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    Breakfast - 25/4/1
    FB Mini Muffins - 13/4/1
    Mascarpone - 12/0/0

    Lunch - 36/19/13
    Spring Lettuce, Spinach - 0/2/1
    Carrots - 0/0/2
    Green Bell Pepper - 0/0/2
    Radishes - 0/0/1
    Black Olives - 3/0/1
    Mushroom - 0/1/1
    Onion - 0/0/2
    Pickles - 0/0/1
    Pine Nuts - 3/2/1
    Asiago Cheese - 9/8/0
    Hard Boiled Egg - 5/6/1
    Dressing - 16/0/1

    Dinner - 36/22/5
    Chicken - 1/20/0
    Butter - 23/0/0
    FB Mini Muffin - 6/2/1
    Mascarpone Cheese - 6/0/0
    Blueberries - 0/0/4

    Snacks - 0/0/0

    Total for today - 98/45/20

    Well, there's one for upping my fat. I'm hoping to get my fat into triple digits and keep it there while keeping the carbs and protein in check. The pickles are gone now so today is the last day they will be in my salad.
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      Breakfast - 37/6/3
      FB Mini Muffins - 19/6/3
      Mascarpone - 18/0/0

      Lunch - 41/35/18
      Moe's Close Talker - 41/35/18
      (Romaine Lettuce, Cheese, Black Olives, Grilled Onions, Grilled Bell Peppers, Grilled Mushrooms, Cilantro, Steak, Tomatillo Salsa, Queso)

      Dinner - 25/4/1
      FB Mini Muffin - 13/4/1
      Mascarpone Cheese - 12/0/0

      Snacks - 4/1/0
      Hazelnuts - 4/1/0

      Total for today - 107/46/22

      Slightly over on carbs but plenty of fat, not bad for eating out.
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        Yeah, I've been doing a lot of sort of random eating lately. A little mascarpone here, a spoonful of carp roe there, a can of sardines, etc. My dad has been sick so I've been taking him his meals separately and then just sort of eating what ever comes to hand. It actually feels kind of good. WHen I'm cooking for both of us I kind of feel obligated to present "balanced" meals complete with lots of veggies and salads. I'm starting to think that I may have been overdoing all that greenery for a while now. I try to get a shot of phytonutrients in with some wheatgrass juice in the morning but I don't really need heaps of salad. I think, when I was trying to restrict calories without the high fat, I used to use salad as a "filler" in the tummy.


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          I always find it interesting when people talk about using salads as filler. For a long time I considered salads almost a non food because, until I started added large amount of fat and protein to the salads, I just would not be satisfied. A big reason I've been happy on this diet is that I am no longer starving between meals as long as I keep my carbs and protein in check.
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            Breakfast - 37/6/3
            FB Mini Muffins - 19/6/3
            Mascarpone - 18/0/0

            Lunch - 24/17/0
            Chicken - 1/16/0
            Butter - 23/0/0

            Dinner - 25/4/1
            Chicken - 1/13/0
            Queso - 13/6/5
            Coconut Cream - 16/2/4
            Blueberries - 0/1/8
            FB Mini Muffin - 6/2/1
            Mascarpone Cheese - 12/0/0

            Snacks - 0/0/0

            Total for today - 109/46/20
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              These past few days have been hectic and the next few even more so. We are getting ready to go to a trade show while squeezing in a nursery inspection and trying to still eat along ketogenic guidelines. I do not have numbers but I have been largely eating things such as:
              Fat bread with mascarpone or butter
              Eggs (Fried and hard boiled)
              Turkey bacon
              Chicken with butter
              Salmon cakes (salmon, eggs, bell pepper, celery, garlic, and onion. Taste like omlettes in convenient mini-muffin serving sizes.)
              Blueberries with coconut cream
              Nuts(Hazelnuts, brazil nuts, and almonds)
              Bunless cheeseburger

              While I have not been keeping track of exact daily totals, I have been checking out what I will get from new meals in advance and making sure I keep my proportions of other foods mostly the same. I fixed fat bread and salmon cakes to take with me to the trade show, as well as some chicken bone broth which I will be taking as well.

              I also found that I need more protein than my current diet was allowing. The entire time I had my protein in the mid 40s I was craving meat horribly. I added 10more grams of protein for one day and my cravings went away without any ill effects. I won't be binging on protein from now on but it seems like a good idea for me to bump my upper limit of protein a bit.
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                That's good that you are finding your protein sweet spot.

                I have the two main ingredients of pemmican cooking right now, venison in the dehydrator and bone marrow rendering in the oven. The whole house smells awesome.

                Pemmican makes a really good portable ketogenic food for on the go days like at your trade show.

                This is the best how to guide I could find about it (and I looked at quite a few):


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                  Hitting my protein sweet spot does make things better. I seem to be doing fine with low levels of carbs though.

                  Thank you for the guide. I will have to try it some time soon.
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                    It has been a while and a lot has happened since I last updated.

                    I have kept up with a primal WOE, though I have been experimenting with various macro proportions. So far I seem to do best with a low to moderate amount of protein, low to moderate amount of carbs, and high amount of fat. Too much protein and I get hungry quickly, too many carbs and I get hungry sooner and I get to be more easily agitated, though cane sugar seems to be a lot worse for that than vegetables or fruit are. The only cane sugar I have been eating are a rare coke (which I am getting less and less inclined to want to drink), or my 85% chocolate. I have been eating no grains at all unless I eat out, in which case I only eat white rice.

