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  • Happy Lean and Fast

    Itís a bit tough to know how to start a first post here.
    Iím female, 35, a serious athlete. I was pretty close to 100% primal for a few years on the food front Ö doing lots of training, feeling great and staying super lean. Lots happened in the first half of this year and I pretty much gave up for a while and found myself back riding the sugar and starch roller coaster and getting a lot softer (and slower!) than Iíd like to be.
    Iím trying to fix all that and find my way back to being a competitive runner.
    My biggest issues are with eating when I am upset, stressed or tired. When I get to eatting lots of sugar, I feel super tired and depressed when I donít have it. I also travel and such a fair bit for work and that can be tough.
    131 lbs at the moment. I think that 116 or so would be a good racing weight for me so thatís a big focus Ö tempered by the need to actually have energy to train. I find that a tough balance when trying to lose weight.
    Iíve been reading a few journals here and finding them very inspiring. Decided to start my own. Largely, I am looking for some accountability in sticking to the plan but hopefully I can also share some fun recipes and so forth.
    Breakfast: Chopped up a ton of broccoli, poured over some left over lamb stew and microwaved the whole deal. Nom nom! And super filling. I didnít have anything other than water again until 2:30
    Late lunch: Salad with rotisserie chicken. Fresh arugula and tomatoes from my garden. Hard to beat.
    Pre-workout snack: Rico and Lola raspberry ice (fruit, sugar, water) Ė I was worried about having the energy for a good run.
    Dinner (planned): Chicken coconut curry with lots of veggies
    Exercise: played volleyball with my work team for about 50 min at lunch time and 1:25 hard run intervals when I got home.

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    Curry turned out nicely. Chicken, onion, cauliflower, kohlrabi, spinach in a coconut, pineapple, cilantro sauce.
    Big day of external meetings today. 100% primal is going to be tough.
    Off to a good start this morning, though.
    Hit the gym right when it opened at 5:30.
    15 min WU on bike, stretching, dead lifts, power cleans, squats, bench press, pec flys and some core.
    After workout: one small garnet yam mashed with about 3 cups steamed broccoli and about a cup of chicken stew from last week.


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      Oh dear. I somehow lost Friday's post on my total primal failure Thursday. Sandwiches for lunch and then breaded oysters, short ribs and risotto for dinner.
      I just can't bring myself to start picking stuff apart and being fussy in that sort of situation. <sigh>. Well ... Hopefully it happens infrequently enough that I can still get back to where I need to be.

      Friday was a much better day. I was not at all hungry in the morning so skipped breakfast. Lunch was arugula, tomatoes, radishes and some Japanese salted salmon (meh). Story with chicken and tons of veggies for dinner followed by a big bowl of blueberries and a square of dark chocolate.

      Yesterday, I really screwed up. I had a big hard run to do. Wandered around the kitchen for a bit and finally just had coffee and half of a little spelt/oat/dark chocolate cookie. Half because it was too sweet and I just didn't want it. This is a HUGE stumbling block for me with primal. I just haven't found a good pre workout meal to replace my bagel and PB. Anyway ... Great workout. Then a shake with egg whites, a banana and some turmeric. ONLY a 90 min session, I was thinking ... Need to lean out! Well .. Next I went out in the garden and started doing some work. An hour later I am totally light headed, about to fall over ...
      I cooked up some bacon and a large bunch of kale with some leftover chicken ... Then more blueberries ... Then a handful of sunflower seeds but it took me HOURS to feel human again. What a waste of a day!
      Evening was better. A good weights session. Then a big plate of tuna sashimi with an avocado and a big pile of wakame.


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        Just wiped yesterday.
        I had three eggs scrambled with some chorizo for breakfast along with two pieces of Japanese pumpkin. Trying to eat a bit more pre-workout. I just had no energy after that, though. Finally had a few berries and a bit of dark chocolate and pulled out a decent workout.
        Black cod, sautťed dandelion greens and a salad of pea sprouts and tomato with a little hazelnut oil for dinner.
        Super hungry in the evening. Ate a few macadamia nuts but really tried to just suck it up princess for the most part.

        Leftover chicken stir fry for breakfast. HUNGRY!!! I packed some more cod with baby kale and tomatoes for lunch. Wishing I had some celery or something to snack on in the meantime.


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          A bit of a disaster yesterday. I was SUPER happy to remember that I'd packed an avocado in my lunch along with the fish and salad. Wolfed the whole thing down at 11:30 (I was in at 6:30 for an early meeting) and then was so starving by 2pm that I was ready to eat ANYTHING just so I could focus on working. What a moron!! It could have been a lot worse. I had some artisan granola made with oats tucked away in my drawer. That filled me up for the afternoon but I was way grumpy with myself.
          To make matters worse, I failed my run workout. Right hip was killing me. And I was just going to hurt myself limping through it. Super super grumpy! Grilled salmon, broccoli and a few tomatoes for dinner. Went to bed very hungry.

