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  • Way to go dude! I went back and read about your bet, and I think that's an awesome idea. I'm sure you'll hit the target.

    I may have skimmed too much, but aren't you doing chronic cardio? At least for the distance running part? Just wondering, because the current goal I'm training for is a warrior dash in May. I'm just going to do it as a fun run kind of deal and enjoy the obstacles more than trying to burn it up on the running parts. (He says optimistically. lol)

    Primal since February 2010. On seventh round of P90x.

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    • Guilty as charged!!! I am doing two things that I should probably not be...

      1. Jogging for long distances...
      2. Insanity..

      Both are against the PB..

      What I am doing right...
      1. Eating about 95% primal.
      2. Walking for at least 45 mins to and hour everyday.
      3. Playing outside with my boy whenever I can (bike ride, basketball, frisbee).. etc..

      This is what works for me.. I hope one day on this journey to settle in.. and have a long, much less intense training schedule.. (which you could argue I was just on for the last several months as my weight never really ballooned up all that much).. but right now.. I LOVE THE CHALLENGE of pushing my body to its limits...

      I want to hit the mark of 175.. my lightest weight ever.. and see where I am then...

      Thanks for stopping by, and the input!!!


      • Just to be clear, I'm not judging at all. I did a P90X/Insanity doubles round last year. I'm real familiar with seriously depleting glycogen stores.

        Primal since February 2010. On seventh round of P90x.

        My Blathering, Babbling Journal


        • Originally posted by Blorton View Post
          Just to be clear, I'm not judging at all. I did a P90X/Insanity doubles round last year. I'm real familiar with seriously depleting glycogen stores.
          I hear ya.. bro.. no hard feelings at all..

          It's all good... we each choose our own path to fitness.. I really don't think there is a completely "right way" to get there.. just the path...


          • As usual.. I had a slip up last night... I hope I didn't sabotage my weigh-in tomorrow morning.. I ate way too much last night... but I'll deal with it.. if I'm up tomorrow morning.. I will surely take it right back off!!!

            Speaking of tomorrow morning.. going to try something new... the plan is to get up extra early again and...

            1. Complete my normal "insanity" workout.. (35 mins).. THEN...
            2. Go for my FASTEST TIME YET on a 1 mile run.. time to beat- 9:00 flat..
            Think I can do it???

            Today I will eat my normal salad for lunch.. walk my normal 60 mins.. then I will do about 30 mins of lifting this afternoon.. tonight I will try to eat real clean in the hopes it will help me tomorrow morning..

            Wish me luck on tomorrow's weigh in.. and cardio work... it will be tough!!!

            Have a great day.. hang on.. weekends comin'!!!


            • Kick butt dude!

              Just out of curiosity, what style of running are you using? If it's the typical american power running style, you should take a hard look at ChiRunning. It's a completely different mechanic but once you get used to it, you can go much faster with far less energy expenditure and injury risk. I took a clinic on it a few weeks ago and it's impressive.

              Primal since February 2010. On seventh round of P90x.

              My Blathering, Babbling Journal


              • First I've ever heard of that...


                • Current Weight - 187
                  Change- -2 (-10 Overall)
                  lbs away- 12
                  Weeks / Days 9/2

                  Wow.. I did my Insanity workout.. and it whipped me good.. not sure if is the lack of food that did me in.. but I was really feeling it toward the end of the workout..

                  But Bulltar sucked it up, and still ran my quickest mile ever.. 8:55.. not staggering time, but considering my state.. I thought it was pretty amazing...

                  As you can see from the update, I eclipsed my goal this week with a nice 2 lbs bonus... Gotta love that... Now it is just about staying consistent.. staying the path.. and seeing it through.. I'm already closing in on the last 10 lbs.. they will be the toughest to lose.. but I will get it done!!!

                  Today- Salad for lunch... then I may reward myself at the movies tonight... dip into the 20% rule a bit..
                  This weekend.. pulling a 24 hour fast on Saturday.. working around the yard all day.. training clients all weekend.. hoping I can stay close to 187 for Monday...

                  TGIF and have a great weekend all!
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                  • For documentation-

                    Exercise-Currently working out nearly every day in some fashion (walking slowly everyday (60 mins avg), began running MILES as of late a few times a week, lifting occationally. Doing Insanity plyo-cardio at least once, sometimes twice a week also..
                    Food- Eating a small (maroon) bowl of salad with mainly grilled chicken and vinegrette dressing for lunch, no BF, lean meat for supper.. the more I reduce / eliminate the snacks (nuts, raisins,etc) the faster the weight loss has occurred.
                    Sleep- Getting about 7 to 8 hours of sleep nightly..I feel very powerful..
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                    • Current Weight- 190
                      Change- +3 (-7 Overall)
                      lbs away- 15
                      Weeks / Days 8 / 2

                      Yikes.. I must say.. I am a bit disappointed with the three lbs increase this morning.. but I'm not going to let it get me too down.. I ate too much yesterday, and last night..

                      The plan... have a great week.. see if we can get back down to 186 or so.. by the end of the week...
                      I had a great weekend as far as working out... just going to re-focus this week... and see where we end up on Friday...

                      Have a good day everyone!


                      • Got up this morning and rode the bike for about 30 mins.. gonna take it a bit "easy" today... just gonna walk a bit.. tomorrow morning I'm going to hit the road and see if I can repeat my 5 miles...

                        Had a good day yesterday... things are going good..

                        Also.. just thought I'd measure the waist this morning.. measured about 36 inches just below the naval.. that is a full 3 inches gone since the last time I measured.. so I'm pretty pleased with that...

                        Have a good day everyone..


                        • CW- 186
                          Change- -4 (-11 Overall)
                          lbs away- 11
                          Weeks / Days 8 / 0

                          Got up at 4:30 this morning, hit the road at 4:45 and ran for 57 non-stop mins!!! I did over 5.5 miles this morning.. a new personal best!!! What is even more scary... I felt OK at the 5 mile mark!!!

                          Was pleased with the weigh-in after the run.. feeling pretty good.. gonna walk my usual amount today.. and maybe even ride my bike a bit this afternoon... I've got about 8 weeks to lose the last 11 pounds.. just gonna stay the course.. and get it done..

                          Happy Hump Day everyone!


                          • Shit, I wish I wasn't so lazy. I'd be running too!
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                            • LOL Sun!!!

                              Decided to pull a 24 hour fast starting yesterday at 10:30.. gonna eat my salad about that time today.. It did affect my Insanity workout a bit this morning.. I didn't have my usual motivation or energy.. I just kinda got through it.. but I did finish it..

                              Today I'm gonna just walk a bit.. then perhaps ride the bike a bit this evening..

                              Once again.. I'll be gone for about a week.. you guessed it.. we are going back to Disney.. but this time.. I'm going to STAY PRIMAL.. the goal is to come back at least the same weight as when I left.. - wish me luck-

                              Have a good thursday everyone..


                              • Note- Don't go to Disney!!!! LOL..

                                CW- 197
                                Change +11
                                lbs away - 22
                                Weeks / Days 6 / 2

                                Started out strong on vacation.. ate primal.. exercised.. then we went to rainforest cafe.. there was a "volcano" of brownies and ice cream.. it got bad... real bad... but we had an amazing time.. and I really enjoyed my family time...

                                So now it is absolutely go time.. got about 6 weeks to drop over 20 lbs for the bet... Just going to get back on the wagon.. and Go Primal... see where we are at the end..

                                Wish me luck!!!