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    Ok, so we've finished the official challenge, now let's keep going with our own! How many weeks shall we do? Stick with 3 weeks?


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      I like it! If we do 3 week increments, it gives us a chance to reevaluate occasionally.
      I think I'd like to take this opportunity to check in on my original goals:

      1) Night-time snacking: I have definitely reduced this, but still need a little work, so I will keep it as a goal.
      2) Wine and cheese: honestly have done the best with this. A glass or two a couple nights a week is reasonable, and I've been eating waaay less cheese, which I thought would be the hardest part. I think this one is under control.
      3) Lifting heavy things: began doing this a little bit, am going to ramp it up.
      4) Primal recipes: have added lots to my repertoire, I'm sure many more will come. This isn't really a challenge though, as I enjoy cooking.
      5) Mindful eating: still need to work on this.

      So, new, unofficial 21-day challenge goals!
      1) Totally control nighttime snacking
      2) Ramp up the weight lifting
      3) Eat mindfully
      4) Be under 160lbs by Oct 21

      Aaaaand go!
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        I can never really figure out if I'm not being strict enough, or if I'm beating myself up too much: Yesterday was mostly meat (salmon, chicken, pepperoni, bacon) and veg (salad, asparagus), but I felt like I'd done poorly because I had about 3oz cheese, about 1/2 cup of the rice filling from cabbage rolls, and a half-dozen 5cent candies. (Obviously the candies aren't good by any definition, but they are my sweet weakness for sure - can take or leave baked goods, but waft a gummy candy in front of my nose, and I rise off the ground with my tail wagging) but good portion control, I think.

        But I'd lost another 1/2 pound by this morning. Which makes me think it's ok to eat these kinds of things... which looks like a slippery slope. Ugh. IDK.

        Today is not too bad. Had chicken soup for lunch, and will be having the cabbage rolls and sausage for supper - carb heavy, but this is like a 2x a year indulgence. Back on track, rather than poorly-paved-path-beside-track, tomorrow.

        I'm going to make hamburger cordon swiss with mushroom sauce. And I promised my bro I would make bacon-potato soup... little does he know it will be cauliflower soup, with a few token bits of potato! Muahahahaha!
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          Oh excellent! I may have to try something like kids will eat soup. I wonder if I can convince them it's potato?


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            If you don't have a problem with dairy, I find melty cheddar covers up any suspicions!

            Totally gorged on cabbage rolls last night, and suffered pretty bad gas for it... but I have NO regrets. So delicious! They tasted almost like my grandpas...
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              I think I must live with the only non-vegetarian male who doesn't like steak. Whatever... Ribeye for me, chicken for you! On the plus side, John dear seems to be coming around.. We had a talk today about how IF'ing is a good thing as long as the rest of your diet it good (this appeals to him, as he doesn't really like to eat much throughout the day... but often will eat another meal after dinner) and he's pretty much dropped grains from his diet already... just needs to ditch the serious junk food habit.

              I printed off Mark's shopping list to give him some guidance. He absolutely refuses to read up on primal, claiming that he believes what I say about it, and would rather hear my cliffnotes version, but that means he misses out on a lot. I've asked him to help keep me accountable, as often a gentle reminder will stop me from doing something I'll later regret - so not a word when I dip into the chips or candy... but decides to pipe up when I have a little rice? lol well his heart is in the right place.

              In other news, I have developed an obsession with raw meat. I seared my steak for propriety's sake, but it was basically raw, and the most incredibly delicious thing ever.. and I only ate half, along with some buttered, steamed, organic broccoli, and was completely sated. Which means steak for lunch tomorrow!

              Oooh AND I got 2 doz farm fresh, organic, free run eggs at the market today! The were sold out last week, but she said she'd save me some for this week Cheaper than the organic eggs at the grocery store (which are usually $6+, these were $5) and she says she does weekly deliveries to town during the winter! I'm so excited, I love eggs, but hate buying them at the store.
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                Steak is by far my favorite food! Best meal, steak (medium rare) with a big side of steamed asparagus. I think it is great you have some one near by to keep you accountable. It is a good feeling when you have that encouragement. It is also nice when you have some one to spill your food thoughts to. I love to cook and learn more about nutrition but it is often not a topic others get in to.

                Do you think steak has more satiety power when it is not fully cooked? I find it very satisfying

                Hope today was another good day for you!
                p.s congrats on being down 4 pounds great accomplishment
                "Never regret. If it's good, its wonderful. If it's bad its experience"
                -Victoria Hold
                F/Age 23 height 5' 3"
                HW 134
                CW 126
                GW 120


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                  Wow, good weight loss. Really happy for you. Debra.

