine and cheese - definitely more than occasional at the moment!
    3) Begin a strength training regime
    4) Expand my collection of Primal recipes: I LOVE LOVE LOVE to cook, so I plan posting lots of my creations here, to keep my interest up.

    So, I'm hoping a greater sense of accountability will help me overcome my lingering obstacles in (g)rocking the Primal lifestyle. I can do 21 days!

    Height: 5'5
    Age: 26
    SW: 166lbs
    GW: 135lbs
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    Ok, well yesterday wasn't terrible.. but it wasn't fantastic either. As per usual, the day started out pretty well, although I was extra busy and so breakfast and lunch were both late (which normally wouldn't matter, but I have definitely slipped back into sugar burner mode, so I didn't feel great as a result) and rushed:

    11am: 4cm chunk of garlic sausage
    2pm: Salmon sashimi (if I could afford to live off of this, I wouldn't have any issues! MmmmMmm) and 2 pieces of spicy tuna maki
    630pm: Big Ass Salad with salmon (my BIL just went on a fishing trip off the coast of BC, so I have a freezer stocked with very freshly caught, wild salmon and halibut!) and a couple slices of cheddar. Plus there was feta in the salad. But really, that's a low cheese day for me

    So far, not bad... but then I get into the freaking tortilla chips! (And the True Blood. Also Mmmm) Gah. I don't know how many I ate. Fortunately the bag was half empty when I started.

    Well, today is another day. Plan tonight is for a nice long walk - it's not supposed to rain - so hopefully that helps.
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      So, I've given it some thought, and decided that I need to add a 5th goal to my 21-day Challenge:

      5) Mindfulness. Particularly mindful eating.

      Honestly, I almost never eat without the tv/computer/a book in front of me. I am committing to being aware of every piece of food I put in my mouth, without distraction, for the next 21 days. (I suppose I'm technically on day 3 already, but 21 days to make a habit, right?)

      On a positive note, I made some excellent jambalaya yesterday (well, actually, John dear did.. but it was my idea? lol)
      We made it in the crockpot, so super easy. It's basically this recipe, but with 1 cup beef broth instead of 2 of chicken, no shrimp (simply because we didn't have any, I'm sure it would be tasty) and omitting the rice. Also, used bone-in chicken thighs placed on top, which were shredded at the end and added back in.

      It was a little soupy, so we left it on high with the lid off for the last hour or so... but it was SO thick today, that I think if you made it a day in advance, it would be alright without that step... or if you served it with some riced cauliflower. I can't wait to have some for lunch!
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        I like your goals, perhaps setting goals would help me too. I see a psychologist at the pain clinic and she is very keen on setting goals, pacing and mindfulness to help with pain and fatigue, I never thought about applying them to this way of living. Brilliant idea Spiralicious. Has your name got anything to do with you going round in circles? :} My nickname was dizzydeb until my grandson came along. Debra.

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          Thanks, Debra! I feel like setting goals breaks things down into manageable chunks.. When I think about all the things I want to change/improve in my life, I tend to feel overwhelmed and get a little defeatist, ie. "I'll never be perfect, so why even try? Let's go eat some poutine!" And especially with public announcing my goals, I have to at least confront whether or not I achieved them, rather than convincing myself that they never existed.

          As for my name, I have always thought spirals were a particularly poetic metaphor: You see them in nature so often, they are mathematically elegant, and I also like the idea of turning inward upon oneself: not evolution, but involution. (Yes, I am a gigantic hippie nerd.)

          I'd love to hear what some of your goals are... maybe we can help hold each other accountable?
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            Ooooooh I must put some thought into this.

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              Alright, I'm pretty happy with how yesterday went!

              Breakfast: Smoked Salmon and a small handful of almonds
              Lunch: Leftover jambalaya
              Snack: more smoked salmon and almonds
              Dinner: Orange Chicken with cauli rice and peppers/onions/cabbage

              Oh, and a big thanks to Gary Conway and his wife for putting together this great recipe list, it is keeping me seriously inspired.

              Still snacked probably more than I should have in the evening, but at least it wasn't junk:
              Still more smoked salmon (Seriously, it's the best smoked salmon I've ever had! Good thing it's gone... for now)
              One (just one!) glass of red wine
              A few too many taste tests of tonight's dinner: Thanks for the recipe, Socoolnanny, it's going to be so delicious!

              Aaaaand I went for a bike ride!

              So, nothing non-nutritional eaten at night, wine/cheese appropriately portioned (A day with NO cheese? Slander and lies!) and two great new recipes tried..
              Also, I did try to eat more mindfully... but by dinner, I had forgotten, and definitely ate in front of the tv. But not totally mindlessly. It's something to work on, but I still really like the idea.
              Altogether, I'm going to give myself a 3/5

              Oh, and I weighed myself this morning, and came in at 164. I will take it!
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                I am feeling fantastic today! I didn't even begin to get hungry until lunch time, which I will take to mean I'm back into fat-burning mode.. Yes!

