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  • Adanac85's Primal Journey

    Hello all on the forum - this is my attempt to be honest abut what I do eat and how much exercise I do. I started my journey about 2 days ago, so this will cover both days. Any feed back will be great.

    Here's a bit about me: My current weight is 65kg, height 163cm. My build is closer to the mesomorph type than others and I can put muscle on very easily. My sports are climbing and biking (both road and cycling) and at least 2 weight sessions at the gym each week. The current programme is super sets.

    My goals are to loose a bit of the belly fat that I seem to have accumulated and have a bit more energy for climbing.

    Day 1: Food
    bowl of fruit salad (not exactly paleo but it needed to be used up)
    Left over roast chicken

    some grapes and a nut bar (with sugary stuff in it)

    chicken and prawn vietnamese salad
    2 slices of 70% chocolate
    1 orange

    climbing session (about 3 hours)

    Day 2: Food

    So today was a rest day after a pretty intense weekend and here is what I ate:

    2 scrambled eggs
    2/3 punnet of pancetta (salty I know but hey)

    Left over chicken and prawn vietnamese salad (incl beansprouts, cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, lime juice, fish sauce and chilli)

    leftover roast chicken and home made gravy

    dinner (ate out with a friend which was pre-arranged ages ago)
    cajun chicken greek salad (left the cheese)

    1/2 a fruit crumble - which i tried to scrape the crumble off of the fruit and picked at to keep my friend company while she ate her pudding
    1 glass of red wine.

    2. Exercise
    Very, very little as letting legs recover from 40k MTB ride on saturday and a shorter ride on Sunday.

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    So yesterday was a bit of a mishmash as I thought I was going to get a chance to go to the gym as well as climb (but I didn't). Hopefully will be able to make up for it today

    1. Food:


    3 boiled eggs mashed with small amount of pancetta and spring onion

    2 small pieces of chicken mixed with mange tout, sweet peas, and red pepper with sesame oil

    Snack pre climbing:
    small punnet of seeds (from graze) and beef jerky

    boiled veggies
    small amount of potato
    1 pint of beer
    2 pc 70% chocolate

    2. Exercise
    about 3 hours of climbing. medium level of effort


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      Coolio - I'll bin the beans after this pack.

      So here's my food for the day:

      Fruit salad - pinapple, grapes and melon (still festering in the kitchen and the OH refuses to eat)
      2 boiled eggs
      black coffee w honey

      2 small pieces of chicken
      2 rashers of bacon
      mange tout
      french beans

      small handful of sunflower seeds

      1/4 med butternut squash
      lamb chop
      1 carrot
      handful of nuts (being bad!)
      some other greens
      3 pc 85%% chocolate

      Feeling really bloated today and worried that i'm eating too much and not losing weight!

      walked about 3 miles


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        Hey Adanac, how did that climbing session go? I've been feeling tired since I started primal (this monday) and my workouts have suffered. How is it going for you?


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          My workouts haven't been bad, but have just lessened in quantity. I figured that I shouldn't beat myself up over it and get used to the food first and then filter more workouts next week.

          Think it will be monday: gym session (legs), tuesday road cycle; wednesday gym session/climb, thursday rest and friday gym session climb.

          So yesterdays food:

          1/4 squash with some nuts

          1 carrot
          small piece of gilled lamb and some chicken
          handful of spinach
          mange tout and some string beans

          after workout snack
          1/4 squash and some prawns

          1/2 veg and 1/2 lamb balti
          couple of bites of naan (actually didn't want more than that)
          1 pint lager


          super sets focused on back:
          5 sets of Bar bell rows at 8 reps (20 kg) but probably need to lift more
          5 sets of bw pull ups at 8 reps each
          3 sets ez bar bicep curls at 10 reps 10kg

          20 min turbo keeping heart rate between 140-160bpm

          then climbing session


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            Yesterdays food:

            Bacon & Eggs

            Carrot & some nuts

            I wasn't feeling very hungry a bit hungry and knew there was a while to dinner so stocked up a bit.

