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    Originally posted by Spiralicious View Post
    Ugh, I am officially not weighing myself again until my period is gone! This had better be water retention :/

    I finally put in a quality weight lifting session yesterday... and I'm feeling it today!
    Since I can't do an actual pullup, I decided to start doing eccentric pullups (ie lowering myself from the bar) Still really difficult! But I did 6
    Also did some squats, planks, and other arm exercises with 2x10lb weights.

    But this is how it goes... I do this once, maybe twice, then peter off again. I just don't find it interesting. But I wanna be a toughie! lol Well, this journal has helped me stick with other things, maybe it will work for this too.

    Shredded beef pie with turnip/cauli topping for tonight.. made with my grass-fed beef roast! I can't wait.
    And I brought leftover steak, and a couple hard boiled eggs for lunch. Back on track for real!

    Week 2 of the unofficial 21-day challenge has begun! All it needs to be is a little better than last week
    Nice work out! I just bought a pull up bar, it is kind of fun really. Try checking out Nerd Fitness: Helping You Lose Weight, Get Stronger, Live Better.

    They have some body weight exercises (beginner body weight work out) and they are all about paleo eating, some times even refer to MDA, if your interested just explore the site. Has some great work out ideas that can accommodate different levels. But hey props for just doing something!
    "Never regret. If it's good, its wonderful. If it's bad its experience"
    -Victoria Hold
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      Hey, thanks! Hahaha took a quick look at the website, first impression: awesome! "be more like a robot" ROFL!

      I'm still feeling gross and bloated, and sore! But I will give it another go tomorrow or the next day for sure.

      Beef pie turned out amazingly, my grass-fed roast was so unbelievably good! I've been overdoing it on the cheese again lately though, so I think I'm going to have to say no cheese at all for a bit. I have one meal planned this week that calls for cheese, and that will be it for 7 days!
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        For some reason I felt like eating late this morning ( A little leftover steak) so I was not hungry at all by lunch. And I am not going to eat simply because it's mealtime! Had a quick lie-down with mah kitty instead

        Now I'm back at work - I'm alone in the office for the rest of the week.. and I'm bored (despite having plenty to do) and lonely. Guess it's time to crank to tunes and put my mad photocopying skills to work - my job is so fulfilling, can't you tell? But I shouldn't complain, it is SO much less stressful than my last job, even being an office drone, I'm so much a happier person now. Plus, you know, that whole ability to do squats with the water jugs in the storage room is a nice perk!

        Leftovers for dinner tonight (actually had enough! Probably bc my brother didn't have any. I'm not sure if he just doesn't like turnip, or what... but whatever, his loss!)
        My goal for tonight is to eat enough supper to fill me... and not anything else after that. I can do that for just one night, right?
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          You can do it!

          Something that works for me when I'm feeling like I want something, but know I don't need it, is to have a cup of green tea. Sometimes a couple, maybe some honey, maybe not. Either way, having something warm to sip on takes away the feeling that I have to eat.


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            That's a good idea, I don't know why I never think of it in the moment.. I love tea and I've given that advice to other people. Geez talk about practicing what you preach! And it's good weather for it

            I have to say, ups and downs aside, one of the most striking things for me about eating this way is the ability to feel sated. Honestly, before the last couple months, it was so rare for me to genuinely not want more food - only if I was sick or had just insanely overeaten. Even when full, I always still wanted more food, and could only think about what taste-bud delighting thing I was going to put in my mouth next and when my stomach might be empty enough to shove a few more morsels in there.

            I still enjoy eating, and love to cook, and think about food... but it's lost a certain degree of obsessiveness. I'm always shocked still when I think about food and realize I don't want any, even though it's been hours since my last meal. It doesn't happen all the time, and I still eat when I'm full sometimes... but still. Crazy.
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              It is a big change! There are absolutely times when I have no desire to eat. Usually in the mornings. That seems to be an easier time to just have coffee, and then get most of the way to lunch before I realize I'm ready to eat.

              This is tough on the weekends because I have to feed my kids. They want to eat all the time.


