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Going Primal.. Coach's Caveman Plan

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  • Going Primal.. Coach's Caveman Plan

    Starting tomorrow morning..

    5 - 6 am (Insanity plyo and resistance workout)

    6 am - 3 eggs with butter, onions and peppers.

    Will try to hold out until 10:30 then I'll have a salad with grilled chicken and Vinegret(sp) dressing.

    I'm packing some blueberries and almonds just in case.

    Tomorrow evening it will be grilled chicken or grilled sirloin steak..

    I will also add about 20 mins of jump rope and walking in the afternoon.

    Am I close??

    My concerns:

    I'm coming off a very strict low fat, low carb, eat every 3 hours diet.. so I am scared to death to see how my body reacts to this change..

    Please feel free to jump in with any suggestions, comments, critiques.. etc.. etc..

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    This morning.. knocked out Insanity for about 40 mins.. ate 3 eggs with olive oil.. onions & peppers.

    I am at work now.. terrified that I will be starving at 9 am when I normally eat (from my every 3 hours previous diet).

    I am hoping that this plan will help me knock out as much body fat as possible in the two months until our May vacation.

    I don't think the fitness aspect will be a problem, I'm just a bit nervous about the eating part.

    We'll see how it one is underway!


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      Just for documentation/accountability-

      Weight as of yesterday- 191

      Goal Weight by end of May- 17??

      Body fat %15

      Goal Body fat% - 10% or less by end of May

      Wish me luck!!!


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        Sounds great coach, best of luck with your plan! Have you tried cooking with coconut oil instead of butter? I cook eggs in coconut oil almost every day and it's great. Dr. Davis at Heart Scan Blog recently posted that butter, like most dairy, will cause significant insulin reactions. Just an idea to try, good luck!


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          Your on the right track, if you stick to the primal menu every day, you will find after you done it for a while you don't get as hungry for snacks as you did before. Don't be in such a hurry, make it a lifestyle, not just a destination. You body will react at it's own pace better than you forcing it into a timetable. Mine did, I went from 195 25% BF to 175 10% body fat, but it took around 6 mos to get there. Make sure and do an IF every now and then, it will excelerate the fat loss. Keep the protein up where Mark reccomends so you don't lose muscle mass.

          If you haven't yet , I would buy Mark's book and apply it , IT WORKS!


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            I personally don't think you are eating enough fat to keep you full... how much meat per meal are you eating?


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              Hey guys, thanks for joining me!!!

              GP- gonna go looking for Coconut oil today.. can I find this at my local supermarket store or will it have to be at some type of special store?

              Hutax- I've got my book on the way!!! I am facinated with the IF. I'm hoping to try my first go at it perhaps next week.. will try to go half a day first with fasting.. and see how I handle it. Congrats on your success with PB!!! I hope to follow in your footsteps!!! I do realize that I will not be able to drop that much weight and body fat in only 2 months.. but I do plan to stay on the Blueprint and see how close I can get.

              Tell me.. did you use fitday or some other program to track your protein intake, or did you just go with what your body told you? When you did IF did you go for an entire day (24 hours) or half a day..etc.??

              Arthur- This morning I did not have any meat with my eggs.. just 3 eggs with onions, peppers, and olive oil. For lunch I have about 5 ounces of grilled chicken with my salad. I was not planning on eating any "meat" other than grilled chicken today.. I do plan on grilling some sirloin for my salad and supper tomorrow..

              I really appreciate all the advice, suggestions, and support!


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                I don;t see how you can stay full with that little amount of food.


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                  I'm new enough at this (maybe a couple of months now) to recall how it was when I first started. I, too was terrified I'd be hungry. This was important to me, as my blood sugar would drop like a rock. Keep taking snacks with you until you get a feel for how your body reacts to your meals. If you get too hungry between meals, eat bigger meals. And add more fats! There's nothing wrong with eating snacks, by the way -- just unnecessary once you know how much to feed your body.

                  I'd also recommend that you hold off on IF until at least you've been doing it for 30 days. You need time for your body to get used to this way of eating, and for you to be able to identify the difference between hunger and low blood sugar. Once your body has adapted, you will IF automatically ("I'm not hungry, think I'll wait to eat until I am...") and then you will be surprised at how long you can go comfortably.

                  Hutax is right -- this is a lifestyle, not a diet. Experiment. Let it be OK if some experiments don't work out right away. Make friends with your body under these new conditions and let it tell you what it needs. And eat more fat!


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                    I agree that the food intake seems kinda low. You might want to try putting your food into dailyplate or fitday for a few days to make sure you're getting enough calories and that your macronutrients are where you want them to be. But as long as you feel good and aren't starving, you should be fine. Good luck, and glad you're here!


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                      Thanks for the replies everyone!

                      arthur- I'm thinking the same thing.. may have to add some more snacks.. or bigger meals..

                      Patty- agree.. this is another "way of eating" that I will have to become accustomed to.. the beauty is that I was already on a low-carb, low-fat "diet".. so I was used to eating selective.. so I'm hoping the adjustment will be easier for me. I wish I had the book now so I could see what is "good" and not so good to eat.. I'm kind of wingin' it at the moment..

                      Yodiewan- Thanks for the advice.. I was hoping to get off of the "log your meals in" deal which is what I did religiously when I changed my eating habits the first time. But perhaps I should start just to see where I am with it..

                      Well it is 9 am.. my stomach is growling like a tiger.. but I don't necessarily feel "hungry".. my stomach has been conditioned to eat now.. so it is reminding me.. so far so good..

                      My salad is going to be soooo good come 10:30!!!!


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                        grilled chicken breast salad...DRYYYYYYYYY..... why arent you having steak strips, or avacados, macadamia oil, ground beef!!!!!!

                        Get on my Level


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                          Ugh, that is a lot of chicken.

                          Anyway, with regards to hunger, what is there to be so terrified about?

                          You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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                            Malpaz & Primalchild-

                            Reason is very simple.. I'm trying to "finish off" the rest of my "old way of eating" for the past 2 years or so.. I have eaten grilled chicken, tuna, or turkey as my main source of protein.. so I don't want it to go to waste.

                            As far as hunger.. good point.. what is there I guess??


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                              Screw grilled chicken breast... eat a whole chicken