            Dinner (my treat meal)

            Poached Salmon with dill mayonnaise served on bed of green beans
            1 glass of sancerre

            Beef stroganoff served on slice of toasted sourdough
            roasted carrots & parsnips
            1 glass Bordeaux and 1 glass cote du Rhone (I think)

            Small slice of some generic tart thing

            None whatsoever


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              Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Eggs

              handful of copped spinach
              1 carrot
              3 florets of broccoli
              2 bite sized pc of beef jerky

              Post climb snack
              some nuts
              a carrot and left over lunch stuff

              hot & sour chinese veg soup (disgusting so didn't finish it)
              beef w ginger and spring onions (again disgusting so didn't finish it)
              2 x home made beers
              1 glass of wine


              bouldering x 3 hours

              current measurements:

              chest 32.5 inches
              waist 29 inches
              hips 36 inches

              Would love to slim down a couple of inches! lets see if I do


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                Day 8: Adanac's Primal life

                Been sleeping a bit funny this week - not sure if its the change of diet or other factors.


                boiled egg with spring onion and a bit of pancetta fat

                1 carrot
                handful of spinach
                some broccoli florets
                1/2 punnet pancetta pieces

                Beef burger (small patty)
                1/3 x sweet potato in a hash w apple and onion
                some kale w onion and sour cherries
                2 roast carrots


                It was a leg day at the gym - and once again I was the only girl in the weights section. Think the guys are starting to know me cause I only had a few funny looks rather than before when they all looked like they thought I was crazy.

                I'm currently doing super sets:
                5 sets of squats (8 reps) at 35 kg
                5 sets of deadlifts (8 reps) at 32.5 kg
                single leg lunges w 24 kg

                20 min turbo (hr 150-160)

                walk to work and back home again


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                  Day 9: Losing the plot a bit with carbs

                  Yesterday was hard and I'm starting to crave carbs and dairy again. I did have a little dairy in the evening but have stayed far away from carbs, or rather I thought I was until I looked at the calorie breakdown in myfitnesspal. Apparently I'm getting equal carbs to protein ratio and still low on fat. This is really frustrating as I thought I was getting the idea by now!

                  Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong (other than the beer which is obvious)


                  left over beef patty with 4-5 asparagus and some broccoli. Was still feeling hungry so had 2 pieces of bacon as well. Black coffee w honey.

                  some left over roast carrots, sweet potato and kale. I can't remember if I had any protein - I must have!

                  Pre Crossfit snack:
                  boiled egg, boiled broccoli and some nuts

                  Post crossfit dinner
                  left over sweet potato; 1/2 avocado and boiled spinach/kale 1 carrot
                  2 spoonfuls of creme fraiche
                  1 bottle beer


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                    Day 10: A bit of a rubbish day

           yesterday was a bit of a rubbish day. Felt really devoid of energy and tired. Although that may be because I probably haven't been eating enough recently. I've started using myfitnesspal as a rough indicator of how much I eat and trying to remember to weigh my protein intake as I think it's a bit low.

                    2 boiled eggs
                    4 Asparagus spears
                    2 cups of coffee
                    1tsp honey
                    Whole mixed nuts (small handful)

                    1/3 sm sweet potato
                    handful curly kale
                    handful spinach
                    sprinkle sour cherries
                    1/4 apple
                    2.5 roasted carrots
                    1/3 onion

                    Pre-climbing Snack
                    Graze box spicy seeds
                    Graze Scandi Berries

                    8oz beef steak
                    1pt Carlsburg
                    small number of chips
                    boiled vegetables

                    So from this my ratio in calories were carbs/fat/protein 104:104:131 which I think is massively off; but I'm guessing that it will be part of the learning curve.

                    Lets try a new approach for Day 11!


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                      Day 11: Think I'm getting the hang of it.