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                Yes, it's funny, because I was always one of those big believers in breakfast.. but now that I know it's not doing me any harm to skip it, I really enjoy not having breakfast. I was always one to have leftovers for breakfast anyways, so I might as well just wait until lunch! It makes my mornings less stressful, anyways.

                Last night was... ok. I had a big fight with the photocopier before I left work (I take back my claim of mad photocopying skills) and I was super grumpy by the time I got home. So, basically I failed at both goals I set myself.. I ate more supper than I needed to and I had some cheese!
                So, I had 3 bowls of leftover beef/turnip pie
                2 glasses of wine
                1 hard boiled egg
                1 slice of cheese
                1 hashbrown patty
                a large glass of milk (I gave up drinking milk a couple years ago.. I used to have a SERIOUS milk habit, probably around 2 liters a day, it was like how other people drink soda... but my brother likes to have it around, and apparently I can't resist.)

                Ok, and so I just plugged that (plus my breakfast steak all into myfitnesspal, and it's really not that bad. 1455 calories, 53 g carbs, 83g fat, 73g protein.

                But those pounds I added when I got my period are still there, and it's almost over. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

                Well, moving on for today, anyways. I've got a couple hardboiled eggs for lunch, I've got chicken wings marinating for supper, will have with cauli-rice and green beans. And then I AM going to do my LHT session tonight, my soreness is basically all gone.
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                  Man, I am just having the worst cravings today! I want nasty fast food so badly, and I don't know why. I had my hard boiled eggs around 11, then decided I was still hungry at lunch, so I went home and had a couple sausages (They were not very good, quality or taste-wise.. that shows me for getting the cheap ones)

                  So maybe that's the problem - unsatisfying food, regardless of caloric content, generally leaves me wanting more. There is nothing edible in the office, aside from heavy cream for my coffee.. and I really shouldn't leave (but it's hard to convince myself of that, as hardly anyone actually comes in. God forbid I miss a call from a wrong number - got reamed out this morning for insisting that there is no "Mary" here. Why do some people have to be so nasty!?)

                  I'm just in a weird mood today.. restless sort of energy, vague sense of discontent. Someone please remind me that food will not fix that! Or maybe it will, but not the kind I'm thinking of I can't decide whether I want poutine or Quiznos broccoli soup more. Maybe both? Poutine with broccoli soup on top? Why not? lol just kidding, I should stop this nonsense NOW.

                  I remember reading an article in one of those fitness magazines I used to read religiously (I actually miss flipping through magazines, but there were just getting to be too many facepalms.) about getting over food obsessions by reminding yourself that that horrible option will still be available tomorrow, if you still want it. We live in the first world, that shit ain't disappearing any time soon. Why eat today what you can enjoy tomorrow? Finally a good use for procrastination! I kind of like this particular piece of advice. I don't need to eat that crap today.. it will still be there tomorrow. Which will then become today, and so on

                  Bleerrrrgh. This is what happens when I'm left alone for too long.
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                    Well, I managed to avoid giving in to my ridiculous cravings yesterday! Mostly because I was too busy, but let's not split hairs here Also, Thursdays I take niece K to dance class, and seeing all the gorgeously in-shape dance teachers really made me not want to eat any crap.

                    Furthermore, I went home, and had 1 serving of dinner. We did have some dessert - baked apples with whipped cream, so there was a little bit of sugar in there.

