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Going Primal.. Coach's Caveman Plan

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    LOL Arthur!!!

    BTW my salad was GREAT!!!!


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      Update- walked over 40 mins so far today.. gonna ride my bike for another 30 - 40 mins this evening..

      Just ate a handful of blueberries and almonds, and two med size bananas. Gonna finish off the eating tonight with my grilled chicken.. then I start day 2 with more eggs and maybe some steak!

      Say hello to my Primal Alter-Ego - Bulltar!!!!

      Bulltar has done well today!!!


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        Ok day one is in the books! I think Bulltar has had a terrific first day!!!


        6 am 3 eggs, with olive oil, onions, peppers.

        10:30 Grilled chicken salad with Balsamic dressing.

        3:30- Handful of Almonds and Blueberries

        6 - Grilled chicken breast

        8:30- almonds and walnuts, handful each

        Activity (play)

        5 - 6 High impact cardio for about 40 mins.

        12 - 2 - about 40 mins of steady walking

        7 - about 35 mins of bike riding

        Going to bed now.. sleeping until 5 am..

        I welcome all comments, suggestions.. etc..

        Bulltar is going to bed!!!


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          Good morning everyone!

          Here is what Bulltar has on his plate for today:

          5:30 - 6 A few bodyweight exercises (pushups, pullups, crunches, etc)

          6 - 3 eggs with onions and steak and olive oil

          10 - 12 - 45 mins of walking

          10:30 am- Steak salad with Balsamic dressing

          1 - 2 - another 30 - 40 mins of walking

          3:30 - Handful of almonds and blueberries

          4:30- 25 - 30 mins of intense bodyweight work (pushups, pullups, squats, etc.)

          6 pm- Steak

          One thing I must say.. I don't know what caused this but I had some freaky dreams last night! I was stirred awake several times with some wierd dreams.. Is this normal after only one day on PB??

          Have a great day everyone!!!


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            Are you keeping track of what you eat on That has really helped me to see exactly what I'm eating and how much or little.


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              I was trying to go kinda "Primitive" and avoid logging any food, and just try to go off what my body is telling me.

              Problem is.. how to tell if I'm really hungry, or my body just being used to eating?

              So far today:

              6 am- 3 eggs, peppers, onions, olive oil, and 1 small sirloin tip steak.

              10:30- 2 sirloin tip steaks mixed in with a salad

              3:30- planning on almonds and blueberries handful of each

              6- planning on 3 sirloin tip steaks..


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                Bulltar has survived day two!!!

                He will not eat anything from 6 pm tonight until 6 am tomorrow morning.. and then he plans on IF from 6 pm Saturday to at least Noon on Sunday...

                I read the book today.. I was a great read! I'm all in!!! Gonna follow it as close to 100% as I can for the next 30 days at least and see what happens!!!

                I will wake up at 5 am tomorrow morning and see what my body feels like.. if I am tired, I will skip my morning workout.. Trying to stop the continuous cardio that I've been doing...

                But if I feel good.. I'm gonna hit it!!!

                Good night from Bulltar!!!


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                  Fry up a dozen eggs over-easy in lots of coconut oil or butter and keep them in the fridge. Eat one whenever your tummy growls.


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                    Thanks Dragonmamma! I just bought some almonds, walnuts, and green olives to help me when I need a little something!

                    Meanwhile today is day 3 I will be getting on the scale in a few mins (Fridays are my weigh-in days). I don't expect much of a change as I have only been Primal for a few days.. but I do think I'm seeing and feeling some changes already.

                    This morning I resisted the urge to work out with my insanity.. I'm gonna try to give my body a small break from the hard-core cardio as later today I will be running my all-out sprints with a buddy of mine.

                    I will be eating my eggs this morning and my salad with chicken breast & steak for lunch. I am looking forward to my first round of IF this coming Sat-Sun.

                    Bulltar marches on!!!

                    Edited to add:

                    Not much more to say.. I dropped 5 lbs since the weekend. I'm SURE PB had a lot to do with it.. beyond excited.. now let's see where this will take me in the coming weeks...

                    Go BULLTAR!!!


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                      I'm not logging my food either, I don't want to get obssessed and I want to get into more intuitive eating which at Day 4 is going well.

                      Don't be stressed about going hungry I was on the same sort of plan as you and I have only eaten when I have been hungry and have been very surprised and happy at the same time in that I don't have to worry about always eating and I am full!



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                        Thanks for the encouragement, Sarah!! I am excited!!!


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                          Another good day so far for Bulltar! Had my eggs with steak this morning.. my salad with some steak and chicken for lunch.. and gonna do my blueberries and almonds for afternoon snacks..

                          Planning on working out with my clients this afternoon, and then having a 20 - 30 min. sprint session along with some "caveman games" with my buddy.

                          So far, so good!!!


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                            Day 3 is done.. ate 100% Primal! Walked at a brisk pace for over an hour.. trained a few clients.. then went run ALL OUT for 15- 20 mins with my bro Bulvi!!!

                            About to head off to bed.. Gonna eat 100% primal tomorrow and then after 6 pm tomorrow night I will begin my first IF. I will see how long I can hold out.. shooting for just noon for my first IF.

                            Have a good night, see you all again tomorrow!!!

                            Bulltar LIVES!!!!


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                              ok..Day 4 is here..

                              Woke up at 5.. could not go back to sleep.. finally forced myself to lay down.. then hopped up at 7.. went train two clients and joined them with some awesome interval cardio (an hour's worth- about 800 calories or more). Got home and still was not really hungry. But I went ahead and ate my normal eggs around 9 am.. planning on packing a salad with steak for lunch.. then eating supper around 6 (steak and salad), then I will attempt my first IF!!! I will not eat from 6 pm tonight until about noon tomorrow. Wish me luck!!!


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                                Bulltar, you are making this sound easy. Which it is, kind of, but only if you have the right attitude, and your attitude is awesome and contagious!

                                Have fun on your first IF, it's a liberating experience!