                      2 streaky bacon rashers
                      3 mushrooms cooked in bacon grease
                      1/2 onion cooked in bacon grease
                      small amount of asparagus

                      82g ground mince grilled in burger form
                      small amount of broccoli florets (like 3-4)
                      small amount of asparagus (like 2 or 3)
                      some curly Kale


                      195g pork steak in a casserole
                      1/3 apple
                      1/2 onion

                      So my ratios are once again off carbs:fat: protein are 101:55:73

                      On the plus side I didn't have any honey in my coffee today. Reckon I'll be losing any weight with this ratio or am I still too skewed with the carbs.

                      walked about 3 miles to pick up my car but that was about it.
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                        Day 12: Once again without any energy

                        Once again very little energy all day; and my sleeping is getting a bit iffy as well. I do suffer from insomnia and have leanings towards anxiety so perhaps reading about the importance of cortisol and lack of stress before bedtime wasn't the best plan in the world.

                        Small amount of broccoli
                        Cup of coffee
                        Half an Avocado
                        1/2 a beef patty

                        Some cauliflower
                        Curly Kale
                        1/2 beef Patty

                        Pre-climb Snack
                        1/2 banana

                        Dinner (Treat meal)
                        Lamb/veg Balti
                        1 pt Carlsburg
                        1/5 naan

                        Totals: carbs:fat: protein 55:55:56 (calories rather than grams)
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                          A reinvigorated attempt

                          As you guys can probably see, I lost the plot with keeping a record of my eating and primal journey. In December it was certainly off, with more refined carbs and dairy coming in. Over Christmas I completely allowed myself to indulge, although it felt a bit wierd. My friends are finally beginning to come around to my 'wierd' diet and generally humour me.

                          I decided over January to become more aware of what I was eating and why I had decided to eat it. I've discovered Evernote is a great tool to record my thoughts towards food during the day and to this end I've recorded my food log for the period between 1-4th January. I would love some critique of what I'm eating and whether or not it's beneficial.

                          My current measurements are:

                          Waist: 72cm / 28.5inch

                          Hip: 85cm / 33 inch

                          Bust: 85cm / 33 inch

                          Neck: 32cm / 12.5 cm

                          And I'd like to lose about an inch or so off of these.

                          I'm primarily a boulderer so I am already quite strong and powerful. I have tried heavy lifting and did crossfit for a while but it mainly led to injury/exhaustion and feelings of inadequacy when trying to balance it with my real passion: climbing. I do road bike/mountain bike as well, but only sporadically. Cardio wise I want to try and get at least 2 20minute sessions in a week if not more but not at the detriment of my bouldering.

                          Do you think that these goals are achievable while also losing belly flubble?

                          Here are my diaries for the last 4 days:

                          1 January 2013

                          5 rashers bacon
                          2 scrambled eggs

                          3 carrot s
                          Handful almonds
                          Handful olives
                          Cheese, ten bites

                          Pork tenderloin
                          1 parsnip
                          1 carrot
                          Tender stem broccoli

                          2nd January 2013
                          3 rashers bacon
                          1 bell pepper
                          3 carrot
                          2 mugs coffee w cream

                          1 carrot
                          3 small pieces of dark chocolate

                          1 turkey steak
                          Mixed bag vegetables
                          Roast pork tenderloin
                          1/2 parsnip
                          1/2 carrot
                          1 pint beer

                          3rd January 2013
                          Breakfast (about 11)
                          2/3 tub of pancetta fried with butter
                          small handful mushrooms
                          1 boiled egg
                          coffee w 1 tablespoon double cream

                          Lunch (about 2-3pm)
                          handful steamed broccoli
                          handful asparagus
                          125g grilled turkey

                          Dinner (about half 8)
                          Brussels sprouts
                          Flank steak
                          14 grapes

                          1 carrot
                          Some almonds & pistachios
                          about 125g cheese (goats/cows)

                          4th January 2012 (Training Day)
                          08:00: Coffee w 3 tablespoons double cream - too creamy!

                          11:00: Tea a no milk

                          Tummy started to rumble about 15 minutes before this. Began to feel spaced out too.