                Also, I packed a huge bowl of leftover chicken and veggies for lunch, got really full 3/4 of the way through, and then stopped eating. I don't stop eating when I'm full, especially when it's delicious, and super especially when there's not a ton left - i usual figure I might as well finish it off, as it's not worth keeping. But I'm SATED. As in satisfied. As in, I don't want to eat more of ANYTHING. Usually I can be utterly stuffed and still crave food. What a lovely feeling

                Plus I have a lovely supper already made for tonight - John Dear said something about flying a kite (literally, not figuratively!) so that would be fun.

                And since I packed a lunch and didn't have to leave to go get some... I have time for a walk in the sunshine, right now!
                This is a good day.
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                  Hey! We've got really similar stats! I just started my little journal, I want to go from 168 to 140 at least! I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this thread. Best of luck!

                  I have a stomach bug right now so I'm not in the 100% primal mind set, but TOMORROW I'm jumping back in. I've been around here for about a month thus far.
                  My Primal Journal:

                  16 years old
                  SW: 170
                  CW: 162
                  GW: 140

                  Primal since 8/12/12.


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                    I will follow your thread too! Good luck, and I hope you feel better soon... I know when I'm sick, Primal can go hang, I want extremely bad-for-me comfort food. Last time I got sick, I ended up eating premade meat pies and going on a downhill spiral.. Which doesn't even make sense, soup is the best thing to eat when you're sick, and I love soup! But there's just something about being ill which makes me think that I deserve to have whatever I want, whether that's good for me or not.
                    But anyways, here's to a speedy recovery, and to remembering that the best way to feel good is to eat good!
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                      So, tomorrow is the birthday of one of our good friends, and they have planned a whole day celebration, starting with a potluck brunch. I decided to bring quiche, which admittedly I have not made since the pre-primal days. I toyed with the idea of making one with a normal crust and one grain-free.. but decided against it. Don't get me wrong, I have no intention of shoving any dogma down anybody's throat... But I don't see why I can't make a delicious quiche so people can shove some primal goodness down their own throats, right?

                      I probably should have tested these out in advance.. but now there's no time, so I'm going to do two styles of crust just to hedge my bets. I'm thinking:

                      Prosciutto crust with asparagus, red onion and goat cheese
                      Grated sweet potato crust with leeks and bacon. And some kind of cheese.

                      So, tomorrow will really be a test of my commitment. Historically, I have not done well in social situations, although I was a grokstar last Sunday at my Grandma's birthday (You should have SEEN the desserts I did not touch!) but only after failing miserably at a bbq the day before.

                      There will be primal food for brunch (Eggs and Bacon, plus my quiche, at the very least) I will definitely have a mimosa, and I'm ok with that. We are also going out for dinner, which is more likely problematic, but I am going to check out the menu beforehand, so I already have a good choice in place. Hopefully Bad Spiral doesn't take it upon herself to change it. That girl is going to get a beating one of these days. Also, I'm sure lots of drinking is planned for after, but I will be driving, so it that makes it much easier to resist... I should pack a snack though.

                      Alright, I am going to consider tomorrow "The First True Challenge of the 21 Day Challenge."
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                        Today might be interesting. I did not sleep last night. I mean, I suppose I got some sleep, but I went to bed much too late and then my lovely little kitten (who's really not a kitten at all, but she's quite a bit smaller than Fatty McFattenstein, so she'll always be "Kitten") decided to loudly play with everything in my room. All night. And then had the audacity to think we were still friends in the morning. I locked her in the bathroom while I showered. I don't really think she considered this punishment... but for some reason it relieved my feelings a bit.

                        But honestly, that was the worst sleep I've had in a really really really long time. I'm usually a good sleeper, and I do not handle not sleeping well well. And my coffee tasted funny this morning. I wonder if the cream's off. Anyways, because of my poor sleep (I think) I was hungry first thing this morning, so I had eggs and bacon before work - which I never do. We eat eggs and bacon on the weekends, when we roll out of bed around 11. Point being, it has completely messed with my schedule... let's see how this pans out, I suppose.
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                          I feel your pain with the lack of sleep today! After about 2 hours I was awake every single hour. All night long. Hopefully you will get through your day ok, and get lots of rest (and bacon and eggs!) this weekend


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                            Same to you! It's no fun, eh? I am a big fan of the nap, but mine usually turn into 3 hour affairs, so not necessarily recommended! So very glad it's Friday.

                            But have a wonderful weekend, EmeraldRose
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                              Thanks Spiral, you too! The wether here is supposed to be beautiful, so I plan to spend as much of it outside as possible.

                              A nap would be perfect! I don't think they'd appreciate me napping on the job though