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    Hello folks!
    I am a 20yr old female, 5'2", about 145lb (I don't really like to weigh myself), which translates to a US dress size of 2-4. I have tried to be 'primal' a couple of times before, but with the craziness of being an engineering student I always end up falling off the wagon. The reason I am trying again now is because when I follow a primal diet I feel my best. Lately I have had very low energy, an awful complexion and terrible PMS (bloating, crankiness, etc). I feel like these things are due to my poor eating habits and can be fixed with proper diet. I am not trying to lose a crazy amount of weight and look like a supermodel, I just want to take good care of my body so I can be happy, healthy and continue to do the things I really enjoy (hiking, cycling, swimming, skating, etc)
    Now, for some background, I have had a lot of problems with binge eating. Currently, I may binge once every week/2 weeks (more so during PMS). This is a HUGE improvement from the past few years where, at my worst, I was binging every single day. That was a really dark time for me. In this journey, I would like to continue to improve on my binge eating tendencies and hopefully someday be able to stop. I want to start making sure I am ONLY eating when my body is hungry and then STOPPING when I am full. Also, I want to slow down and be able to enjoy my food. For too long I have used food to cope with difficult emotions, it is a very unhealthy habit I want to change.
    Finally, and most importantly I suppose, I want to focus on becoming happier. I seem to get caught up in the chaos of work, school, and responsibilities, subsequently forgetting that I have a roof over my head, food in the fridge and fantastic friends. I want to work on changing my attitude to become more positive and be able to appreciate all the blessings I have in my life. Also, as of tomorrow, I am going to try and give up TV, watching YouTube videos and mindless internet surfing (facebook, reddit, etc...). There are just so many amazing things I could be spending my hours doing instead of sitting on the couch on my computer or watching television.
    Anyway, I plan on starting up tomorrow. Hopefully by keeping a journal I can remain accountable for my actions and keep motivated to keep up a primal diet.

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    So here is what I ate today:
    9:30 - 3 eggs scrambled in about 1tbsp butter with red, orange and yellow peppers and lots of onion
    2:30 - salad (chicken, avocado, spinach, tomato, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, apple)
    I'll update later if I eat anything else today.

    Spent my day walking in the sunshine doing some errands around town then went to a spin class (this might be considered chronic cardio, but I actually really enjoy and look forward to these classes, so I'm not giving them up! haha.) Made some cupcakes for my boyfriend and roommates, and I didn't eat any! Didn't even lick the spoon haha. Haven't watched any TV today and haven't been cruising the internet except to update this journal. Great day so far!


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      hope you are keeping with the plan, try some 'mindful' eating. Have lots more great days

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