                          11:36: Breakfast
                          2 boiled eggs
                          2 teaspoons chia seeds
                          1/2 package of mixed veggies

                          12:59: Tummy starting to rumble. Will try to drink more water and ignore it for a while.

                          14:32: Tummy has stopped rumbling but have a gnawing hunger inside. Will try and finish this section I'm working on and then eat something.

                          14:54: Snack
                          Vegetables (raw)
                          a bit of flank steak

                          still hungry will see how I feel at half 3.

                          15:15: Lunch
                          Brussels sprouts
                          Spring cabbage
                          Flank steak

                          1700: Snack
                          3 celery

                          21:00: Dinner
                          Lamb Rogan Josh
                          veggie curry
                          1 pint carlsburg
                          1 after dinner chocolate.

                          Was very full after. I can't seem to find the compromise between just a main dish and feeling hungry still or having a main and a side and not finishing the side. Maybe next time I'll go for half meat half veg curry with extra veggies on the side.

                          What do you guys think?


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                            5 January: Day 5 (a rest day)

                            How awesome are saturdays?! I woke up late, after climbing the night before and rolled out of bed.

                            09:20 - woke up feeling really hungry to the point of feeling slightly nauseated. Needed to go to pick up stuff from the post office so ignored it and it went away.

                            10:00: Drink & Snack
                            black coffee w 1 table spoon double cream
                            1 carrot

                            12:45: Drink
                            black coffee

                            13:11 - stomach starting to feel a bit grumbly and empty. concentration beginning to go, but that may be because what I'm doing is so boring.

                            14:30 - lunch
                            1/6 tub pancetta
                            75g turkey steak
                            Handful of green beans
                            Handful savoy cabbage

                            15:28 - still hungry. Belly is grumbling

                            16:40 - snack
                            1/6 pancetta
                            75g turkey
                            ~8 Pistachios

                            16:54 - drink
                            1 pint beer

                            20:00 - dinner
                            Sweet potatoes
                            Roast potato (1/2 of one cooked in goose fat)
                            Green beans
                            Roast lamb
                            2 glasses white wine
                            A GU cheese cake (my treat for the week) did feel guilty but my friends had bought it for dinner.

                            22:30 - gluttony
                            Another roast potato
                            Probably 125g worth of roast lamb.
                            I really didn't need it, it just tasted so bloody good!

                            I'm going biking tomorrow so my indulgences were justified through the fact that I was going to burn so many calories. I know that this is more akin to a SAD justification for indulgences but i'm pleased that I'm challenging my choices before i make them.


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                              6th January: Day 6 - An epic biking day achieved on Paleo!

                              This was an early start! 7:00am on a sunday really, really drags. I didn't sleep great either as I was nervous about biking. I've not been on a bike for nearly 5 months and the route we were gonna do was an unknown. That said, I knew I could control what I took with me, nutrition wise, and control i did - to good effect as well:

                              07:30 - breakfast
                              2 scrambled eggs
                              3 rashers bacon, grilled
                              Coffee w 1 Tbs double cream

                              10:30 - snack
                              6 wedges sweet potato
                              Match box size roast lamb

                              12:30-15:40 - ride fuel
                              Mix of dried apricots, almonds biltong, very small chunks of dark chocolate and dried figs.
                              Grazed on this throughout ride, bit probably had about 4 PC dark chocolate, 6 pc apricots, a couple of PC biltong and 2-3.figs.

                              15:00 - Got very hungry towards the end of the ride

                              1600: post ride refuel
                              Sweet potato 4-5 wedges
                              1 Roast carrot
                              Handful Green beans
                              Roast lamb

                              17:25 - belly has started to grumble and I don't have any more food. Have some water so I'm drinking that but I'm craving something sweet, like dried apricots or figs.

                              20:00 - dinner
                              Small amount of green coriander curry made w chicken
                              4-5 cauliflower florets
                              Handful raspberries w glug double cream