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                    Thanks, guys! I'm feeling pretty positive despite a few slip ups here and there... no binges though, so that's good, and I did not have any of the garlic bread or the gourmet cupcakes at my nephew's birthday dinner last night! And it didn't bother me a bit, I was more than happy with steak and homemade cesaer salad and a little bit of potato.

                    Also, I am a super happy camper right now, because my FIL has found a place just outside of town that sells grass fed and FINISHED beef! I could only get grass fed, grain finished before now, unless I wanted to drive 3 hrs round trip to get it. Which I don't. And better yet, they bought a ton of it (he is not primal in the slightest, just really likes quality meat) and gave us some... and they're going to buy a whole or half cow in a month or two! Which basically means I have a FREE supply of the best cow money can buy for the winter.
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                      Good couple of days! Yesterday was:
                      No breakfast
                      Steak and broccoli for lunch
                      Dinner was steak and chicken fajitas in lettuce wraps.. so good! Piled sauteed onions and peppers with the meat, added avocado, sour cream, salsa and cheese. Nom!
                      Then I went to bed early.. I have been getting a LOT of sleep lately, and it's been nice.

                      Today I had bacon and eggs for breakfast, then we went golfing - I'm not fantastic, and usually find my muscles are very fatigued well before 18 holes are through... but this time I felt great! Shot well too

                      Ate a LOT this evening, mostly good.. I did overeat, but it could have been worse, plus I didn't have any lunch. Had sushi (salmon sashimi and spicy salmon-avocado roll) some tortilla chips and dip (this was the worst of it) some homemade trailmix (raw almonds, dark chocolate, sunflower seeds and currants) and a glass of wine. And a piece of cheese. It was good. lol I am a little too full now though.

                      And tomorrow we have TWO Thanksgiving dinners to attend.. A couple hours in between, but still. My problem is, John's dear's family's is always earlier, and I can never resist eating then, even though I like my family's cooking better. But my will power is reaching new heights lately.. so we will see.
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                        So glad you are having such good success! That's got to feel really good


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                          Thanksgiving was definitely not primal, but I ate way way less than I EVER have..For once, I didn't feel stuffed to the point of sickness!

                          Weight crept back up to 163 this morning, but I'm sure that's a combination of slightly less than ideal eating, plus some lady-time related water retention. I'm not going to sweat it.

                          Today is a stat though, and John dear is off golfing, so I have the day to myself to get 'er done! Time to clean, cook up some food for the week, and get laundry done.. not the most exciting day, but it will feel really good to get that stuff over with. Which means I must get off the internet! lol
                          Later, grokettes!
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                            Ugh, I am officially not weighing myself again until my period is gone! This had better be water retention :/

                            I finally put in a quality weight lifting session yesterday... and I'm feeling it today!
                            Since I can't do an actual pullup, I decided to start doing eccentric pullups (ie lowering myself from the bar) Still really difficult! But I did 6
                            Also did some squats, planks, and other arm exercises with 2x10lb weights.

                            But this is how it goes... I do this once, maybe twice, then peter off again. I just don't find it interesting. But I wanna be a toughie! lol Well, this journal has helped me stick with other things, maybe it will work for this too.

                            Shredded beef pie with turnip/cauli topping for tonight.. made with my grass-fed beef roast! I can't wait.
                            And I brought leftover steak, and a couple hard boiled eggs for lunch. Back on track for real!

                            Week 2 of the unofficial 21-day challenge has begun! All it needs to be is a little better than last week
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                              Me too...Here's hoping for water retention! *crosses fingers* I don't plan on weighing myself again until the weekend.

                              Beef pie sounds good...


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                                I was going to steal the Thanksgiving leftovers from my in-laws, and make turkey cottage pie, but they didn't have much! For a first.. they always make enough to feed a couple armies. But I'm ok with beef pie, I will steal the leftover turnips for this purpose!

                                On another note, I am very excited to announce that hubby is OFFICIALLY on board! We were talking about food for lunch, and he made some comment about how convenient sandwiches were, but that they didn't really work with our way of eating I feel so bad, because I encouraged him to eat less meat, and eat more beans, lentils, SOY! and so on when I did that whole vegetarian thing.. It's funny, because even at the time, I had a heck of a time defending why I was doing it - just a vague sense that it was the right thing to do.. and now that I know better, and have the science to back it up, I really want him to eat right, and feel much more strongly about it - but the poor guy just puts up with whatever "weird food craze" I have going on at the moment! But he does understand. And is extremely not bitter about all the crap I put him through

                                I got one of the good ones.
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