          This morning, a larabar before heading to the gym. Very solid weights session then a sweet potato grated and fried with chorizo and two eggs. Basically forgot about eating until almost three. Go figure! Salad with roast chicken. All good until just now on the way home ... Need food now time!! Fortunately, I had a Lara Bar with me this time ... Better ... Although two in one day is a bit much! SO hoping for a good strong run tonight. I want to get back racing. Cross country season starts this weekend and I am not ready


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            My hip still wasn't happy with me. Oh well ... it is getting better. Just not there yet.
            I slipped on a rock carrying a bag of concrete two weeks ago and twisted my ankle a bit just before I left for a tradeshow where I was walking around in heels all day. Duh! Obviously my body was compensating in some weird way and I've been nursing that hip/IT band since. Not really a big deal. I'm just so eager to get things back on track and mad at myself for being stupid, for getting this far from where I want to be in the first place.
            The eating is largely going well, though. Down two pounds since I started this journal a week ago. 129. And I look and feel so much less soft and fluffy. Weights are amazing for that.
            I had a few cashews and went to bed last night. I was TIRED. Lots of energy this morning ... I really tend to eat carbs for energy rather than sleep. That's a habit I need to get away from.
            Four slices of bacon fired up with eight leaves of kale and three eggs this morning. Delicious! Hoping it's enough to get through the morning without starving. I packed a big lunch and also some boiled eggs to keep in the fridge at the office just in case.
            Onwards and upwards ...


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              A good food day.
              Ate my lunch (chicken, about five more leaves of kale, tomatoes, a bell pepper and about 1/2 tbsp of sesame bonito dressing) late again today and was fine not eating until I got home at about 7:30. Ate a few cashews and headed over to the gym. A bit of a lackluster workout ... maybe I really did need more food ... but not totally brutal.
              Banana,egg white, L-glutamine and almond butter in a smoothie before bed. Long day. I'm beat.


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                Another good eating day.
                Bacon and eggs for breakfast. Meh. I'm a bit sick of eggs and that's just a bit of a fat overload without anything else but I think my bother ate the chicken I was planning on having and I was in too much of a rush to go and harvest greens from the garden.
                For lunch, the last of the kale that I had in the fridge, some tomatoes, radish, orange pepper and ham with some cranberry vinaigrette (home made with olive oil).
                It was OK. Really time to do some shopping and prep cooking.
                Had a boiled egg in the afternoon at the office. That worked well. I had energy for the whole day and was really productive. No wanting to chew pieces off my desk.

                A handful of almonds and some blueberries for dinner. Another long day and I just wasn't into making real dinner. Slept for 10.5 hours.

                No training. I'm still trying to let my hip sort itself out. Made an ART appointment for Saturday.

                127.2 pounds. I was feeling skinny this morning so hopped on the scale out of curiosity. Go figure ... I could be dehydrated, I suppose but I don't think so.

                Feeling a bit more hopeful than I was. I'm not sure if that's just making progress on the body comp front (if I do that, I think the running will come around quickly) or getting through the sugar addiction. I haven't really been trying to avoid fruit or sweet potatoes, though ... just sorta eating what I have around that appeals at the time.


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                  MORE eggs yesterday LOL. I think I might be trying for an egg free weekend!
                  I really need to stock up on some fast fry stuff that I can just toss in the pan for a quick breakfast. Or read the recipes thread for some new inspiration. Leftovers are awesome for breakfast but when I don't have any and I'm running to a meeting, I'm a little lost.
                  Anyhoo ... three eggs with the last of the chorizo for breakfast. During the day at work, a bunch of almonds, three hard boiled eggs and a bunch of the delicious sweet cherry tomatoes from my garden that are currently overflowing my fridge

                  We stopped at the Japanese market on the way home and I had some bits of stuff from there for dinner. Probably not TOTALLY primal but not bad and all and OH SO YUMMY!
                  Two pieces of grilled mackerel, eggplant with sesame oil and ginger, and some takowasabi.

                  This morning, I had coffee, worked in the garden for a few hours and now I'm having collards with bacon before my ART appointment.

                  We have back cod for dinner. Just need to figure out what to make with it


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                    So happy about that. Great run workout this morning ... well, if was great to do it and I was able to work pretty hard but I'm definitely a little out of shape from all the training I have missed. Oh well ... it will come back.
                    We ended up eating the cod in the afternoon.
                    Then I didn't do too much ... pretty sore from getting worked on but I did go to the Italian market and pick up some delicious stuff.
                    Boneless chicken roast stuffed with sausage for dinner. Along with some arugula and tomatoes from the garden with just a little salt and olive oil. I had a fresh fig for desert. LOVE figs. We don't see them fresh here very often.
                    Six more figs and some coffee before running this morning. Not enough. A little chocolate and some Clif Blocks out of desperation during the run. Afterwards, leftover chicken and salad and a few leftover potatoes that I had baked with the roast for DH and my brother.
                    I worked in the garden for a few hours. Dug out three new beds and planted them. Feeling weak and crazy hungry after that so I polished off the last little bit of the chicken, sausage and salad and then had a BIG bowl of blueberries with coconut milk. Now for a nap and off to the gym. Woot!


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                      Progress on every lift this evening. Booyah!!! Powered by figs
                      Home to maple glazed salmon, scallops wrapped in bacon and an awesome medley of oh so fresh veggies with pine nuts.
                      Tired but very happy.


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                        A bit of a crazy day yesterday. In the office at 6 and then out to dinner with a visitor from a partner company until almost 9. I tried to get up super early and run but the body said no. I got out there and it was freezing cold and my hip was killing me again. Bummed.
                        Back to bed and then I was in a rush to get out the door so I grabbed the last skewer of bacon wrapped scallops and leftover veggie medly out of the fridge. Not enough Salad with a little sesame dressing, leftover salmon and yet more bacon scallops for lunch.
                        Dinner was not a model meal but could have been far worse. A little calamari and chicken with a mushroom sauce with some greens and potatoes. I shouldn't have eaten the potatoes but I was starving.

                        Great run this morning. Short intervals so I did it before eating. Now coffee, 3 bacons, three eggs, three figs
                        We have a catered lunch again today. Hoping I can limit the damage there and then really try not to eat more than I need to to get a good gym session in tonight.