                    I have gradually worked my way towards two meals a day with a snack.
                    Breakfast (7-8AM) - 2-4 Eggs fried in coconut oil and usually sausage or salmon
                    Snack (2-4PM) - Handful of fruit, cheese, macadamias, 85% chocolate Just enough to tide me over until dinner.
                    Dinner (5-9PM) - ~1/2 lb meat, with 3-5 different vegetables
                    I use herbs and spices liberally in the cooked food, butter in dinner, and at some point during the day I usually eat 2-3 brazil nuts for the selenium.

                    Health wise I have been improving greatly. I have not had any seizures, and my auras have been cut down considerably. This is in spite of have a mower deck land on my head and a rusty nail occupy the same space as my foot, both of which would have been automatic seizures in the past. I have gradually been able to sprint more, though I still have to remind myself to breath once in a while. Running is still not easy but I am happy for what I can do now. My recovery is way up. Instead of feeling completely wore out and having to take significant breaks to recover enough to do anything, I can now just sit somewhere cool for a minute or two when I feel a little tired and be right back up and going. I have also stopped falling asleep on the tractor and in other vehicles, even when I don't get adequate sleep. THIS IS AMAZING. I think my body is finally started to be able to fix whatever the epilepsy medications did to me in high school now that it isn't being constantly bombarded with things that damage it further. Finally, cramps during my cycle have been minimized to the point that a little dark chocolate completely nullifies them.

                    On the food front I have started to realize that I am very likely allergic to gluten/wheat. Getting accidentally glutened will result in breathing problems almost immediately and if I walk into a room when food such pancakes and bread are being cooked, my eyes and nose will become very itchy and irritated. I also seem to have a problem with something in nuts and other seeds that makes my gut hurt and so far seems to be related to phytic acid. I cannot eat any walnuts; almonds, pistachios, and pepitas I can only have small amounts of; however I seem to be able to eat as much coconut and macadamia as I can without issues. Chocolate seems to be hit and miss, though that could potentially be a difference in fermentation time between batches of cocoa used.

                    Finally, my husband left the military in December and has more or less adopted my WOE which has caused him problems such as his pants falling off and running out of holes in his belt. He has lost 25-30 pounds so far and is having a fine time with the food. Occasionally he eats something like lasagna or ice cream when offered to him since he doesn't have the issues I do but he has been voluntarily more primal over time. I'd guess he's around 80/20 right now and I'd rather have him 80% voluntary than have him 95%+ with both of us being stressed out from nagging.
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                      So tonight I asked DH whether he wanted steak or hamburger for dinner. He said Steakburgers! and we both laughed about it, then decided it was a good idea. Dinner ended up being (each) 6oz steak cooked in red wine vinegar, thyme, and garlic under a half pound of hamburger cooked with mushrooms, moringa, basil, and cayanne topped off with grassfed cheddar. It was delicious.

                      I know I haven't been in ketosis for the most part lately as I have been eating a lot of mangos since they are in season. Oddly enough I have had little to no desire for any other carbs since I have been eating mangos. If I eat too many potatoes/sweet potatoes, too much chocolate, or have some rice when we eat out then later on I'll have cravings for carbs, any carbs. With the mango, not so much. I want to eat more mango because I like the taste, and maybe a little chocolate for the same reason, but other than those I mostly want meat or cheese after eating a lot of mango. Very odd.
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                        I've been doing a little more shifting around with my meals.

                        For breakfast I have 2-4 eggs and half of a large chicken sausage.

                        I skip lunch, midafternoon I eat about 2 cups of fruit. I usually keep some macadamias and cheese on hand in case I start having salt cravings or get hungry before I get home. Since I can eat bananas again, I have been including 1/3-1/2 of a banana with the fruit. I have had much less of an issue with salt cravings since I started the fruit. On off days I skip the fruit and just eat macadamias and cheese if I feel like eating something.

                        When I get home I eat dinner, which is typically a meat, a couple non-starchy veggies, and a starchy veggie. The starchy veggie is usually squash, carrots, or half a sweet potato. Off days I typically have less or skip the starchy veggie altogether.

                        So far this seems to work fairly well. It keeps me going through long workdays and my husband has been steadily losing 1-2lbs per week eating slightly larger portions of what I eat.


                        Mangos seem to be dwindling in availability. Some of the trees we get fruit from are going out of season but a couple more are just starting to get ripe. Avocados are gearing up nicely, will probably be getting a bunch of them within a few weeks. One place has a few bananas and a pineapple I am waiting to ripen so I can claim them. <.< The citrus trees are filling up with nice sized green fruit, star fruits are starting to bloom again, and guavas are ripening. I'm not sure what to do with the guavas though. My Macadamia that bloomed this year has two nuts on it right now, it keeps thinning them out. The moringa hedge is taking off. I've been adding some of the leaves to meals and drying more of it to use as herbs. Harvested a bunch of mint, oregano, and lemon basil and dried them to use in cooking. I am wondering if I should try something with my barbeque rosemary. My black sapote and grumichama bloomed earlier this tear but I didn't see any fruit set. The yellow passionfruit has been blooming like a maniac so I am hoping for another large crop. Maybe I'll get some purples soon.
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