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    Hi everyone. I am a 36 year old married father of 2. I grew up thin, active and athletic. I was always someone who was in really good shape. I never sat still. That is until I got married. After marriage, my life really slowed down, then came kids.... My life slowed down more and more. I have been gaining weight for about the last 12 years. I am currently weighing in at 252.8 pounds. I eat terribly, and I am the cook in the house too, so my wife and kids eat the same garbage that I do. I feel fat, tired and simply uncomfortable. About 2.5 years ago, I began drinking Metamucil fiber supplement with nearly every meal. I did it, thinking that it was going to help me lose weight. It did not... And it wasn't until last night when I began reading The Primal Blueprint that it donned on me why I began drinking the fiber supplement in the first place, and realized that it has not done anything other than make my walled lighter. I have long believed that I was not eating right, but kept on doing what I was raised to do. I am at a point in my life where I am ready for a change. I am ready to follow my heart and eat the way that I believe I should eat. I have been reading Mark's Daily Apple for a few weeks now and the ideas that Mark promotes really make sense to me. So I am jumping in.

    As of this moment I am going Primal. I just made this decision about 20 minutes ago. But I am excited to get moving. I am going to be totally brutally honest about what I eat, and journal it every day. I am using The Daily Plate to track everything that I eat, so I will have no problems detailing what I eat. I am also going to do a weekly weigh-in and track my weight as well...

    Here goes, CoachRunjor goes Primal.. watch out people!!!

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    Ok so yesterday's meal were:

    B - Egg, Sausage & Cheese Biscuit (before I went primal), COffee

    MS - Banana

    L- Green Salad, Mushrooms, Carrots, Balsamic Vinaigrette, 1 Apple, 1 Orange

    D - KFC Grilled Chicken Breasts (2)

    I did not have time to work out, but i coach baseball, and we had a 2 hr practice yesterday.

    All in all great day.... And starting off right this morning....




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      Hey Coach! I'm in as of this morning as well! I ate 3 eggs with onions and peppers with olive oil. I'm having a grilled chicken salad with Vinegret(sp) dressing for lunch.. and blueberries and almonds for snack.. then more grilled chicken for supper..

      I coach football and soccer, and I am an certified personal trainer as well. The fitness part will be easy for me as I have been really big into fitness for quite a while now.. good luck!!! My goal is to get my body fat % as low as possible in the two months before we go on vacation....


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        How goes it, coach? I am doing well.. day one in the books, and looking forward to day two!


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          Yesterday's Meals were:

          B: Banana

          MS: Banana

          L: carrot chips, mushrooms, salad ken's lite Nothern Italian Dressing, Orange

          AS: Apple

          D: Thai style lettuce wraps with Chicken & Salsa

          Walked the dog for an hour in the morning. The weather was great and so was the walk.


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            Hey Coach81 - Things so far are great.... I am still excited and motivated. I coach Football and Baseball.... I coach football because I love it, and i coach baseball because my son loves it... My son is nearly 10. I live in Virginia, how bout you?


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              Hey Coach.. I'm here in Louisiana. I coach football because I have a passion for it.. and coach soccer because I enjoy it.. and my administrator "encourages" us to coach two sports.

              Looks like you are still doing well with your new Primal life!!! I have come up with an alter-ego for fun and to motivate myself.. I'm calling my Primal self "Bulltar"!!!

              I'm doing really well with it.. on day two today.. really enjoying it so far. May even try my first IF this Sunday..

              Let's keep it Primal!!!


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                Are you going to go for the whole day Sunday? I haven't really considered that yet.... But I usually don't eat more than 1 or 2 meals a day on weekends anyways, because it seems that i am just stacked full with things that i want to do on those days....

                something for me to think about i guess...


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                  My plan is maybe just go from Saturday night at around 6.. until maybe noon Sunday.. 17 hours or so.. and see how I do with that..

                  That is the plan as of now anyway.


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                    Bulltar has survived another day!!! See you tomorrow for hunting!!! RRRRRRoooooaaaaarrrrrr!!!!


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                      yesterday's meals

                      b: 3 eggs 2 slices bacon

                      ms: 30 green grapes

                      l: 3 full romaine leaves, 6 slices turkey, mayo

                      as: 1 apple

                      d: 2 stuffed bell peppers, grilled chicken salad w lite ceasar dressing

                      ex: walked the dog for about an hour again...


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                        So as of this morning, i am officially 3 days in to going primal. I do not feel all that different yet, but had a really hard time sleeping last night. My wife said i was talking in my sleep, but mumbling and not making and sense. I dreamed about eating.. i was eating a hamburger, took about 2 bites and ditched it because it tasted so terrible in my dream. Last night, after dinner, i had an appt, so i went and brushed my teeth, and withing 30 minutes, my mouth tasted horrible and my wife said my breath was really bad. I think this is to be expected, and this morning, it has been about 90 minutes since i brushed my teeth, and again, my mouth tastes horrible. yuck!!

                        But i feel good. I am proud of my progress the first 3 days, and i am certainly optimistic about moving forward....

                        Get after it.... i'm feeling primal!!!!


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                          Coach.. update..

                          As of this morning I am 5 lbs down from last week!!! I'm positive that PB has had much to do with this!!! I am pumped, and I look forward to seeing where this new way of life will take me over the next several weeks!!!

                          Sorry 'bout the "Keto breath", I've read about it..but have not experienced it yet.. I hope I don't!

                          You guys are off next week for Spring Break? We are!!! Looking forward to more Primal adventures in the coming week!!!


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                            Yesterday's meals.

                            b: 2 eggs, 2 strips bacon, 2 sausage links

                            ms: 1 banana

                            l: 3 romaine leafs w turkey & mayo, ceasar salad

                            as: apple

                            d: 2 pork chops, salad, peas w/ butter

                            exc: 1 hr treadmill walking

                            I am down 8.2 pounds since i started PB last tuesday. The keto breath seems to have taken a break, and i am starting to sleep again.... still going


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                              Yesterday's meals, i am starting to notice that my appetite seems to be decreasing. i was really busy at work yesterday, so i never got around to having my morning and afternoon snacks. I think my sodium intake is high, but love seeing the carb total around 50....

                              b: 2 eggs, 2 strips bacon, 2 sausage links - I am loving this breakfast!!!
                              l: 3 romaine leafs w turkey & mayo, Caesar salad, Orange
                              d: 2 chicken breast, green beans w/ butter

                              Cals Fat Cholesterol Sodium Carbs Sugars Fiber Protein
                              1444 81g 825 mg 2163 mg 52 g 21 g 15 g 117 g

                              exc: 1 hr treadmill walking

                              I am down 10 lbs in about 10 days. crazy numbers......