                    I forgot to do my weights (genuinely forgot) but it's ok. I will do them tonight. Plus my weight dropped back down, so I'm a happy camper. Now to just make some more progress!
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                      Gosh, I just got my period and I feel NASTY too. I have not been able to totally stick to Paleo since I got home (stateside) so every day it's like just a bite of this cake, a spoonful of this Nutella, one bonbon, whatever it is. I've gone upupup to 178 (from nearly 160)!!! Freaking unbelievable. It's just nasty. I should be kicking your butt and you should be kicking mine!
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                        let the butt kicking commence! Weekends are killing me too... Friday was an impromptu girls night out, and while I didn't eat, I drank a ton, and then ate the entire contents of my fridge when I got home. Fortunately it was primal stuff, but still not good. Then it was over to sister in law's for the fights last night, which meant so much dips and wings. And now I'm going to brunch for my niece N's birthday. At least there will be plenty of decent food there... I'm bringing a sausage and fall vegetable hash (it's an experiment, i'll let you know how it turns out) plus bacon and eggs and fr uit.
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                          Ok, back on track! I honestly don't know what to do about weekends, there are just so many social events (and we lived away from all our friends and family for the last 4 years, and due to a combination of this plus mild depression, barely ever did anything social... so I will not be attending fewer of these anytime soon) and my will power is enough to get through about half of these. I'm just hoping at this point that this gets easier with time
                          This weekend will likely be no better: We are starting curling with the in-law (which should be plenty of fun: play+slow mvmt) but I assume will be full of canteen-style temptation. Then it's out for dinner Saturday (at least I can usually just order steak and veg, depends where we go, I suppose). My MIL was like "Oh, this will be great, now that you're not vegetarian, we can go anywhere!" I take this in stride, as I've been given remarkably little flak about my hypocrisy... They really took vegetarianism as a personal affront. Fortunately, they could care less if I don't eat bread.

                          I will just have to be extra good during the week, I suppose. I fasted for breakfast, as usual. Had some avocado and some raw steak for lunch today. (Yeah, the raw meat thing it totally taking over...) And supper should be amazing.. Salmon, bacon-y brussel sprouts - roasted this time, I'm thinking, and maybe some cauliflower if I'm feeling ambitious enough! Also going to make some beef bourguignon for tomorrow.. Mah favorite! Although John dear is a little beefed out at the moment, after eating what he referred to as "cheese-filled meat footballs" (what I like to call hamburger cordon swiss lol) this weekend. Whatever, I will get the poor boy some chicken *rolls eyes*

                          Since the farmer's market here is now over (super cereal sadface) I am off to meet my egg-dealer in a parking lot. Shady!

                          We are going on a long-put-off date night tonight (aka using up some movie passes we've had for months). Our decade-old tradition is to go pick up gummy candies, and sneak them into the theatre... and tonight will be no exception. It's ok though, better than PUFA oil drenched pop corn and soda. And you can't be messing with tradition! Ok, I don't mean that, and I probably shouldn't try to justify these things. But it is what it is, and what it is is going to happen. Bahahaha!

                          Happy Monday, MDAers, happy Monday.
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                            Last night went pretty much as expected.. which is all fine and well, but I need to get serious about this, I've just been slip-sliding backwards all over the place. I also need to find some slow movement that I can be compelled to do in the winter, walks are just not going to happen very regularly. I've been resisting joining a gym, as they've been a total waste of money in the past... but maybe.
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                              I am going to cook up a storm tonight! I'm in the mood to cook, and then we will have amazing food for the rest of the week.
                              John dear has requested chicken cesaer for dinner, which is just fine, easy to make... maybe I will cook up a little extra chicken.
                              Also going to make the beef bourguignon I was going to make last night, as I already have all the ingredients. Nom.
                              And going to make up a super huge batch of the "potato" (there will be no actual potato in this) bacon (there will definitely be plenty of actual bacon in this) soup.
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                                I need to make that soup. I think my husband got cauliflower yesterday, and we generally have bacon on hand. (Who wouldn't?) So, it must be attempted!

                                I feel your pain with the backsliding. Last night I actually had frozen pizza. It was about as cardboard-like as you can imagine. My husband had gotten them for the kids, and I was seriously completely exhausted from my last couple days of work. I was actually just laying on the family room floor reading to my youngest, I was too tired to get up and sit in the chair. So yes, I caved and had some of the pizza. It was not worth it.

                                Today, since I didn't cook yesterday, I decided just to fast until dinner time, when I will make an incredibly awesome dinner with leftovers!

                                Plus, I will try to be on here more to support you as well. We are in this together!