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CANIable Primal Journey Day 1

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  • CANIable Primal Journey Day 1

    Hi name is Robert,
    I am 6'4" tall, built like a football player, but haven't played since High School.
    I weight around 395lbs almost completely as a spare tire around the middle.
    Have been over weight since college. Addicted to bread, sodas like pepsi and sunkist, chips and hostess donuts.
    A good friend of mine went primal a few months ago and lost 70lbs. Now it is my turn.
    I feel lucky because my wife, who is also over weight wants to do this with me. I bought the Primal Cookbook on accident online, not sure how, was trying to order Julia Child cookbook, any way, I bought the Primal Blueprint to go with and got it in the mail yesterday. Signed up on MDA a few days ago and "POOF" here I am.
    I want to lose weight without surgery. I am disabled right now and have been for 2 years with chronic pain and fatigue since I had a Pulminary Embolism on June 26, 2010. I use a walker usually and can only shop using power carts right now due to fatigue. I walk daily as much as possible, sometimes 2 blocks sometimes almost a half mile. Looking forward to first primal breakfast in the morning..planning on making the eggs and zucinni quighe thing in a few hours. Write more tomorrow. Hello MDA chatters....Have a Primal Day..

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    Welcome to MDA Robert, and congratulations on taking this step! I am very new to this as well, this journal thread is a great way to help us keep track of what we are doing and provides others a chance to chime in if they wish to do so.


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      Today I am slow cooking the ginger coconut pork and making the sauces from the Primal Cookbook. Looking forward to trying the bbq sauce and ketchup. Spent the after noon yesterday shopping at Whole Foods market getting everything to make the sauces and try some ground bison meat for the first time ever.. Read first two chapters of Primal Blueprint and will do 2 more tonight after dinner. While doing laundry.. Look at me multi tasking at home.


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        Had the zuccini fritta with sausage for breakfast with 2 cups of farm fresh cherries and a little bit of cashews. Lunch was made up of grilled chicken, an apple and small salad with balsamic dressing made myself. Dinner consisted of pulled pork from last night, fresh cut tomatoes out of my back yard with a little sea salt, and an avacado with balsamic vinegar and garlic pepper and iced tea to drink. I feel really good about how I eat today. My wife slipped a bit because she went shopping with her mom and they had burgers with buns and ketchup and fries with diet soda. Her mom needs to be on this too but she is set in her ways. Her diabetes is really bad and all over the place because she still eats sugary foods and doesn't exercise or eat good at all.
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          Tomorrow or later today.....we are going to be cleaning house and preparing food stuff for the week. I will be making more sauces and we will likely go walking at the lake too. Look forward to planking at the park. Will be taking "before" pictures tomorrow too. Not sure if I am brave enough to post on the internet but will have for future reference.
          I need to have foot surgery to straighten out and fix my toes I dislocated last weekend. Also am getting my cancer recheck on Thursday which happens to also be my nieces birthday. I had bladder cancer earlier this year, lucky for me they caught it really early. They found it when I was having a procedure done to get a kidney stone removed. They took a biopsy and it came back positive and I had surgery to remove it immediately. Now I have to have a camera ran up my weewee every 3 months for two years so they see that it doesn't come back. I pray all the time now. Cancer is the one thing that nobody needs to get.
          HAVE A PRIMAL DAY!!


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            I am really proud of my wife and I today. We got up early and got some stuff done around the house, then went to breakfast on the way to the beach. We had omlettes and water for breakfast. While driving down the coast, which happened to be foggy and cold, we stopped and got farm fresh cherries, apricots, and necturines and stopped at a lighthouse at Pelican Point for a walk and history lesson. Then drove down through Santa Cruz and went to Whole Foods in Los Gatos and had rotisserie chicken, salad, and seasoned broccoli. Then drove home and prepared ceviche and did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and prepared dinner. We totally rocked Grok today.

            Hope you all have a Primal Day...